Developed for a team of physiotherapists of the Center of Levitas Well-being, the Fisiofitness Teen searchs to stimulate the healthful habit of the small ones by means of the practical one of physical activity. With the arrival of the February month, parents and children already had abandoned the euphoria of the vacations to dedicate the purchase to it of pertaining to school material demanded by the institutions of education in the return to the lessons. But he will be that he had a concern with the health of the children and the adolescents before choosing the personage dolo that will print the pencils, the pencil sharpeners and the layers of notebooks? Independent of the reply it is important to take the cares necessary to prevent that this galerinha develops serious illnesses in the future, therefore is alarming the number of adolescents who suffer with posturais alterations and pains in the column due to the related habits to the pertaining to school activities. Between the main harmful factors they are the excess of weight carried in the knapsacks, the way as they are loaded, the used model, beyond the time of permanence with them in the coasts. Second authorized study for the Committee of Ethics for Analysis of Research in the Hospital of the Clinics and the College of Medicine of the University of So Paulo (HC-FMUSP), they exist based measures of intervention in postural education that can change these habits significantly, mainly in what it says respect to the use of knapsacks. The research still affirms that the acceptance of the adolescents for this type of programs considered for physiotherapists is very good. ' ' Basic recommendations exist to be followed for parents and children. To start for the knapsack, whose model must be lightest possible and always to have two handles so that the transport is made with support in the two shoulders.