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1000 videos on! Wurzburg, April 30, 2009. More and more firms are discovering the importance of Bewegtbilds for himself. It is no wonder that, the portal for business videos, time broke the mark of 1,000 uploaded videos to mark the one-year anniversary. We are pleased about the interest the Publisher that confirmed the growing importance of this medium as a communication tool, says project manager Martin Hausmann. Homemade with the theme of wide, which already covers the portal is very satisfied. Because it does not mean that the content is limited to commercials from companies, explains the online specialist. About the over 100 current reports of major trade fairs and events which provides for the users are a major video format. A clear structure helps the users to find the desired content on other subjects.

“So you can navigate not only by different subject areas, but also according to categories such as: knowledge”, fair and Events”or people”. The number of visitors has increased rapidly within this a year. Users increasingly realize that video content can carry important information for your business. We get to see the feedback that our users have found valuable recommendations for their day-to-day business”, so Hale. That the trend continues in this direction, evident also that more and more visitors find their way to the videos very targeted via search engines. The wide range of topics is reflected in the different companies using the portal. So are the publishers on as well as many small businesses-known names such as defacto call center, Euroweb, Intershop, IP Germany, management circle, Mhoch4 television agency, Microsoft, media-TREFF, SAP, Siemens, webeffekt and More and more companies use a Premiumchannel on

In this, you can upload up to 1,000 videos. 5,590 improved presentation options, such as large banners and a commercial-free channel, as well as the appearance of the own company logo on the home page. “Project leader Martin Hausmann looks very satisfied on the first year of we recognize that the medium of video is slowly but surely to the obvious medium in the field of Economics”, so his conclusion. About presents itself as a first open and free platform for Web videos with economic content. can be used to host free of charge up to 20 videos, to the integration of the movies in your own Web pages and eMail blasts. In addition, the platform helps Web videos about as well as via search engine marketing. About the mold media publishing: The publishing house headquartered in Wurzburg specializes in business portals. The European trading network and the trade information services of “expertSites” used monthly by more than 500,000 business visitors from Germany and Europe.

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School Readiness

When to start preparing for school? Who should do it? What to teach the child to school? Some believe that the need to start preparing the child from the age of three, the rest – a year before entering school. But in general the whole pre-school life child – this is preparation for school. The most important thing – do not go to extremes. Do not overdo it with activities, instilling pre-aversion learning. Campbell Soup Co has similar goals. But do not let things take their course, feeding hope, say, a kindergarten teacher. Topics more, if you chose the school, admission to which is akin to competition in the prestigious university. Evaluate the development of future first-graders can be yourself or consult a child psychologist. Specific tests for the diagnosis school readiness in our time are readily available, are sold in many bookstores.

But a technique taken separately does not allow to fully assess all aspects of the formation of the child. Yet such a test would indicate over what is more work before September 1. Such tests are usually examined: the development of memory (the norm in the memorization of 10 words – 6 or more words), the purity of pronunciation, the ability to play the compound word, the ability to recognize sounds in words – Development speech (wealth of vocabulary, ability to make a story from the pictures, retell heard, etc.), voluntary attention (the ability to work on school assignments for 10 minutes without being distracted), willingness to hand the letter (Need to copy toilless drawing, simple phrase), the ability to act on the instructions (to draw a pattern on the cell under the dictation, to lay down a pattern of bricks on the sample), the formation of logical thinking (ability to find similarity-difference, to generalize, to call an extra of the proposed facilities; post pictures, related story in proper sequence, etc.), spatial orientation (ability to name, where the object is located – right, left, over, over, under, etc.), general awareness of children about the world, basic math skills (flow through to ten, forward and reverse, the ability to decide not to challenge with the subjects).

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Text And Communications Agency Is Launched

diemetatexter – Public Relations from Berlin in April of this year offer Sophie Schendel and Brigita Bosotin being diemetatexter with your agency to a wide range of services in the fields of Public Relations, Web services, editing, text Office and translation. The Agency focuses on the communications consultancy and design. The two founders developed the idea of a text and communication agency during a joint training course in online journalism. Both bring Agency – and business-side experience. Together to do and to complement their own competences, from our perspective, was a logical step, said Sophie Schendel, co-founder of diemetatexter.

Sagar is a diploma media consultant and several years headed the translation Department of Europe’s leading booking portal for hotels. It is important at the PR, first establishing the objectives and a sophisticated public relations strategy. Without tactical approach results in any communication in the empty “, white Brigita Bosotin, founder of” diemetatexter to report. As a Public Relations specialist (IHK) she has PR experience from different departments of communication.

