Behavior Of Professors

One does not know, also, until point these differences hinder or make it difficult the acceptance of different standards, admitted or taxes for professors of another social classroom. One knows very, vacant, that small differences in the behavior of professors and pupils can have great importance in the acceptance of values that the school must or needs to transmit. PATTO (1997), explains: ' ' The first difficulty of the professor, for transmission of values, results of the fact to participate, at least in great number of cases, of a different classroom of the one of the pupil: in all education levels, this difference tends to mark the relations between professors and pupils, either because it is of superior or inferior classroom. In the first case, the professor tends to disdain its pupils; in as, the pupils cannot accept the values presented for a person that consider less of favored classroom. Perhaps check out Campbell Soup Co for more information. Therefore, the professor cannot represent more, most of the time, the model that he meant for the pupils, when the social conditions of the education presented one another one situao.' ' (p.324).

This peculiar situation of the schools shows the necessity of that professors and pupils are capable to understand, explicit, the direction of the behavior of the others. This does not mean to try to show the differences that separate the social classrooms, but, exactly in contrast, to show that different behaviors have, many times, the same felt. Of another side, this necessity if does not relate only to the apparent differences between the social classrooms, but also to the individual peculiarities. Thus being, any educative system, when perspectivar itself, will have that, forcibly, to have in attention a dialtico-procedural vision of educative devir. REFLECTIONS CONCERNING the RELATION PROFESSOR – PUPIL IN the PERTAINING TO SCHOOL CONTEXT Leading in consideration the most varied aspects found in the relation professor-pupil and that it is almost always impossible to modify the way to see the things and the people, at least if must understand the limitations in the personal ways to perceive and to evaluate.

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Pedagogical Plan

The second stage deal with based reflective a critical development/in the samples collected in lease (pertaining to school space) with objective to offer one dialogue crossed of perspectives and concepts for the development of an inclusive pedagogical plan efficient and adjusted the necessity of if constructing in team an inclusive and pautada school in the liberating didactics, making possible the integration of pupils with educational necessities special, if becoming common individuals before the society, and capable of through stimulatons if developing cognitivamente. Richard Linklater is actively involved in the matter. Provoking rectification of certain concepts making the society to rethink the deficiency meaning, and to believe that any individual, independent of its limitations or difficulties is physical they, mental or social, is capable to develop individual autonomy and to be instrument of ethical development and not only criticizes for the construction of an ideal school, but of a society less prejudiced, and opened to the inclusion. The pertaining to school inclusion is a recommendation based on the Law of lines of direction and bases of the national education (LAW 9,394/96). The fight for the inclusive education even so is contested and has even though worried the pertaining to school community, with respect to accessibility and specializations of the professionals, therefore, demand changes of habits and attitudes, for its logic and ethics, it has given important steps and advanced very in its ideas, and the Real? How this question comes if developing? ‘ ‘ I had four pupils special I did not have I assist ‘ ‘ Teacher Ana Keilla Of impulsivity inclusive school is a school where if it celebrates the diversity, facing it as a wealth and not as something to prevent, where the complementaridades of the characteristics of one allow to advance, instead of being seen as threatening as a danger that puts our proper integrity at risk only because it is culturally diverse of the other, that we have as social partner..

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Dynamics: dynamic of descontrao takes off its luck The ministrante one delivers to the participants a full box of arrests or micos. Each participant will have to take off a luck. Tips: It gains a pirulito? Choice 4 people to play of wheel? It counts a joke? To imitate a dog making pipi? Makes one careta frightful? To gain one balinha? It counts a history? It says a dream that wants to carry through? To give a kiss in that it likes very? It gives one I hug pressed in all? It gives a hand squeeze in that it considers a determined person? It says the name of somebody in the trick that is very intelligent? Somebody in the trick that is competent? To give one I hug in the colleague of the side? To imitate a monkey? To dance fank? It gains a bonbon OBS: You will be able to place what to want in the box..

