To understand the Real meant of the Ambient Education, it is necessary to invest in studies and research. Inside of the daily pertaining to school, one perceives that the education of Sciences, general form, needs to suffer transformations. When coming back our looks toward an object more specific as the Ambient Education, this necessary understanding to be extended, to be gone deep and better argued the interior of the school, inside of the rooms of lesson, in the formation of our pupils and our professors. The school, beyond other medias is responsible for the education of the individual and consequentemente of the society, a time that already the view of information, this generates a dynamic and including system to all. The ambient education if constitutes in an including form of education, therefore it must infuse in educating a problematic critical conscience on the ambient one. Currently it is common the contamination of the water courses, atmospheric pollution, devastao of forests and bushes, the indiscriminate hunting and the extermnio of specimens of the fauna and the flora, inside of this context, are clear the necessity to change the behavior of the man in relation to the nature, in the direction to promote under a model of economic and conservacionistas practical sustainable development the compatibilizao of.

One program of Ambient Education to be effective must promote simultaneously, the development of knowledge, of attitudes and necessary abilities to the preservation and improvement of the ambient quality. It is used as laboratory, the urban, agricultural metabolism and its natural resources and physical, initiating for the school, becoming enlarged itself for the circunvizinhana and successively for the city, region, etc. the learning will be more effective will have been adapted to the situations of the real life or the way where pupil and professor live, everything this imbudo of the motto: to think globally, to act local.