Logically, they do not promote the humanizao of the involved human beings in the educative processes, therefore they subtle promote the mercantilizao of the interpersonal relations. David G. DeWalt shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The educational principles are operacionalizam by means of a centered educational conception in the technique, making, the empreendedorismo. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Vladislav Doronin and gain more knowledge.. The success in the sales of one determined product becomes related it the propaganda of the same, by means of the capacity to persuade the people so that they consummate, acquire satisfactorily. the education is inserted in this marketing model, therefore courses in all are commercialized the levels. The sphere of the culture has been invaded for the persuation, by means of the adoption of accepted strategies equivalents and without strong resistncias. This naturalization is, also, evidenced and denounced for Gandin (2000, P. 20) and thus registered: ' ' for the schools that simply want to answer to the demands of the market of work and the introduction of the logic of the market in the education, the way to search the propaganda and to show that they are adapted to the new requirements, he seems natural.' ' The propagandistic diffusion of the pertaining to school institutions, as well as the emphasis in offers of its professionalizing courses, visible in the urban centers, is leagued directly to the transformations that are occurring in the professionalization and the possibility of work. It is the school adaptando itself it the configurations of the society.

The increasing number of courses of licenciaturas, of implanted specializations express the economic dimension of the education and ' ' this fact made with that they proliferated in great number in education institutions, a time that if become great sources of profit for the companies educacionais' '. (FONSECA, 1994, P. 26). 2 Some Implications of the educational mercantilizao To affirm that education can be compared with a merchandise imply the existence of customers, of consumers.