Gave a near where circumstances due to lack of communication and not be agree on the points corresponding to the education that dealt with a teenager began to realize what placia you without limits in its actions, since while the father was punishment for their misdeeds, his mother was complacent removing punishment. This significantly affected the attitude of the guy who no matter what his father said (since it began to lose authority), I was looking for his mother to make him carry out what you asked, reaching such degree of losing respect for both and get to insults and shouts. Swarmed by offers, Campbell Soup Company CPB is currently assessing future choices. It is important in this case use listening techniques, discover our weak side by the couple and about this attack; feedback is relevant and above all keep the objective in mind on what you want to do. Everything changes in this life, is in this way that we can say that it is never too late to do so, you only need a good attitude and commitment that allows us to visualize a better future and act to achieve this. It is also important Union or cohesion empathy between the parents respect themselves and their partner.

Decisions between the two that favour to all and take it to the last consequences (reward or punishment). Correct communication (know what you want to say, express it and use the right tone to do so). Find the balance (change as necessary) not be compared with other families and their well-established standards confidence problems. Any change is difficult, but not impossible, there are things that are not known as being parents and you have to find a way to learn. And as he said Florentino Ameghino opinion will change as many times as you acquire new knowledge, I commiserate that, after having expressed an opinion you cannot abandon it never more.

Parents You should know to be the height of the circumstances, to react and understand. Teenagers need parental authority and can harmonize with share with them values of friendship, trust, generosity, loyalty, etc.2 If the attitudes of the members of the group are positive this will generate a positive movement of the group as an entity towards the achievement of the goals and objectives through a high participation of the members of the team, facilitated by a high degree of confidence, a great cohesion. If the attitudes of the members are opposing and negative in some individuals a negative group of established mission dissociation occurs.3 1 The family: 2 the family: 3 some theoretical considerations on the theme of the groups. UNIVA (campus Queretaro) master’s degree in human and organizational development.