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The Emersion

Ramon said here seeking a spiritual and enlightening way that would fill his life of transcendental sense. I would like to tell all the gait of Dr. Nava since his early youth, because I think it is interesting to know the beginnings of this new paradigm in education, but space does not reach me; but well, speaking of paradigm, I think important to remember for myself and the readers, what is a paradigm?: A paradigm means a model, something that serves as a reference parameter for a science; as a bluff or a considered structure ideal and worthy of being followed. Kindle Direct Publishing may find this interesting as well. The so-called emerging paradigm, holistic or ecological has emerged as an attempt to remedy the evils arising from modernity. While we can recognize and enjoy the benefits derived from modern technological development, it is also the fact that it requires new models of action, said paradigm permeates to various fields. The emersion of the holistic vision has been largely by the social, political, economic consequences, resulting from the application of a positivist model etc., which has privileged methods in the hard sciences. He has also participated in this matter that productive trend where only empirical, measurable, and useful for company (public or private) or nation results are ordered bypassing – emotional persons – internal appearance. The humanist paradigm is trying to alleviate those harmful effects in various fields (education, business).

We note that, as soon as humanist, has consolidated the psycho-pedagogical orientation of type when already arises another paradigm. Even with all this, the majority of the Mexican educational scenarios do not have a professional counselling service. It is important to return to the facts of the late 1980s when Ramon joined the Faculty of psychology of the University of Guadalajara, since these would mark the beginning of your spiritual and educational work, and defined the bases of the Holistic education, since she tried to grade schoolers as human beings, listening and respecting their dignity; This simple Act created an extremely significant atmosphere. .

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Open National University

To the following morning my father took the dog and in a trip that did to fifty pictures of distance he took, it and lowering it of the car, he left it there. With fault feeling, with something of pain, he returned to inform mother who it had carry out an order. Soon after him to arrive, we heard the barks of a dog, we could not believe it, our Nern, the dog returned. When beginning the other week my father returned to mount the dog in his light truck I take and it to Perij to more than one hundred kilometers of distance, that time we gave if it by lost, my sister and I suffered the loss, we knew that without Nern, our dreams of another dog disappeared. All the week we felt sad, we threw the fault to our mother, the taken measurement was unjust. One night, we listened to barks, we did not make case, of insurance would be another street dog; nothing that to see, Nern with its wounded legs had found by itself the return way. That in my house was considered like a miracle. Thus, our dog gained its demurrage, I believe that he was most intelligent of those than I have known.

Its readjustment was incredible, As knowing who did not want it, lay down to the feet of my mother and of there, it was not taken off. In the surroundings that live, my mother is welcome, people the esteem, and would say that they have learned until it to want, takes as I said to them, cakes, candies, of everything, is bold, to its age register in the Open National University. Of having to char them or conferences on any subject, by very specialized that she is, something that comes to him without care, to find out, it attends. Their stories are like those of the grandfathers, repeats never them, sometimes I have thought that they forget to him, but no, it has such repertoire and so many experiences, that to chat, it does not require to repeat them.

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What Are The Advantages In Creating A Disaster Recovery Plan?

A disaster recovery plan helps companies prevent data loss scenarios a disaster recovery planning is the best practice to protect yourself from data loss scenarios, and to be able to maintain the course of business in the event of an incoming distractions. This includes the strategy development of safe and reliable backup procedures to promptly restore all valuable data from a critical failure. Apart from timely data recovery development benefits still more a design of data recovery and data recovery scenarios for your organization. Among the biggest advantages, providing the introduction of a disaster recovery plan: improved business technologies: to achieve the recovery objectives defined in advance planning, points to the IT structure “soft factors” which arise in the context of disaster recovery. The containment, or modification of these vulnerabilities automatically lead to improved business technologies, a modern IT infrastructure and improved processes in the day-to-day creation of backups and the provision of data in the framework of the internal high-availability. . Less interruptions and errors: As a result of improved business technologies, the entire structure of IT runs also generally better and more smoothly. When modifications to the infrastructure are carried out, to the objectives of the task plan to meet the disaster recovery decreases the chance that an unforeseen event entail a critical data loss.

