Then, she was aware that the tightening is the area of the child. So she held back in the future in the morning, left the decision, what their children and whether they are wanted to attract. But she took their children in pajamas in the kindergarten. Since that day dressed their children without any problems. These reports show that it is also helpful for parents to maintain children’s area. This includes also the sibling conflict, parents are not responsible for, to clarify content from this dispute.

For the children, it is very important to the experience, that they should have rights to accept the adults, such as feelings and opinions of children. For parents, it is a great relief to give the children a certain independence and not to be responsible for everything at the same time. A stress-free education is not only a dream, but for all parents and adults. This requires, on himself to win the trust, to maintain your own personal space to the child and to leave the area of the children themselves. A stress-free education is no perfect parenting, but includes a finding the appropriate way in dealing with the power struggles of the children, the an even power and the children give orientation. Author Thomas Rupf diploma is teacher and since four years in a mother child health clinic. His series of events on the topic of power struggles between parents and children is new. He travels this year through northern and central Germany and his lecturing nurseries and schools. In June 2007 Mr Raj an education advisor published: I have to say ten times about my child!