On our site you will find detailed instructions for the combination of colors in the flower beds and flower beds. Enormous selection of colors opens up room for your imagination – all that only the soul asks, can bring life into the world of flowers. The formation of the flower bed is fully is subject to your imagination. Low, bushy, patterned or raznouravnevye with high color in the middle. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Marine Biological Laboratory. The height flower may be low, high, pyramidal.

Flowers, small fenced with stones, fence or just growing in the grass – new types of flower gardens, which appeared under the influence of science of landscape design. But the placement in the middle of a flowerbed figures entwined creeping flowers – the old school of gardening that we know from ancient times. Novice gardeners, step three: Choose flowers for the flower garden Concepts 'design of the garden' and 'gardening' are slightly different, but in this article, we slitaem that such a wonderful lesson how to create your own flower garden ennoble it. Gardening in this context can be considered art garden design, decorating it with flowers. Selection and planting of suitable colors and this is to create the most important stage of the flower bed. In accordance with the selected color scheme you want to plant flowers in the garden. For details on selecting colors, their product range, advice on the care you can read on our website, but note a few additional details about the colors: – Watering the flowers. Watering of flower beds will be held simultaneously, and flowers that require radically different amounts of moisture, can not live side by side.

– Seating colors. Need to understand exactly how best to plant in the ground or that the flowers: seedlings or seeds, or with irrigation in dry land. What time is good for planting flowers and how long does the color need to know to make your flower garden has lost its festive appearance for a couple of days. – Caring for flowers. Flowers may be perennial or annual that are resistant to cold or not. This is especially necessary to account for the care of flowers. In addition, some flowers need fertilizer, and pruning. Of constant care flower garden can be distinguished watering and pruning wilting blossoms. Hopefully these tips will help you create a beautiful flower garden, which will please you, not only in the spring, and many more years in a row!