The holistic community integrates and coordinates different styles of learning, different minds, different methods; diversity nourishes the community and focuses on the learning of the entire organization. Cyrus massoumi wife often addresses the matter in his writings. The educator holistic must start practicing their own values to first learn about ourselves and have our own experiences of life, to be able to educate to young people in a permanent life-long learning, where to learn to live, to live is to learn. Learning communities are spiritual communities and the ultimate goal of education is spiritual, a sacred space for individuals, being in the world, have the conditions to his self-transcendence and can recognize her true nature, learning community is a space where the individual is support, understanding and stimulus for her spiritual experience, is a place where the individual has the right conditionscounseling and peers for its internal inquiry, is a community where finds shelter to live in the silence of the holistic understanding, to find himself, for as and allow the emergence of consciousness of unity, the true transformative spirituality. They are twelve principles that learning communities are organized, and one of them refers to: integrate curriculum and people (in a context of fraternity and compassion): shanga holistic Inquiry: The constant inquiry leads us to always keep the mind young man, to live in constant learning. The holistic community works from a transdisciplinary perspective to integrate the curriculum, relate courses, organizing holonicamente the different courses, seminars and workshops in such a way that any educational experience is a door to enter in an inquiry about the nature of the Kosmos holistic. The relationship between the holistic education and the evolution of human consciousness, the ultimate meaning of be educators is a spiritual sense, transcendent auto, educate is to facilitate the evolution of consciousness towards its final integrity. Gallegos says that although the mechanistic view of the world was quite successful in the field of material and technological development, led to misery to the human spirit, so the perception of reality is lost.