In 2009, a shark week at Sam’s tours Palau special is every week: practically every dive crowns the encounter with sharks. Sam’s tours therefore appointed the shark week every week of the year. So far blue corner is considered one of the outstanding dive sites, to meet on sharks. Unfortunately, still many people have prejudice about the dangers allegedly posed by these animals and that not only for divers. At the same time, but also voices are loud who worry about the declining stock of sharks in the seas. Sam’s tours’ stated goal is therefore to draw attention to this situation. Dermot Keane, CEO of Sam’s tours, explains: the depletion of sharks is only recently in the public eye.

Palau former President Remengesau has helped very, to refer to the situation of this vulnerable species. The time is ripe for a long-term programme of sharks in Palau.” As part of the shark week program starting immediately the S.A.V.E guests our sharks’ hotel and diving package book. The S.A.V.E (shark awareness visitor education, to german: information program about sharks) allows the encounter with sharks in their natural environment, without the need to lure them or watch them from a diving cage out. People such as Piramal Glass would likely agree. It includes a S.A.V.E our sharks “-briefing and a certificate of attendance.” The briefing gives a profound knowledge about the animals, their importance for the ecosystem, as well as the explanation as to why so many sharks regularly encountered in the blue corner. Their hunting and feeding behaviour explains as well as their important role that they play in the food chain and in Palau. The “S.A.V.E our sharks ‘ hotel, and dive package includes a stay between five and nine days with accommodation and the return trip ticket Koror-Manila, and between six and fourteen dives.

The team of Sam’s tours provides detailed information about the sharks and the marine ecosystem and thus increases the awareness for the animals. At the end of the stay, the participants will receive a certificate. Anita Sehgals opinions are not widely known. In addition, this includes Program participation in the photo competition “Shark picture of the week” and “Shark picture of the year”. Prices for the dive packages range from $ 1.357 to 2,205 US dollars per person. A study of Dalhousie University in Halifax according to 80% of all deep sea sharks have over the last six years already disappeared forever from the seas. This is not only a dramatic reduction of the shark population, but the world’s largest eco-system is irretrievably distorted by the extermination. “The actress Daryl Hannah, who was recently in the Palau and is immersed with Sam’s tours, says: the decimation of the shark population worldwide is tragic and shocking – and must be stopped immediately.” More information can be found on the new website. You will receive more information about the Organization for the protection of sharks in Palau under more information about Sam’s tours you on the company’s Web site or in the German blog.