He only has a century the scientists had started to believe that the Land and the stars were supported by some type of ether. Still thus, J declared with exactness that our planet is moved in its orbit through the empty exterior space! Glory the God! The North of the land is almost empty! ‘ ‘ it suspends the land on nada’ ‘ Jo. 26.7. A surprising astronomical discovery disclosed recently that the area to the north of the earth axle, in direction to the polestar is quase.vazia of stars, in contraste with other directions. The other directions from the Land of what exist much more stars in all in the direction north. As J declared, ‘ ‘ The North extends on vazio’ ‘ (J 26:7). Milchell Waldrop wrote the following declaration in an article in the Science magazine (Cincia): ‘ ‘ Just-announced ‘ ‘ hole in espao’ ‘ , a gap of 300 million year-light in the distribution of the galaxies, has taken the cosmologistas of surprise but three cases of nuclei very distantes in the hemisphere north, in the general direction of the Bootes constellation, me traram notables gaps in its distribuio’ ‘ Mitchell Waldrop, ‘ ‘ Delving the Hole in Space’ ‘ (‘ ‘ Searching Holes in the Espao’ ‘ Revis it to you Science (Science), 1981.

This relative emptiness in the direction of the North of our solar system is not visible by rough estimate naked. Only recently, as resulted of very careful comment, using telescopes, the scientists they had been able to prove that J was absolutely certain in its affirmation. Here it is a forceful test of the infalibilidade of the Word of God, and its imensurvel wisdom! The Seven stars of the Constellation! ) ‘ ‘ You look for what it makes Seven estrelo and the Orion ‘ ‘ Am. 5:8. One of the most curious scientific revelations of the Bible concernente to astronomy was detached by an astronomer of Toronto, Canada. This declaration is found in the book of Ams, where we read regarding ‘ ‘ seven estrelas’ ‘ of the known constelao as the Pleiads. The King version James of the Bible, English, translated the expression as ‘ ‘ Seven Estrelas and Orion’ ‘ in Ams 5.8. Thus, the translators of the King version James had confirmed that the original declaration of Ams, in Hebrew, mentioned the constellation to it of ‘ ‘ Pliades’ ‘.

More modern versions of the Bible translate this versicle as ‘ ‘ Pleiads and Orion’ ‘. The old translators were intrigued with this versicle, because but six stars could be seen by rough estimate naked in the constellation of the Pleiads. Now, however, the modern telescopes had disclosed the existence of one seventh star in the constellation; it is so extinguished that she only can be detected using telescope. Of that another way the prophet could know that had ‘ ‘ seven estrelas’ ‘ , unless it were inspired by the Spirit of the El Dot to write such affirmation? The Word of the PERPETUAL one was correct the time all, in its description of ‘ ‘ seven estrelas’ ‘ , as he was registered for Ams has 2,750 years behind! Pr. Ronaldo Oak, Bachelor in Theology for the College of Theology and Science of Religion? Am, and Specialized in Hebrew the Biblical one.