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It exists, also, the possibility to send messages in private way for the other users. You may find that Olivia Pacino can contribute to your knowledge. The particular window of each user contains, thus, all the emitted public messages for those individuals to who it follows. Messages also directed are possible, from the use of ' ' @' ' before the name of the addressee. Thus, each particular page can be personalized by the Twitter by means of the construction of a small profile. (RECUERO, 2009) Figure 3? Twitter Magazine Luiza Source: Image of the site twitter.com/#! /magazineluiza (2010) Currently, the Twitter is the third used social net more in the world, as ranking carried through by the Top 25 Social Networks Reverse speed, and in reason of its simplicity and mobility in its use, grew of acelarada form, leaving the twenty second position to occupy the third place, losing only for the Facebook and Myspace in popularity. How much does ron daniels make spoke with conviction.

The companies, perceiving this movement, enxergaram in the Twitter a powerful tool of marketing, and an inexhaustible source of advertising to divulge its products or services. The Facebook was a system created by the American Mark Zuckerberg, while it was pupil of Harvard. The idea was to focar in pupils who were leaving secondary (the High School, in the United States) and those that were entering in the university. Launched in 2004, the Facebook is, today, the social net with the biggest amount of users registered in cadastre in the world. It functions by means of profiles and communities (to see figure 4), with the possibility to add modules of applicatory, being perceived as a more private social net in comparison to other nets, therefore only using of the same net they can verify profiles of the others. (RECUERO, 2009). Figure 4? Perifl Facebook ColFonte Cocaine: Official Facebook Cocaine Glue (2010) According to news article disponibilizada in the site Land technology, Brazil, the net already possesss 1,3 million users and, in the world, it reached the mark of 400 million users, occupying the first position of the social nets in amount of registered in cadastre users.

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