The second stage deal with based reflective a critical development/in the samples collected in lease (pertaining to school space) with objective to offer one dialogue crossed of perspectives and concepts for the development of an inclusive pedagogical plan efficient and adjusted the necessity of if constructing in team an inclusive and pautada school in the liberating didactics, making possible the integration of pupils with educational necessities special, if becoming common individuals before the society, and capable of through stimulatons if developing cognitivamente. Richard Linklater is actively involved in the matter. Provoking rectification of certain concepts making the society to rethink the deficiency meaning, and to believe that any individual, independent of its limitations or difficulties is physical they, mental or social, is capable to develop individual autonomy and to be instrument of ethical development and not only criticizes for the construction of an ideal school, but of a society less prejudiced, and opened to the inclusion. The pertaining to school inclusion is a recommendation based on the Law of lines of direction and bases of the national education (LAW 9,394/96). The fight for the inclusive education even so is contested and has even though worried the pertaining to school community, with respect to accessibility and specializations of the professionals, therefore, demand changes of habits and attitudes, for its logic and ethics, it has given important steps and advanced very in its ideas, and the Real? How this question comes if developing? ‘ ‘ I had four pupils special I did not have I assist ‘ ‘ Teacher Ana Keilla Of impulsivity inclusive school is a school where if it celebrates the diversity, facing it as a wealth and not as something to prevent, where the complementaridades of the characteristics of one allow to advance, instead of being seen as threatening as a danger that puts our proper integrity at risk only because it is culturally diverse of the other, that we have as social partner..