It is assumed that the principle of the reflexology foot, dates back to ancient Egypt, by certain inscriptions found in the tomb of a physician dating back to year 2330 b.c. This painting clearly illustrates the application of massage reflexology. It is also known that it has practiced in India, China and other cultures. At the end of the 19th century, the Anglo-Saxon doctor H. Head and J.N. Mackenzie, Canadian, showed that there was a correspondence of reflex type between the epidermal surface and the inside of the body and this used it for therapeutic purposes. At the beginning of the 20th century, William Fitzgerald, an American Otolaryngologist, based on the observations of Dr H Bressler on the possibility of influencing the human body arguing that certain portions of the body correspond with each other.

His hypothesis testing established it anesthetized a zone by exerting pressure on her, I certify that anesthesia occurred also in the reflex zone where it had pressured. Edwin Bowers, used an even more radical demonstration, It pricked with a needle a voluntary person’s face. The sting did not produce any pain since at the same time was pressing a point in the hand that corresponded to reflects near the spot where it had been punctured with the needle on the face of the volunteer. In 1930 Eunice Inglham came to the conclusion that all parts of the body have access at different points, and which can therefore be llagar a more easy and effective way to those areas where the response has better therapeutic results. Inglham drew up maps of the entire human body and made them correspond in one or more places in the foot.

This achieved one therapeutic efficacy greater than when I worked directly on the affected area, especially if it was to reduce pain. Here was born the current reflexology of the feet. See more detailed opinions by reading what American Dental Association offers on the topic.. Reflexology in Spain at the beginning of the 1980s, the concept of massage reflexology was almost unknown by the majority of people in Spain. It is introduced into Spain by Luis Bataller, Barcelona who worked in Switzerland and had tried to his wife’s wounds gangrenous pre with reflexology and healed it. In those years the concept of reflection had not yet spent part of a terminology. But with the passing of time has won increasingly more confirmations. Massage reflexology has conquered our days and there are number of newspapers, publications, even of a scientific nature that are responsible for its dissemination. Still in Spain not used as supplementary medicine traditional medicine as it occurs in several countries, but is not ruled out that the dissemination that is taking this technique and the results it produces can be to appreciate the idea of establishing this merger in our society.