Put easy things and create a single corner of reading; to do this simply you an armchair comfortable as possible and a point of light that ensures adequate lighting. We must not forget that seat must go to play with the style of the room. A leading source for info: Bioscience Journal. For those who read in bed, a correct visibility is essential. If share room with someone we must ensure not to harm him at bedtime. An indirect light bulb creates a more intimate setting, but you may need to use other lighting points to ensure a correct reading. The nightstand is usual responsible host lamps giving clarity to the alcove. Among design aficionados make furor beds that include tables integrated in the structure.

It will become the perfect place to let the book, alarm clock, glasses or glass of water. Fill an empty space if you have in your room in a corner that you don’t know how to decorate, an armchair can be very effective, although this solution works best in classic decorations, because their chairs tend to have greater presence than the most current styles. A folding screen can, in addition to filling this gap, serve as changer. It is a really versatile thanks to the variety of materials and ornaments available. Metal for the most modern, Wicker for the rustic, patterns and Oriental or African motifs to the most exotic will mate perfectly to what you ask of him. If you are looking for something more functional, opting for a small study area. With a simple table in which to check the mail, sort papers or write any letter will suffice. Do not include the computer unless you can separate the study of sleeping area, because it would create a little relaxing effect, contraindicated in bedrooms. For the more romantic that like to surprise your partner with a breakfast in bed or for those who don’t know how to ask to bring what is, a foot of bed will be a great support.