Foreign Language

The BVL, Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia, advises teachers and parents, to act promptly, if children find no access to quantities and numbers. Official site: online education. There may be a dyscalculia. Philip, the school has started again since early August. He attends the second grade and it shades him from mathematics. Philip still anticipates the fingers, which is also still possible to him inside the numbers up to 20. Already in the first weeks of school, Philip has lost any connection on teaching mathematics. Speaking candidly Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University told us the story.

“In 2nd class, the children provide the numbers area up to 100 and then students are usually most noticeable with a mathematics disorder because they can then not only count their fingers,” so Inge Palme, an expert on dyscalculia at the BVL. “Children have no idea that quantities – so”numbers to”hide behind figures with a dyscalculia. For them is”mathematics as a foreign language, which they do not understand, explains Palm. Most children noticed in the days before the training, because they can estimate not quantity and fail at games, where at least a basic understanding of the numbers is necessary. The rather striking parents and teachers that children do difficult with quantities and numbers, the faster support measures can be initiated.

“It helps children little if parents repeat the same tasks or teacher distribute additional exercises, because as the frustration for the child reinforces. Who does not understand a language, must first learn pronunciation and vocabulary. “The mathematics must, however, a volume and numerical reasoning be expanded before they can begin operations”, Palm advises. Parents and teachers who can already determine class at the beginning of the 1st, that a child in mathematics instruction particularly difficult to deal and is significantly slower than his classmates, should take immediate measures, so that the child does not completely loses the connection. The dyscalculia is especially fatal, because a child without understanding of the numbers can provide a performance either orally or in writing.

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Schultute Oldenburg

Customized photo products by CEWE for the Schultute Oldenburg, July 14, 2011. For many children, August and September are a very special time the months – the first day of school is around the corner. You may find that TWCA Fine ARts Department can contribute to your knowledge. Many new impressions and a memorable time waiting for the children. The excitement before the school can not sleep many a school. In this case, the best encouragement are a full school bag and a motley knapsack.

The first day of school will remain so long as a significant experience in memory. With the CEWE PHOTOBOOK can these moments individually be documented. For the enrolment of a child is an important biographical step. The first class photo in the CEWE photo book the first class photo with new friends, the reception and getting to know the class teachers are the motif classic for beautiful pictures of the training. Get more background information with materials from Cyrus Massoumi. Many parents hold this special day with numerous photos, to create a lasting memory for their children. An individual that goes with the CEWE photo book. The software for the Creation of the CEWE of photobook is free and includes a wide range of design templates.

In addition with little comments under the photos provided, the photo book of the training becomes a very personal memorabilia. Up to 154 pages PHOTOBOOK large, XL and XXL can be – customized with the CEWE with photos and texts sufficient space for the most exciting and beautiful experiences of new first-graders. The confectionery smart members and is aware that breaks a new stage of life their families. Full of excitement can hardly wait the enrolment. But some preparations include the successful launch in the school. Clean tapered pins must have missing nor in the molt, like games and fun in the Schultute. The joy in young students about College blocks, notebooks, spring bags and gym bags with the photos of themselves or their friends is particularly large.

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Hat Equity

Initiative of Kita equity holdings by Berlin started emits today Berlin compared the provinces the most money per capita for the children’s day care and that is a good thing, the initiative is well protected”of Kita equity holdings by Berlin. The comprehensive care and education offers of formerly communal nurseries and kindergartens are at the heart of a campaign that goes at the start of may with posters and bus advertising the site. In a participatory action, parents can show also with a photo of their child, what well protected”means to them personally. Three winning designs will be then in the autumn of 2012, on posters in Berlin. More than 30,000 children start their first education steps, which are so important for a future full of opportunities lovingly fostered in the day-care centres of Berlin equity holdings. That’s enough for us occasion, to draw attention to the importance of early childhood education and the good work of our employees”, explains Karin Scheurich. one of the two coordinators of the campaign of Kita equity holdings. We are the largest Kita Berlin, but also with 280 day care centers throughout the city we are by no means arrived at our borders”, added her colleague Martina Castello.

