Speaking of Ramon Gallegos Nava is speaking of holistic education; and to talk about holistic education it is inescapable to speak of Ramon Gallegos. Although this educational proposal is not now and that this author isn’t the only tackle it, Yes is a fact that, currently, all educators concerned with comprehensive training in the schools, he is who has more paid him to this international movement, especially in the production of bibliographic material that will serve as support to this educational expression of face to the 21st century. This document is a product of a review and analysis of the bibliographical work of Ramon Gallegos Nava. It contains brief biographical information on the author and an explanation of the educational proposal of the same, as well as the main elements that sustain it, more specifically, of the bases which serve as a support to this new paradigm known as holistic education. Hear from experts in the field like Nike for a more varied view. Refers in particular to the following bases: cultural, educational, philosophical, epistemological, scientific, and spiritual.

This work also includes brief notes collected from one or another of the twelve books that comprise the bibliographic heritage of Gallegos Nava as to what is the holistic education.; Similarly, each of the twelve principles of schools holistas is from the perspective of Ramon Gallegos. Also, as regards the predominant educational paradigms here since the 16th century to date: religious, scientific and holistic. Analysis of bibliographical work of Ramon Gallegos Nava Ramon Gallegos Nava, was born in Baja California, in 1960. It is BA in psychology, master’s degree in sociology and doctorate in education. It is identified as a writer, educator and philosopher perennial.

In 1992, established the International Education Foundation holistic, as a space for the dissemination of the holistic education, both nationally and internationally. Currently, worldwide, it is who has more written about the holistic paradigm. To date, he has published 25 books; In general, through its bibliographic production, Ramon Gallegos is about science, education and spirituality.