New technologies when used well ploughs valuable tools in our hands and we will help make Real education will be everyone alone we must be willing you try new ways of teaching. Richard Linklater will undoubtedly add to your understanding. KEYWORDSEducation, technology, education INTRODUCTION. A very important subject in the educational and professional life of the students and the people in general way is approached, therefore the technological education is a new form of if placing in practical an area of the Education supported in technological theories. Jim Crane may not feel the same. The technology is very important to know, therefore it shows to the educator as to make so that its pupil has to parazer in classroom. But, so that it serves a technological education? To form an individual, in its quality of person human being, more critical and conscientious to make the history of its time with possibility to construct new technologies, to make use of critical and the reflection on its use of more necessary form and human being and to have conditions of coexisting the other, participating of the society where she lives to transform this society into righter and human terms. She has moments of knowledge of the technology, its relation with science, the understanding of the binomial technology and progress and its repercussions in the social relations. (…) to know it is all a set of knowledge methodically acquired, more or less systematically organized and susceptveis to be transmitted for a pedagogical process of education. Science is the set of the intellectual acquisitions, a side, the mathematical, the other, disciplines of them of inquiries of the natural and empirical data, making or not use of the mathematical, but tending but tending more or less the matematizao. Epistemologia is the methodical and reflective study of knowing, its organization, its formation, of its development, its funcionamen- you and of its intellectual products JAPIASSU, (1992: 15-6). The educators can develop its lessons using the new technologies, as projectors, computers, without leaving to make good use of the technologies oldest, that do not leave to be technologies, as for example, the picture and the chalk.

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As much one how much to another one with a well-known reference to a time and definitive space. Used the genealogy of the system, Foucault arrives at the conclusion of that the instauration of the modern society assumed a transformation in the consecration of new instruments for which if it can canalize the power. Of parallel form if it constructed a set extensive of speeches that had conferred force and capacity to become enlarged it these new forms of being able. These already are not based as on the past, the force and its religious legitimation. Stanford University follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Data that I eat affirm the man, in its current dimension are a recent creation, the power must be materialized by means of different forms of discipline. (Similarly see: Jim Crane).

It is necessary that pass to integrate part of the proper one to be of each individual. The dominated one must consider natural to be overwhelmd. The power produces the Real. For possessing this productive effectiveness, the power is turned toward the body of the individual, not with the reprimiz intention it, but to train it. However, all power estimates resistance. The power is not in a track of only hand. To reach this goal one must be structuralized retcula of being able intercrossed that they go, in its way, conforming the individuals. The power does not have an only source nor an only manifestation.

It has, for the opposite, an extensive gamma of forms. When a social group is capable to take possetion itself of mechanisms that regulate definitive manifestation put it its service and elaborate a structure that if applies the dominated potentials. It is created, thus, a speech that if presents as ‘ ‘ natural’ ‘ looks for to block the possibilities of appearance of other speeches that have questionadora capacity. This necessity of if counting on an endorsement speech, with one determined truth form, necessarily lead to establish a relation between being able and to know.

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The Sport Should Be More Serious In Schools

In many schools and colleges physical education course or one related to the sports activity is not taken with the seriousness that should. It is regrettable that circulate among students the idea that sports matter or course is an easy course and that it does not require greater concentration or effort. On the other hand, this idea of the sport is associated with the approach that is given in schools where it is mostly played what appears more a pleasure than a course. In Spain, obesity rates are worrying for what is beginning to delve into food education, but also has become a research on sports habits or physical activity and that this is essential as part of a healthy lifestyle. John Craig Venter spoke with conviction. When we think of what children are receiving as part of his education, we must consider that important part of it is the education they receive in relation to food and sport as essential to the well-being of our body. The human being has never been a being so passive and sedentary as It is today and the technology that makes our lives easier also should be accompanied by the necessary information to be able to exercise our body properly and minimally. Before physical activity was part of the day to day and it was a means to develop most of our activities, however today the reality is that the technology has allowed that many of these activities now make them without doing any effort so important to maintain our organism in acceptable conditions, cardiovascular. . If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jim Crane.

