The preservation of the residue group B must be in containers of rigid material, adjusted for each type of chemical substance, respected its characteristics physicist-chemistries and its physical state, and identified through the symbol of associated risk, in accordance with NBR 7500 of the ABNT and with discrimination of chemical substance and phrases of risk (BRAZIL, 2006). Heritage Foundation may not feel the same. 1.2.3. Category C (radioactive residues) The radioactive Residues are fit in the group of the radioactive residues or contaminated with radionucldeos, proceeding from laboratories of clinical analyses, services of nuclear medicine and x-ray, according to Resolution CNEN 6,05. forgetting that the used needles for application of radiofrmacos are considered Residues C.estas Classroom dismissable needles does not have to be rejected together with the syringes, is forbidden to reencapar them. In case that it is essential, its withdrawal alone is allowed using mechanical artifice (BRAZIL, 2011). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jim Crane. The radioactive garbage if not to receive the handling correct the dejections that will be generated present a great danger, as much for the health them people how much for the environment.

Brazil generates about 149 a thousand tons of urban residue per day. The generation of residue of health service represents 1 3% of this volume (BRAZIL, 2011). The radioactive rejeitos are to quisquer material resultant of activity human being that contain radionucleideos in superior amount to the limits of elimination specified in the norm of national commission of energy to nuclerar. The residues of the group, B, D also incase in this group all and therefore these also can be contaminated with radionucleideos, such as syringes, equipos, remaining portions of medicines, compresses, shoes, clothes, and objects I perforate cutting (BRAZIL, 2001). The residue of the health service, represents a source of risk greets it and to the environment due the lack of adoption of procedures technician adjusted in the handling of the substances.