That is understood in the confirmation of Malard, that says that: If we understand literature as vision of world, practical social, invention from a concrete reality with the worked word, one of the objectives of its education is to make to appear or to perfect the critical spirit of the student, in relation to the real world (1985 p.17). He is valid to stand out that literature develops the creativity human being, being made the individual to reflect the passivity proper of a dominadora society. It can be affirmed that its education develops in the individual a vision that exceeds the values taxes for the society, making with that this has a consequence of the reality through readings that really world knowledge promotes. Increasing in this, essential disposals for the formation of an independent and competent reader. It is certain that the apprentice in the contact with the literary texts that bring characteristic aspects of given to times and social moments, obtains to establish a relation between the historical facts passed and of the contemporaneidade, promoting an expressive reflection of the papers attributed to the individuals and identities that are constructed in elapsing of the existence human being, thus printing, marks of determined generation.

In the reflection on the objectives of education of literature, understands that the contact with this, develops in the individual the use of the language in diverse forms, where this it starts to construct well elaborated speeches being in contact with lingusticos elements that aims at to the expression of feelings and ideas in clear and coesiva way. Moreover, as a privileged modality of communication, it makes possible the instauration of the dialogue between texts and readers of all the times, aiming at to the understanding of the individual in relation to the values of determined social contexts. In the perspectives of Robert Cherry (2004), literature assigns the acquisition of abilities of readings of literary texts of times, that in such a way makes possible to the apprentice the understanding and the knowledge of the culture of its country how much of other peoples and nations.