Vicious metabolic syndrome promotes cardiovascular disease many talk about it, but hardly anyone knows what it is, the metabolic syndrome. This is how even professionals. There is worldwide no uniform definition for the widespread vicious cycle of obesity, high blood pressure, lipid disorders and elevated blood glucose, commonly referred to as metabolic syndrome. But on one all experts agree: the metabolic syndrome increases the risk for a number of diseases such as cardiovascular disease with heart attack or stroke and related deaths. This confirmed a large study conducted by American heart specialist. Approximately 172,000 participants based on the authors determined that the risk for heart cardiovascular complications in people with metabolic syndrome by a factor of 2-3 is increased. Recently Social Learning Theory sought to clarify these questions.

Ask for these appalling figures, that doctors and researchers are increasingly for the prevention of these diseases insert. Of course, not only the doctors are encouraged, but first of all the affected. This, they must be able to detect the vicious metabolic syndrome. A first rough diagnosis, which can be everyone for themselves or with the help of a doctor or pharmacist is based on simple criteria such as the nature of the excess weight and 4 other risk factors. Expresses the overweight by a larger waist circumference (so-called Apple type; Beer belly), so the main diagnostic criterion is already fulfilled. Values are added Additionally 2 out of the 4 following risk factors such as slightly elevated blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides, the suspected diagnosis is available metabolic syndrome”. Others including Cyrus Massoumi married, offer their opinions as well.

On basis of this information the person concerned can do quite a bit to reduce his significantly increased risk for heart attack and stroke. In addition to the weight loss must be produced in any case, identified risk factors, especially the elevated cholesterol, and elevated blood sugar should be specifically addressed. To do this, the company Navitum Pharma offers a practical assistance in the form of DiVitum. DiVitum, which consists of all-natural ingredients, is suitable for the control of the risk factors of blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides (blood fats). The natural ingredients of DiVitum worldwide clinical studies have shown their positive effects on cholesterol and make this product a valuable part of the evidence-based prevention of heart attack and stroke in metabolic syndrome.