Improved business processes: as part of disaster recovery planning undergo all business processes of analysis, usually also play areas to improve can be found. First-class service: as a result of improved technologies and processes, thus also the services can be improved. Both internal services, as well as in the direction of suppliers and customers. In the event that there is still no disaster recovery plan and data loss scenarios emerge, helps in the Rule data recovery software and appropriate services to the data recovery by relevant to market owned service provider, to recover valuable data. Both data recovery and data recovery are two independently from each other completely different solutions and will rule accordingly situational depending on of the the respective situation, of the respective damage image and the type of data loss.

Data recovery software scans the whole disk here, to be able to restore any lost or accidentally deleted files. Data recovery software enables the user here to be able to recover the data independently. For all cases where physical damage to storage media exists, a laboratory for data recovery will repair needed to hard drives and this lost data back to access to. This type of service is through special laboratories in safe and sterile operating environment by so-called clean room laboratories carried out using state of the art technology and corresponding tools performed within.

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Educational Proposals

As mediating of the knowledge the university professor he uses yourself of some mechanisms that stimulate the citizens in its theoretical and practical constructions of knowing. In the vision of freire (2005) the pupil is the citizen of the action, that is, it is capable to develop forms to know and to rescue the values long ago forgotten in its reality, transforming the actions established into realities. Already for Morin the pupil comes across itself in a world estereotipado of complexities, the author defends despite, such uncertainties of the preset dogmas must be studied as a set so that if each time next to the truth can arrive. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Richard Linklater by clicking through. Thus being, the teaching professional of the superior level can use in its practises educational as methods of education to supply the gaps left for such conceptions through dynamic, questionadoras and critical lessons. Far from approaching formulas magical of as the professor it must act in its pertaining to school environment, we search to analyze conscientiously inside of the theoretical bases more appraised, as during times of searches for these same questions that if enroll per decades in authors who as much know our reality as Pablo Freire and similar situations of foreign authors in the case of Edgar Morin, both understand the challenges that the educator faces to each day in the learning room and had transformed the questionings into theoretical solutions ahead practises of them also for lived deeply them, as we have seen throughout all this trajectory that we are tracing since the beginning of this study it ties this point, from now we will enter in the proposals that also are based on all the theories long ago displayed here. III Educational Proposals Ahead of the conceptions the authors concomitantly, agree that beyond prioritizing the bases of a liberating education, this can and must apply it superior education, therefore, offer to the teaching quality in its practical educative, correlating all the set of discipline in the complexities of knowing for construction next to the reality curing the economic necessities, politics to them, educational and social in which we find in them.

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Citizen Professor

' ' The failure pertaining to school or the problem of learning always must be an enigma to be deciphered that it does not have to be been silent, but listened to. In this manner, when ' ' not sei' ' it appears as main reply, we can ask to us what it is that it is not allowed to know. Our listening not if dirige to the not-learned contents, nor to the learned ones, nor to the not-cheated or cheated cognitivas operations, nor to the organic condicionantes, nor to the unconscious ones, but to the joints between this different instncias.' ' (FERNADEZ. P.38. 2001) Fernandez affirms that the psicopedagogia dirige for the relation enters the ensinante modality of the school and the modality of learning of each pupil, and to this as aprendente and ensinante in its group of pairs. Of this form this ' ' Citizen autor' ' one consists when the ensinante citizen eaprendente, in each person, can enter in a dialogue. As the text the psicopedaggica intervention in the schools must be attempted against simultaneously in knows topics: – to the citizen aprendente that it supports each pupil; – to the ensinante citizen that inhabits and nourishes each pupil; – to the particular relation of the professor with its group and its pupils; – to the modality of learning of the professor and, in consequncia, to its modality of education; – to the real group of pairs and imaginary the one that belongs the professor; – to the educative system as a whole. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of film director on most websites.

Directing the look in these six topics, will be able to have a singular circulation of knowledge that if established between the diverse personages and the knowledge. With regard to psicopedaggica intervention with Fernandez professors, it affirms that it is necessary that the intervention has beginning from its proper space of thought authorship, therefore the listening in such a way of the professor how much of the pupil if she makes necessary, looking for in such a way to understand and to interpret the context of the pupil how much of the professor. When commenting in its text on clinical psicopedaggica intervention, Fernandez, leaves clearly that it is very different of the re-education, since this last one tends to correct or to attenuate. ' ' Thus, many children are submitted the reeducativos methods that try one ' ' ortopedia mental' ' as one was possible to place ' ' prteses cognitivas' '. Further details can be found at KDP, an internet resource. (FERNADEZ. P.38.