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Virtual Environment

We can find in the current days innumerable concepts on the long-distance Education, some authors bring I obtain definitions in its particular approach, thus examining under diverse aspects and the light of some theories, thus contributing for a theoretical understanding regarding this half revolutionary of learning. Being thus we cite the definition of one of the most respected theoreticians of the subject, Lourenzo Garci’a Aretio: … a technological system of bidirectional communication, that can be massiva and that it substitutes the personal interaction, in the classroom, of professor and pupil, as half preferential of education, for the systematic action joint of diverse didactic resources and for the support of an organization and guardianship that propitiate the independent and flexible learning of the pupils (ARETIO, apud COMASSETTO, 2001, p.35) We choose the definition above therefore, it this characterizing the long-distance Education (EAD) as ‘ ‘ a technological system of comunicao’ ‘ , sending to us an idea of modernity and scientific advance to it, what to a large extent it corresponds the reality, however, it is convenient to cite independently that of the used technology, the process teach-learning, actual or not, possesss its main approach in the interaction between people, educator and educating. Speaking candidly Richard Linklater told us the story. The long-distance Education differs from the actual education, for its more obvious aspect: in the distance, physical separation between pupil and professor, and the used medias. However, it is convenient to say that the differences not if it summarizes in its obvious aspect as it affirms Peters: … many professors believe and are vain of whom the only difference is only ‘ ‘ distncia’ ‘ the importance of the media technique is necessary to transpose the abyss between who teaches and who learns and that the remaining portion of the learning and education process remains identical. To know more about this subject visit Aisling Lennon. However this opinion is missed, shows a maken a mistake boarding to the long-distance education and it discloses inadequate an attitude pedagogical (PETERS, 2003, p.

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Daily Records

Also, I took some good ideas and suggestions on the road; most came from crudivoros long time with a lot of experience. Daily records for your convenience records daily this diet test raw vegan will be accessible from the files page. They can be found in January 2008. These records include detailed measurements of all the food I ate, along with pictures of the most meals. Conclusions the diet Crudivora I am glad to have done this 30 day trial. I certainly learned a lot from it. In as to whether I will continue eating this way, that I have to see it. The 31st was happy to return to the cooked food, but after doing so and I get why fiasco, I have been eating mostly raw since then.

Now that this diet crudivora has become a habit, in no way is so difficult to follow with her as you begin. Certainly am curious to know how you will be eating this way in the long term, so it seems to me that I will continue eating raw (or rather crude) for a good time. Today I bought amount of fresh fruit, so if I’m not eating this way for at least one week a lot of food will go to waste. Regardless of what happens after this, I must say that this experiment was a success. I can’t see me again with my old way of eating, so it gives me the impression that I’ve done several permanent changes, although it is too early yet to see exactly what. Time will tell.

I hope that the detailed documentation of this experiment will be useful and educational. I am sure that some people will have many more questions about this diet, but the best way to get those answers is try it (or at least investigate it) by yourself. Growth in real life experiments not rarely produce results in black and white, but that is not a reason not to do them. Personal growth is a journey that lasts a lifetime, not a destination. Click Richard Linklater to learn more. Update 8 April 2008 after returning to a vegan diet cooked for two months, I decided to make me 100% crudivoro April 2 permanently. These are two entries which I explain my reasons for doing so: returning to the Crudivorismo in English 5 of April the anatomy of Personal change in English April 8 it was not easy to make the transition, but I finally managed to make me crudivoro.

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Italian Mediterranean

Giorgio Armani Emporio city Glam charmed at Rhine dream beauty through its sensual accents of Giorgio Armani is one of the most popular and most successful fashion designers and entrepreneurs of the world. He was born on July 11, 1934, in the Italian town of Piacenza. His father was an employee of a transport company. His mother was a homemaker. He left the school with Abitur and began studies in medicine, which he abandoned after a short time. Armani was broken off in La Rinascente in Milan.

