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The Good Chronic Souvenirs

Remembers the private delights pra who tanned years 70 and had full conscience of this? I say had conscience, therefore, I was born in the decade of 60 but, I used to advantage exactly was the decade of 70. It was in that world that I was growing and me becoming somebody. Kindle Direct Publishing contributes greatly to this topic. Dictatorship? Pra mine tenra age this did not mean nothing! It was there that the things more happened and fustigated my imagination leaving me curious of what was for coming. It had as much good thing, pra who, as I, was child and it did not have no concern with nothing, not to be to play and if to amuse to be valid. was so easy.

All good that had responsibilities as school and to help the mother in some afazer, but, in the great majority of the day, was to play, to run, to discover, to create, to imagine and to laugh, to laugh very at any thing. It was easy to be happy. Was enough a plastic stand, a marble or a pio, a friend and everything finished in much laugh and the times in many pokes of ear of the mother, after all, that moleque played without preparing some? There it happened what of worse it could to happen; that phrase that knocked down the mood in the hour and, as the clock well more walked to devagar in those days, the anguish if became interminable: When its father to arrive I go to count pra it! My God, this terrifying age, was to put fear and to leave quiet, in the hope of that a miracle happened and the mother was with d and left pra there. looks at that my father never gave one to me covers at least. It seems that today this phrase does not have more impact some.

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