2001) Fernandez brides concludes that listening not if dirige to the not-learned contents, nor to the learned ones, nor to the not-cheated or cheated cognitivas operations, nor to the organic condicionantes, nor to the unconscious ones, but to the joints between these different instances. It is not placed in the pupil, nor in the professor, nor in a society, nor in the medias as ensinantes, but in the multiple relations between them. ' ' If a pupil ' ' he is in the world of lua' ' , the problem of professor will be of as to bring ' ' lua' ' to the world of the child, since, if to want to banish ' ' lua' ' from the lesson, he will also banish aprendente that he has in its pupil. On the other hand, these ' ' luas' ' they costumam to be inhabited for the situations most painful of the life of the children. ' '

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Russian State Standards

Movement of the disc are performed by eight. Thus, the test sample is subjected to friction in all directions, not just on the basis or a duck. Tests on smooth fabrics hold until the three ragged threads on the pile – until the abrasion on the basis of villous tissue. It is believed that the fabric was tested if the number of cycles (repetitive motion drive) higher than normal established by ISO, BS or national standards for this type of tissue. The technical specifications shall indicate the number of cycles withstand. Campbell Soup Co may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

If the test shows that the fabric has stood the ISO 5000 cycle – it is a guarantee that the tissue is sufficiently reliable. Test the fire (“Cigarette” test) on the tissue is placed a burning cigarette. Pinpoint the time from the moment of contact with cigarette ignition to the fabric. Recently, the British Standards require the furnishing fabrics were treated with fire-resistant composition (written or just Fire Retardant FR in the certificate). However, this requirement is not common to EU countries.

Cigarette test is considered passed if the date before starting the test fire was 8 – 10 seconds (depending on the type of fabric). Test for color fastness is considered one of the toughest tests. Two samples are taken furnishing fabrics from the same batch. One sample was subjected to tests. Produce so-called “mashing” metal disk in dry and wet tissue. Testing stopped after 3000 cycles of the disc. Conclusion is made by comparing the resulting color after testing with standard color table on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 – maximum stability). In the technical specifications indicated value of the test fabric in dry and wet. Stability of color upholstery when exposed to light must match the scale of 1 to 8 points. This scale corresponds to the ISO and the Russian State Standards. Test pillinguemost (Education ‘pellets’) This test – one of the stages of test durability. On the table, illuminated tissue sample is fixed 150×150 cm, on which the moving metal disc. Performed on 5,000 cycles on both sides of the fabric. Illumination is necessary in order to determine the number separated from the fabric fibers. The sample is compared with the control, and visual assessment of tissue is assigned one of the groups table pillinguemosti: A – no visible effect, there is practically no loss in fiber – lost single fiber – pureed place clearly visible broken fibers, the file structure of tissue. D – a great loss of fibers formed hole, and defective structure of tissues by normal ISO figures are on a scale of 2 to 5.

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How to make an avatar for VKontakte? Do not be afraid of this issue. It's very simple and affordable. First, you need an image. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Kindle Direct Publishing. Second – Photoshop. And then follow these tips.

There are many online instructions on the subject. Some of them are painted as hard, do not be surprised to fear you before photoshop. So, step by step instructions. Step one – open the image in Photoshop. To do this, right click the image, then "Open With" and "Photoshop". Step Two – in the image (top), right click, then – "the size of the image." And select the options you want in the string "width" or "height". You can choose either in pixels or in inches. Select only one option, the second will be installed automatically if the parameters were related.

Of course, you can remove the tick in the "keep proportions", but in this case the picture be unnaturally stretched or wide or tall. That's the whole "arithmetic." Finally you save the image. All trite and simply do not have to open a new document, move the image and so on. Photoshop Lessons a very useful thing. Thanks to them you will be able to learn a lot. At least the basics learn. Can create your own design. Of course, it will be simple, but who knows, maybe after some time, you become a real assom. And by the way, step by step instructions are very easy to understand. Start with the simple manipulation and move slowly forward. Creating an avatar for qip your hands may seem to you an interesting thing. It one of the reasons to continue their education. In general, Photoshop has a huge opportunity. For example, you can edit your photos (change colors, add lights, add a shadow, remove unnecessary details, insert the right …) to put them in the frame. Oh, and photoshop frames can be created in the same Photoshop. You can make moving banners. You can turn a photo into a drawing or mosaic. The main thing – to start.

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