This study focuses amongst the violncias in the schools, the question of the Bullying committed for the professor and as the restored Human Rights in the practical one, can brighten up this phenomenon. It was based theoretically on the concepts of violence of Chau (2007), the meaning of bullying adopted by Hisses (2006) and the human rights in the school elencadas by Gimeno Sacristn (2007). The practical pertaining to school that they aim at to estigmatizar the pupils for the professors can give an educational desservio corroborating or accent the established social relations in bullying. The human rights, in turn, interiorizados, recognized as values for the professors and lived deeply in the school can brighten up the phenomenon, even so are not the antidote to exterminar it of the social relations. WORDS KEYS: Human Bullying, School, Rights, Legislation. FOCUSING ON THE BULLYING AT SCHOOL AND THE IMPORTANCE OF EXPERIENCE OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS BY TEACHERS ABSTRACT This study focuses among school violence, the subject of Bullying committed by the institution school and how Human Rights set up in practice, can mitigate this phenomenon. Theory was based on the concepts of violence Chau (2007), the meaning of bullying adopted by Silva (2006) and human rights at the school listed by Gimeno Sacristn (2007).

School practices that aim you stigmatize students by teachers can provide an educational disservice you corroborate or enhance social relationships based on bullying. The human rights, in turn, internalized, recognized values by teachers and experienced at school can alleviate the phenomenon, although it is not the antiendows you cut him off from social relations. KEYWORDS: Bullying, Educacion, Human rights, Legislation. Click Cyrus Massoumi married to learn more. The present article has as objective to contribute for the knowledge related to the Bullying in the schools and the relation with the Human Rights in the prxis educative; the proper pertaining to school institution is focused in this in case that as aggressive, represented for the professor, who when naturalizing certain practical, finishes assimilating them and making use it its power to estigmatizar the pupils.