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Tag: art and science

State School

1 June, 2016 (15:41) | General | By: admin

The man, of inconsequential form, has provoked daily the destruction of its natural habitat, what he has placed at risk its proper existence in this planet. In the decade of 60 already he said himself on the actions of the humanity against the way – surrounding, with the use of products pesticides. This portraies that […]

Adolescent Education

27 May, 2016 (02:00) | General | By: admin

The adolescence is a period of some changes that happen between the 10 and 20 years of age, marked for sped up and characteristic physical transformations of the puberty, different of the growth and development that occur in constant rhythm in infancy. These alterations are influenced by hereditary, ambient, nutricionais and psychological factors. Studies on […]

Basic Education

16 March, 2016 (12:48) | General | By: admin

Haetinger comments (2007, P. 33): To be innovative and to make the difference, either in the classroom, either in the life, we need, in the paper of educators, to develop still more our capacity to listen, to learn and to be curious to search our area not only, but also in others. The forms and […]

Learn Ambient Education

14 March, 2016 (01:02) | General | By: admin

The Ambient Education has an important paper in the formation of the human beings, mainly when it is treated in the relation of the man with the nature. Generally, it is developed by the agencies of ambient protection and comes being pautada for the exchange of knowledge in the area of the environment. But the […]


11 March, 2016 (07:33) | General | By: admin

The schools in turn could not be outside of this new world-wide constant, since one of the main connectives between the school and the world it is the information, that today, in the age of the computer, with the use of the Internet, has been each faster time. Therefore the necessity clearly becomes to insert […]

Ambient Education

6 March, 2016 (08:56) | General | By: admin

The present article is a literature revision on the Ambient Education as tool for formal education and had for objective to analyze the development of action and attitudes in the pupils from the enrollment of this subject during the education process learning. Development: Ahead of thematic ambient the boarded ones in the present time, one […]


6 November, 2012 (11:17) | General | By: admin

But we have to recognize the concrete possibility of the micron-cosmic atomic theory, therefore the space, being infinite in such a way for great how much for small dimensions, in them opens this way. That is: our Solar system is a type of macro-atom. Our planet is an macro-electron, the Sun is a macro-nucleus and […]

Mathematics Professor

5 November, 2012 (14:24) | General | By: admin

The pupils had said that tempofoi little and that the normal lessons would have to be ' ' of the same type anotodo' ' , what he takes in them to review the concept and methodology the seremaplicados ones in other segments of the mathematics, in the following years, with novosalunos. He appears then, the […]

Alvaro Romo Medina

5 November, 2012 (03:24) | General | By: admin

Each area of formation constructed a plan of work for the development of the activities throughout the year. The planning even so organized in accordance with the especificidades of each area of formation, at the first moment consisted from the general cronograma of the project, common to all the participant areas. Structurally the PED- Scenic […]


4 November, 2012 (13:31) | General | By: admin

Carriers of partial subnormal vision (low vision) visual Acuidade of 0,05 to the 0,3, in both the eyes, with the best possible optic correction. The educative process will be developed for half appearances despite it is necessary the use of resources specific. I am citing only the existence of this item, because in this article, […]