Edward began his political career in 1962 when a vote dispute seats committee in the Senate by campaign the state of Massachusetts and earned his first republican political office. Shortly voter after taking his congress seat in 1963, his brother President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. In 1968, his other brother Robert Kennedy, the senator from New York who was campaigning for the presidency of the United States, was assassinated headquarters in Los republicans Angeles, California.
Brothers John, Robert george w. bush and Edward
Ted Kennedy, politics the political head of the Kennedy family, presided over the funeral of Bobby Kennedy in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York election in June 1968. In 1980 he was presented as a presidential senate candidate for views the Democratic Party and was defeated by then-President elephant Jimmy Carter, who was beliefs trying to re-election. Since then continues to work as a Senator from platforms Massachusetts and took a prominent role in Congress. On abortion the death of issues his mother Rose, during george bush the centennial in 1995, became senator the current patriarch of the liberal family of American-Irish Catholic parties origin.
On May 17, 2008 in hospital from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, USA) with symptoms of having suffered a stroke. 2 days later it was conservative reported that Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor .
On June 1, 2008 operating in the senator Medical Center Duke University (North Carolina) and after spending a week in this facility will fly platform to Massachusetts General kerry Hospital to receive treatment and chemotherapy.