Only as a window dresser and then as arranger of the exhibition. The newspapers mentioned How much did Jim Crane pay for the Astros? not as a source, but as a related topic. His hard work and his sense of fashion brought there soon the job as head of the menswear boutique and fashion buyer him. He has creativity very probably by his grandfather, who worked as a wigmaker. In contrast to his simple day fashion, focusing elegant and classic suits are, the evening wear is sparkling and glamorous. Armani changed the women’s fashion.

He let women wear suits, which mediate the female forms underlined. Giorgio Armani has made acceptable the T-Shirt under the jacket. As a first perfume, Armani presented the women’s fragrance “Armani” in 1982. He prefers working at the time in his Palazzo in downtown Milan. He owns a House on the Italian Mediterranean island of Pantelleria, where he lives alone since the death of his spouse. A glamorous fragrance that combines the spirited playfulness with harmonious sensuality. A great classic that fragrance is a guide to the chypre-by the feminine honeyed rose and the fruity accents. About us: The online Perfume store offers a variety of brand perfumes and fragrance sets at fair and reasonable prices. The perfumes of popular manufacturers are all described in our shop. So, you can choose your favorite scents alone. The secrets of your favorite fragrance raw materials are revealed in our lexicon. Enjoy your shopping and a customer-friendly atmosphere in. Our always growing customer base in Germany, Austria, Total customer satisfaction confirmed Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark.

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What should you do when? A guide and explanation. Some requests already reached me deal with the theme of “Private health insurance in 2011”. Why now? Now, due to the DreiJahresregel in the statutory health insurance, many workers not yet in a position in the private health insurance must be replaced. Gem. 6 v employees under certain conditions are insurance free. It says exactly: (4) the year work pay in three consecutive calendar years will limit, expires at the end of the third calendar year in which it exceeded the insurance obligation. This does not apply if the charge does not exceed that from the beginning of the next calendar year y bordering current year work remuneration.

The employee who in 2008, 2009 and 2010 2008 48.150 EUR 2009 48.600 EUR 2010 49950 EUR exceeds the year work remuneration (JAEG) and vorr. also for 2011, is thus free to insurance and can either remain voluntarily in the statutory health insurance (GKV), or in change the private Krankenversicherung (PKV). When should which be undertaken now? Basically the application is possible “sometime” in 2010, since the beginning of may only be 1 1 2011. This risks but now a worse state of health occurring diseases, changes in health status “randomly” identified in an other investigation and / or have an accident. All of these reasons can install final and finally the change in the private Krankenversicherung (PKV). Now there are several ways: Variant 1: completing one so called option tariff. This ensures the change in the private health insurance without new risk assessment in compliance with the requirements.

This is so a preservation of health information, so the a Verschlechterung-if they free up the Exchange does not prevent. This is sought and the “normal” risk questions be asked today. After that success an assessment and it is a contribution to be paid. Option 2: in most A “date available” the application companies is maximum 6 months possible. Thus, this means a change to the 01 01 2011 submission is possible from 1 7. Then the usual risk assessment is also carried out, the request is accepted and policiert and also here no other diseases are therefore more to report. and now we come to the most elegant variant, since these can save even post: option 3: by calculating the age (beginning of year minus year of birth) applies to the variants 1 and 2 the age 2010. Since an entry with a younger age leads to permanently lower premiums, I suggest the following Variant. Worry what selection criteria must meet “your” price in the month of May alone. Viewing several models with the consultant and think about in peace and quiet. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZs opinions are not widely known. If you have made a decision, so make entsprechendeVoranfragen (no requests) of the consultant. Then, when you apply for an entitlement from 01 12 2010 (from 1.6.). This ensures the age in 2010 and is priced very manageable. For an insured person around 30, this means a multiple amount of contribution for the month of December by approximately 100 EUR, contribution savings of about 8-9 EUR per month. So has this already in 2011 “calculated”. Also in this version, the health state is secured according to underwriting. Some companies already offer the application for 2011. This procedure (submission of more than 6 months in advance) has however led to some excitement to the supervisory authorities in the past and therefore I think nothing of this variant.