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Viktor Frankl

According to Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, survivor of the nazistas concentration camps, ' ' To the men he is not enough to know that they exist, but so that existem.' ' Since its primrdios, the man searchs one meaning for its existence, the direction of itself exactly and the understanding of its relations with the next one. We are supposedly the only beings in the planet that have an interior life, that the internal events are more important that the external events. The way as we interpret these events is that it goes to determine as we think regarding we ourselves, and as we will act in the environment and with the people with which we coexist. The man has each time more knowledge and control on the world to its redor, but if its interior world moves away to each time this more than. We consider evolved beings, capable to live in society, constructors of civilizations, but we need external norms we ourselves so that she is possible the convivncia with our fellow creature. We teach our children to know and to dominate the forces of the nature, but not them we teach to know and to dominate itself same. The man knows each time more the world where he lives, but not it world that is. The children know each time more the immense space and the small atom, but they do not know the construction of intelligence and the functioning of its proper mind. This lack of educational internalization makes with that they lose the best chance to develop the functions deepest of intelligence: the capacity to think and to reflect on itself same; the capacity to analyze its behaviors; the capacity to perceive its limits; the autocrtica capacity and to give to more mature answers for its frustrations and sufferings; the capacity to understand the construction of the relations human beings and to learn if to place in the place of the other.

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Von Zuben

In the perspective of the authors, the professor takes the educandos to give a qualitative jump? making possible a ticket of the myth for reason? as he makes the first philosophers have 2600 years. The task of the professor consists of giving this certification of change of attitude in the boarding of the world that is given, fomented the interest for its problematizao. Continue to learn more with: film director. In synthesis, they defend the idea of a problematizada, engaged and contextualizada philosophy. From there it is demanded concern to form the philosophy professor well so that it can act as a mediator between pupils and philosophy. It needs to dominate knowing philosophical to present the philosophy in its largeness and amplitude. Thus he will be constructing philosophy in classroom, in the relation ensinante-aprendente through which both can tread and recriar the philosophical passage. Where its lessons are planned through questionings, resolution of problems, debates and analyses of philosophical texts – leading, with this, the pupils to be thought philosophical. This leads to reflect on formation and the abilities of the professor of philosophy in the present time, because the philosophy education is a type of specific education, special.

To this respect Von Zuben, cited for Matos standes out: The philosophy education distinguishes from any another type of education, therefore it is a philosophical education. It demands of the part of the professor the conscience of the philosophical attitude. Instead of express contents in doctrines, consigned theories and systems in the history of the philosophy, ' ' objeto' ' of the ensinabilidade and the appropriation it is an attitude (2000, P. 179). In this same line of reasoning writes Cerletti (2003, P. 62): … a philosophy professor is that one that, above all, obtains to construct a space of problematizao shared with its pupils. That is, he is somebody that goes very beyond being capable to show or to present certain philosophical questions, or some subjects of the history of the philosopher.

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Jackie Freitas

Many are worried about the great decisions and if they forget that they are the small choices that make all the difference! For example, when we find with a person badly humorada, instead of reacting equally with harshness, we can choose to donate gentility, education and a good smile to it! Simple action that they very expend little of us, but that they engrandecem in them and they break the previsibility of a cycle. Gentility generates gentility and paid badness if with goodness. I believe this and I know that its effect are restoring! Also I know that it is not easy, therefore as I wrote initially, we act normally through the impulse of our emotions and is therefore that we see many people following the old motto ‘ ‘ eye for eye, tooth for dente’ ‘. But, I am certain that in the end of the day, all rethink what it would have happened if they had acted different. the reply is simple: the difference would have made all! this difference could re-echo for much time! Obviously we do not have as to foresee the events future and is therefore that we pass good part of the time tateando in the dark one, discovering it enters the many chosen ways the results of our decisions; however, it is important that let us not postpone ours choices! Let us launch us it they without fear, because many times alone we need a small action to unchain great actions and effect! Not subestime its choices, for minors who are. It believes that many of them will be able to not only transform its life as of other people. The great examples of the humanity had chosen through action singelas as the respect, love and solidarity, to rescue the dignity human being. the provoked effect had been enormous in its lives as in the ones of others. In the same way, the tyrannous greaters of our history had also chosen through the imposition and authoritarianism, to destroy other lives in favor of its stingy interests. In the end of everything we choose the way that we want to follow e, perhaps, one of the most important decisions to take either: of which form we will follow? Jackie Freitas ‘ ‘ To use the power of the decision it of a capacity to surpass any justification to change all and any part of our life in one instante.

