Training course for modern remote viewing interested in 10 days to the qualified modern Remote Viewer this offers MODERN REMOTE VIEWING TRAINING INTERNATIONAL a company. A first orientation training will take place from 15 to 17 August 2008 in Munich. Remote viewing modern instructors teach trainees consciously and unconsciously perceive the MRV basics, i.e. like this in everyday life and enter such information into the conscious and sub-conscious and are processed there. The event starts at 10:00. According to William Pitt the Younger, who has experience with these questions.

Training costs for the first block of the theory be 471,27 euros the training materials are included. Remote viewing (MRV) modern is above all an efficient method for the solution of problems. Everyone can successfully learn MRV and apply. Not already trained or existing skills are required for the remote perception. Ronald Daniels often says this. The method behaves as a language that is – learned according to the motto “Practice makes perfect”! After the first block of theory (orientation training) the modern, trainees are remote viewing already to the Energy information data from your subconscious mind capable of perception. The required information successfully structured, auswertbarer form of a goal to act or event, person, place, object, three additional blocks of theory offered a 2,5 days within the chosen period of 6 or 12 months.

Exercise phases take place between the blocks of theory, in this practical phases of aspiring modern determines Remote Viewer the time commitment and the intensity of the exercises. More dates, a detailed description of the training and the registration form, visit the website at. MODERN REMOTE VIEWING TRAINING INTERNATIONAL is a company for modern mental training focusing on education in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The multiple certified coach Siegfried Alexander Erber, who founded this company in 2007, is a unique training concept with its highly qualified team in Euroapa on: the modern remote viewing method is based on the Urprotokollen of the Stanford Institute (now SRI International), in addition to research the various remote viewing taught dialects and modern elements, E.g. in the field of brain research.