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Clarified In The Literaturhaus

The series of events Munich real estate focus listed attendance record Munich. With two exciting reciting the series Munich real estate has attracted 362 real estate interested focus last Tuesday, April 20 at the Literaturhaus. It was a new attendance record for the Organizer Aigner Immobilien GmbH, concovat GbR and Paproth Metzler & partner. The first lecture dealt with the construction contract carrier. The notary Dr. Hans Frieder Krauss dealt with different aspects and was mainly due to the pitfalls that lurk there. Dr.

Berit Dirscherl dealt with the social networks on the Internet by the Aigner Immobilien GmbH. The speaker showed, how entrepreneurs can use these networks for marketing and gave this evening was really worth look into the world of Twitter, facebook and co. I had quite a few eye-openers, said a participant. Even the organizers were very satisfied. The great response show that the people in terms of real estate really had information needs. The Munich real estate focus already found for the fourth time instead. The date for the next is already the 9th November 2010. Jim Crane is actively involved in the matter. The venue is again the Literaturhaus. Then it will deal with the issue of foundations.

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Silver Media On The Mailing Days 2010 In Nuremberg

Enlarged range on June 16/17, 2010 the mailingtage will find in Nuremberg for the 11th time”instead. The trade fair has become in the last years one of the most important fairs for direct and dialog marketing. When did Jim Crane buy the Astros? will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Providers, service providers, and agencies of the direct marketing industry, as well as decision makers from marketing and sales from sectors such as industry and trade, IT, media and financial services will come together. As in the previous year, silver media direct marketing GmbH will be represented with its own booth again. The company specializing in email marketing and Adressgewinnung has expanded its range of services and offers everything related to online marketing as a full service provider: from the Adressgewinnung about the concept and ad creation to implementation of campaign and ad placement with controlling and subsequent reporting. The mailing days 2010 in Nuremberg is the opportunity to meet the silver media team personally and the products and services for your own, individual campaign in one informative consultation to get to know. Sure yourself of the advantages of working with silver media, and visit silver media at booth 601 in Hall 4. With cool drinks, exquisite flying buffet and music by renowned DJ’s promises the subsequent, exclusive fair party for invited guests on June 16 in the penthouse setting of b2 in Nuremberg again to be an exceptional event..

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Goodgame Farmer

The new farm simulation Goodgame farmer enjoys great popularity Hamburg, the April 21, 2010. The Goodgame have successfully completed after one month the beta of their new multiplayer-online-games-Goodgame farmer Studios. Nearly half a million avid gamers for the farm simulation registered only two weeks. Thus were far exceeded expectations of the Hamburg-based casual games developer and a highly successful start. Check out John Craig Venter for additional information. “Goodgame farmer is literally hit like a bomb. More information is housed here: Crimson Education Story. The game is extremely well received by all age groups, that shows the exponential development of visitor numbers in the past few days”, so Dr.

Christian Wawrzinek, Managing Director of Goodgame Studios. “In particular, the interactive multiplayer elements such as the mutual help of the crops and the chat on the ‘marketplace’ get really good among users. Our entire team is very proud that Goodgame already developed farmer to a such a big success.” Can be played in Goodgame farmer on games/farmer contact: Goodgame Studios Theodor Strasse 42-90, House 4B 22761 Hamburg contact person: Dipl. kfm. Patrick Abrar (head of marketing) eMail: 2009 are studios in Hamburg of founded Goodgame a game developer with focus on the online casual games market. With over 35 years experience in the gaming industry and more than 300 developed computer games the game producer uses a very experienced team. His first work Goodgame poker”is a huge success with over 2 million of registered users and has been named to the browser game of the year 2009.

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