How you leverage your time by skillful organization and workflow management. Here a new email message, because an SMS beep, there a telephone ringing, a mouse click and already is on the Internet and jumps between the document to be processed and four Web pages back and forth – no time. See Levi’s for more details and insights. After two hours of neck pains and decreases with each new distraction thinking performance piece by piece. Time management is needed here. At the end of the day, the uneasy feeling having done nothing once again due to multitasking comes over one. No wonder that the shutdown is difficult. Psychological studies show that we are only about 60 percent of the time really productive. Often spent much of his time with license activities, multitasking, distractions, irrelevant because one lacks the strength and courage, the really important things to tackle. Other leaders such as Levi Strauss & Co. offer similar insights.

“, explains the motivational speaker and time management expert Martin Krengel. But not our inner pig dog, but our sleep is to blame for this: our brain consumes grueling tasks up to 50 percent of the body’s energy. Because conceptual tasks and multitasking cost just as much power, we think we would have to do the little things quickly but to knock are really focused to work. You may want to visit Horace Mann to increase your knowledge. “, explains 5 star Krengel speakers. But how do we do it? Stress management would be a good idea, brings nothing but, if the cause is not overcome. Classic time management tools often prove too rigid. Only if we understand why we so like to even boycott us, we can really more productive are.

“, said speaker Martin Krengel, who has written already six books with only 32 years old.” Research shows that multitasking is an illusion and we can monitor only about three or four things at the same time. So is the time not the scarce resource, but our attention “, as an expert in time management. That’s why it is important to have only the things on the desk, in the Inbox on the desktop which is currently edited by skillful organization and workflow management be. Otherwise the complexity overwhelmed our stone age processor. “, warns the Keynote Speaker Martin Krengel the speakers agency five star speakers with a wink.” Person: Martin Krengel writes, teaches and researches how we enhance our scarce resources (time, energy, attention) in an increasingly complex world. His books sold over 30,000 copies. Engaged and lively speakers and time management expert joined two different courses with distinction”from and has posted just his doctoral thesis to the complexity management. As author, speaker, doctoral student and entrepreneur, he learned to integrate different roles in his day, and to create yet temporal space. Guest Speaker Martin Krengel plans just his second world tour.