Keeping Of Small Animals

All information about the keeping and care of small animals regardless of whether Guinea pigs, hamsters and ferrets: small animals are popular pets throughout the world. Particularly residents of apartments do nothing like as an alternative when keeping a dog or a cat from the landlord is not allowed. Because the position of Kleintieres is allowed in each case. Also in very densely populated parts of the world, such as, for example, Japan, mostly small animals can be found in most households, since the narrow homes for larger animals are not suitable. Some pets are also easier to keep what benefits especially people with little time. But also a Guinea pig should not be neglected.

Who is little at home, but still want to keep a small animal, should have at least two animals at the same time. This is recommended anyway, since many small animals pack animals that are developing behavioral attitude without conspecifics. Small animals have the reputation to be suitable for young children. This is but only partly right. Although nothing is However, to use, if small children with an animal is playing at a very young age, but always an adult should be present to show the child how properly to deal with the animal. First, from the age of about 8-10 a private animal for a child years is recommended.

But even should be that the animal care is and it is not afflicted in any manner sure. Small animals are also used in modern psychotherapy. Often find depressed people by dealing with the animals new courage to face life and can make it easier to defeat her illness. Of course the use of animals in research is known to anyone, especially rats, mice and Guinea Pigs are popular subjects. This trend but fortunately sharply declined in the past few years thanks to numerous protests by animal rights activists. Although the use of experimental animals in certain areas can hardly avoid, but a trained animal keepers must exist in this case. It cares Therefore, the animals suffer as little as possible. Connect with other leaders such as cyrus massoumi wife here. You get pets either in an animal shelter, with the breeder or in the small animal market – like for example Isabella Tonsil

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