Sportics.NET – optimize your sport with great success is the sportics application for Apple’s iPhone on the iTunes app store launched. After only three weeks, we had reached a place in the top 20 for the top-selling apps in the category “Health and fitness”. Daniel Gregory Amen has much experience in this field. Meanwhile asserted itself the ultimate makes a sports computer with real-time data transmission for two weeks around the top 10 sportics of the iPhone 3 G. Athletes can participate in family and friends live at their sport. Cyrus Massoumi married: the source for more info. Trainer and supervisor can accompany live their athletes, without itself being. The real-time telemetry in the sportics application allows you to trend-setting services. At the live tracking via GPS ( livetracking) position and performance values can be broadcast live on Sportics.NET. Range and current position of the athlete are then displayed on a map.

The values are processed in real time graphics. Short messages can be sent directly from the platform to the athletes. Which in turn, could respond with a single keystroke. The is only the precursor to online coaching, which opens up completely new possibilities for the care concepts of trainers and physicians. Unlike most is optimised – as well as the base behind other applications sportics for all endurance sports, open sports platform that helps Sportics.NET, with sports diaries, evaluation Center, online support and motivation actions u.v.m. each athlete to optimize his sport.

“The success gives us rights.”, says Frank Knobloch, Managing Director of carbon of logistics. “In contrast to Nike plus (note d., ed.: Platform only for runners) or iPhone applications, we are other, specific sports since the beginning open for all kinds of sports and performance groups. With us, everyone can find the one that best suits their individual needs. “Because even the motivation, so why someone is pushing sport, is so complex, like the sport itself.” Also the direct data transmission from a wide variety of sports machines, includes Garmin or CicloSport include how polar, and of course, you can manually capture his activities even without technical equipment on Sportics.NET… Sportics for iPhone: apps/sportics/iphone