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It is distinguished society as resulted of the will of the individuals. In the vision of Durkheim the education integrates the individual in this totality at the same time where it specifies its paper. It homogeneza and differentiates. (A valuable related resource: Richard Linklater). The individual in accordance with goes to be socialized the function that goes to exert in this society and this is the referencial stops understanding the civilization or same barbarity or to understand the question of the homossexualismo. The society is seen as a dimension of the duty, but also as a good and the individual brings obtains a totality of this society, of where if it concludes to appear the definition of concepts, the moral and the moral a, the ethical one, the aesthetic one, the beauty, the good one, the socially acceptable one, etc. Each one of us brings a little in ours says and our behavior and relation with the nature a little of this moral conscience. The construction of the individual in modernity sends to the cult of ' ' eu' ' , autonomy, equality and freedom.

The reflexibilidade, creativity and the interioridade are models of the individualism and Durkheim could not deny it, therefore, the individual is born atrelado to this modernity, of where the idea of civilization or barbarity elapses as a social expression. The individualism in this case alone has value in a society that has this mark and is the proper social totality that constructs a new totality where the individual starts to have value. In individualistic societies are privileged the individual, according to cosmological principles, that is, ' ' the preeminent part to todo' ' ' ' the preeminent society to individuo' '. ' ' How much the body can show on a society ampla.&#039 more; ' Civilization or express Barbarity the dualism of the ideas and the social relations in determined society and cultures.

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Avoid Unnecessary Problems

Who is our frantic pace of life allowing you to spend time training in a driving school? A couple of months long training, followed by inevitable meeting with the representative of sai. And it is not the fact that this meeting will end in your advantage: the first time managed to pass the exam is not for everyone. The prospect of so-so, agree? But what if you're good to drive, but no driver's license so far? Because many of the fathers taught us to treat even when the machine we were small, seating to his knees and giving a 'steer'. As soon as we grew up dad transplanted to a nearby chair, and we kept trying to drive somewhere on remote police post sections of the road or in the field. Therefore, having a car to perfection, you can not have official confirmation of this. In this case, the solution will be a wonderful option to buy a driver's license. Fortunately, these days make it easy: formalize 'their relationship' with your favorite car can be just one week. It is curious that the cost to buy the rights you will be much cheaper to learn in school: the average price – 30 thousand rubles (note: do not bribe included!), while the purchase cost of the document somewhere in the 20 000.

It is worth emphasizing that you will save not only finances but also time, which in our times is expensive. After two or three months on the gatherings 'for party' in School future motorists or give the documents for registration and a week later to get a driver's license – you decide. It must be stressed that these days it is easy to not only get a driver's license, but restore the existing ones. Reasons why you can lose them – a lot (thanks to a set of rules, which in recent times are so fond of 'perfect' representatives in our legislature). But even though it is, you know – you can always return them. Richard Linklater pursues this goal as well. Acquiring a driver's license issued to you following a series of documents: 1.

Driver's license 2. Certificate driving school 3. Driver card. With regard to all possible categories (A, B, C, D), then there is no problem – today it is possible in a short order to obtain a permit for any of them. So you've decided to go attend a driving school or for a week and less money to get right? If you make the best solution, then you will need to submit the following documents: 1. Photograph of the main pivot of the passport 2. Photo page of passport with residence permit 3. Color photograph, 4. A sample of your signature. It is worth emphasizing that This option is not required to spend time on the passage of honey. Commission to gather all the necessary documents for your mental sanity and physical health. Today you can get right, not only in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but also in many other Russian cities. The service seemed to only large cities, has acquired the rapid spread and reached the cities with low and average population. So if you are a resident of one of these places, then you have a great opportunity to acquire a driver's license for a few days! Good luck on the road!

