Sensational discovery: Indian plant “Coccinia indica” reduces blood sugar levels in diabetes mellitus in a natural way! Neumarkt – suffers Univ.-Doz. for over 30 years. Dr. Wolfgang Schnedl on diabetes, what constitutes the starting point for his intensive research in this area. Looking for more effective substances which help to lower blood sugar in diabetes patients, he encountered speaking room in the English recognised, scientific studies. This was that the Indian plant “Coccinia indica” lowers the blood sugar level in a special way, without side effects, in a natural way and mellitus, demonstrably reduces the known complications of diabetes proven in countless attempts.

“The blood glucose-lowering effect of the plant was known for many years, however, there was still no company, which would have made the effective substances of the plant for diabetics available so far,” so the statement by Dr. Wolfgang Auer, doctor and owner of the AAPO Spa GmbH. Coccinia indica has been in numerous studies and tested for their effectiveness and it was determined that the blood glucose-lowering effect is up to 29 mg / dl and the long-term value of A1C has been reduced by good 0.5%. The special thing about it is, Coccinia indica, have almost as high efficacy in a natural way, without side effects, as drugs comparable to the market. Due to this fact, diabetes mellitus patients have an optimal supplement to the current medical therapy, but in a natural way and without side effects. In these studies also was shown to reduce blood lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides, are improved when regularly taken and shown the complications (destruction of blood vessels and nerves that cause foot blindness, diabetic) mellitus diabetes. Univ. Doz.

discovered through his research work. Dr. Schnedl, that especially in patients with diabetes mellitus, often a disturbing lack of vitamin D3 is. From this circumstance, was searched for a way, the positive agents of Coccinia indica with the vital Vitamin D3 to combine in order to achieve optimal effectiveness as in diabetes mellitus. Together with AAPO SPA GmbH the results of long-term research, were taken worldwide for the first time, mellitus and its complications, under the name “Coccinia D” for the market in the form of a capsule to targeted treatment of diabetes. You will find detailed information and links to the studies see: enquiries: medical area Univ.-Doz.. Dr. Wolfgang Schnedl, mobile 0660 228 3310 E-Mail: AAPO Spa GmbH Dr. Wolfgang Auer, mobile 0650 666 3 666 E-Mail: