This situation It began to change in 1963. Gerhard Baule and Richard McFee, Department of electrical engineering, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY, detected the field biomagnetic projected by the human heart using two electromagnets turns of thread 2 million each, connected to a very sensitive amplifier. In 1970, David Cohen of MIT, using SQUID magnetometer, confirmed the results concerning heart. In 1972, Cohen, had improved the sensitivity of his apparatus, allowing him to measure the magnetic fields produced by the activity of the brain, around the head. Then it was discovered that all tissues and organs produce specific magnetic pulses, which are now known under the name of biomagneticos fields. Traditional ones such as the electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram tests, are now completed by exams biomagneticos named mcg and magnetoencephalography.

For various reasons, the study of the magnetic field around the body, gives indications more accurate about the physiology and pathology than the study of the electric field. In their brief added us, that in 20-30 years, Harold Saxon Burr, an eminent researcher of the Yale University School of medicine, suggested that the diseases in the energy body can be detected until symptoms appeared. He was also convinced that could prevent diseases by altering the energy field. These concepts, which then seemed too premature, are today confirmed by laboratories of medical research around the world. Scientists using appliances SQUID to make letters of disturbances of the magnetic field around the body due to diseases. Educate yourself with thoughts from Campbell Soup Co. Others, applied pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate healing. We are also reminded about another aspect in which we have investigated long ago in relation to the magnetic fields emanating from the body, fields that we perceive through Kirlian photography in order to determine and understand what has been called as the aura of people. Called Kirlian electrophotography system uses an electronic system to produce a high potential in high-frequency, but low-intensity, so the patient won’t feel rather than cosquilla a slight in the fingertips and in some cases absolutely nothing.