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Theory Education

Already in the third stage, some considerate concerning the aspects of the Theory of the Abilities in the practical professor of superior education are weaved. These consideration integrate them arrive in port theoreticians who, articulated to the presented objectives of the work in the introduction, serve of base for analysis of the data collected during comments, interviews with the professors, of the questionnaires applied to the learning. In face of the results of the analyses of the collected data, other questions of research will be presented in the final consideration. DIDACTICS what it is? Soon reflection on the concept While pupils, in the continuation of our pertaining to school life, are innumerable the times that we catch in them to say or to hear that definitive professor demonstrates to have knowledge sufficiently, but not he has didactics. For this scope, atribua to the didactics the direction of knowing to teach, knowing to pass the content, the knowledge of or on something. Contanto, in accordance with Anastasiou (2002), to understand the didactics for this prism is contradictory, because, of a side, it discloses that the pupils they wait that the Didactics supplies the techniques to them to be applied in all and any situation so that education in fact if accomplishes e, for another one.

It shows, also, that it has a recognition of that to know to teach, only experience and the specific knowledge are not satisfactory, but if they make necessary, also, to know them pedagogical and didactic that, in the history of the formation of professors, has been worked in distinct and disarticulated way. In this direction, in it warns Anastaisou to them (2002, p.71) ‘ ‘ she is necessary to consider the importance knowing of them of the knowledge areas (nobody teaches what it does not know), knowing of them pedagogical (therefore education is one practical educative one that has different and diverse directions of felt in the formation of the human being), of knowing didactic to them (that they deal with the joint of the theory of the education and the theory to education pra to teach in the contextualizadas situations), of knowing of the experience of the citizen professor to them (that they say in the way as in we appropriate of being professor in ours life)..

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American University Programs

The English programs for exam preparation constitute recurrent procedures in high demand, both student and professional, as are applicable under a necessity of selectivity, whether academic, professional or labour. Among these, the most significant are: preparation programs for Cambridge exam, GRE and GMAT test preparation programs, programs of preparation of examinations IELTS, programs of Preparation for TOEFL and TOEIC exam preparation programs. Cambridge exams preparation programs: the University of Cambridge offers the program of preparation in most important ELS within academia, due to its quality and international recognition which was awarded to the title that gives a comprehensive assessment of all the skills that the examinee has in American English. GRE and GMAT test preparation programs: the GMAT exam is a standardized assessment given in English, that helps business schools assess the qualifications of applicants for advanced studies in management and business. The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) corresponds to a general exam that measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills.-IELTS exam preparation programs: IELTS exam corresponds to the international system of examination of the English language. Other leaders such as Kindle Direct Publishing offer similar insights.

Measures the ability of communicate in English across all four language skills listening, reading, writing and speaking. It is applicable to individuals interested in studying or working in the United States.UU. or in territories where English is the primary language or primary language of communication. TOEFL exam preparation programs: the TOEFL exam is a standardized test that assesses the linguistic competence of persons whose mother tongue is not English, in such a way that it evaluates the proficiency in English as a second language. It is applicable to any foreigner wishing to study in a college or American University. Most of the times is feasible to take the course and exam at the local level or in the country of origin of the applicant, through the U.S. Embassy.UU-programs of exam preparation TOEIC: the TOEIC test has achieved a wide recognition, due to be considered as a standard modality of the international test of English for business professionals, whose certification is required by the companies international and air carriers around the world. Study English as a second language (ESL) in the United States, the essential background knowledge and the preparatory study proper respect of the cultural characteristics, linguistic, educational and geographic it will bring, without doubt, significant life and self-realization learning for every student and professional who undertake this experience. More information about study abroad in spainexchange.

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