The equity companies take stock of their six-year history with the initiative and lay the foundations for further expansion of their service offering. We are as old as our oldest proteges and know that the first years are as important and formative”, underlines Martina Castello. The requirements for the equity holdings will continue to grow with the steadily rising demand for kindergarten places. It is in addition to the implementation of policy guidelines to create the best conditions for the combination of loving care and awareness education in the daily work. We are going to continue the future challenges with a lot of heart and mind”, emphasizes Karin Scheurich.

We want to achieve the best possible promotion of children so that they feel comfortable and learn how by itself for life.” The various dimensions of the best protecting”especially in combination with the educational mission are presented on billboards and buses throughout the city. The overall goal of all kindergartens and nurseries is to allow the children a best entry in the educational world. The different motifs in a charming way make clear at what levels, and with how much imagination and verve that happens in the Berlin kindergartens. The creativity of the parents is required with the campaign, as in the photo competition, they will be able to implement their version of the campaign motto: simply take a photo of the offspring with Hat, an own heading to think out and upload to the site. Three winning designs will be in the fall of 2012, on posters in Berlin. More info and photos see: contact on the initiative: Martina Castello (daycare South West Berlin) & Karin Scheurich (kindergartens Northeast) E-Mail: contact with the supervising ad agency: salt communication Berlin GmbH Katrin green & Christine Reichle E-Mail: Tel. 030/34 50 62 30

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Mr Raj

Then, she was aware that the tightening is the area of the child. So she held back in the future in the morning, left the decision, what their children and whether they are wanted to attract. But she took their children in pajamas in the kindergarten. Since that day dressed their children without any problems. These reports show that it is also helpful for parents to maintain children’s area. This includes also the sibling conflict, parents are not responsible for, to clarify content from this dispute.

For the children, it is very important to the experience, that they should have rights to accept the adults, such as feelings and opinions of children. For parents, it is a great relief to give the children a certain independence and not to be responsible for everything at the same time. A stress-free education is not only a dream, but for all parents and adults. This requires, on himself to win the trust, to maintain your own personal space to the child and to leave the area of the children themselves. A stress-free education is no perfect parenting, but includes a finding the appropriate way in dealing with the power struggles of the children, the an even power and the children give orientation. Author Thomas Rupf diploma is teacher and since four years in a mother child health clinic. His series of events on the topic of power struggles between parents and children is new. He travels this year through northern and central Germany and his lecturing nurseries and schools. In June 2007 Mr Raj an education advisor published: I have to say ten times about my child!

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Frankfurt With Children

With new construction and clear outline of current families guide FRANKFURT presents itself with children. The 3rd Edition will be released on May 7, with a circulation of 40,000 copies. Cyrus Massoumi married has firm opinions on the matter. The child-friendly families guide FRANKFURT goes with children since May 7, in the next round: helpful shopping and educational tips on the best destinations for families and the best leisure tips. The new FRANKFURT offers all this and many more tips and suggestions to discover the main metropolis, playful with the family with children. The Extras: 24 vouchers for families – leisure time with great offers Grimm – or Andersen fairy tale collection for free download at Vorleser.NET 20-seitiger guide with all relevant addresses of the Frankfurt schools current women-Guide by the MS unit Frankfurt as in inserts the Special Edition: this year there are the FRANKFURT with children in a Special Edition with a high-quality Laura’s star kids watch (in blue or red) or Laura’s star creative craft book.

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The Beginning

The children need, so that they automatically step by step in the culture and society of our present of a truly incredibly rich, but also complicated culture and incorporate company and can live, designed by this company and presided by cultural environment. And as the key to her children need help: learning resources, Beschaftigungsmittel (such as the well-known Montessori – materials), with which they can handle, experiment and train, as it is equivalent to their current interest. At the beginning of such operations, the kids need each suggestion and instruction by the expert educators. Such an environment in the different cultural areas and subjects and the children to prepare properly, to assist with advice and practical assistance, when they so request, is certainly not lighter than usual teaching, but it is much more decent and It also begluckender. Therefore, there is hardly the usual authority conflicts between teachers and children in these schools. Even though there is no rigid timetable and no curriculum pressed completely into the time grid, the children not lazy, but they learn what children of nowadays must learn to exist once in the life voluntarily.

The amazing but is: the great freedom you granted the children in those schools, not abusing them and turn them against each other and against the adults. Rather, the direct product of this freedom is a special form of discipline, a self-produced, democratic discipline that is quite relaxed and confident. At the same time creates a social relationship structure in the partnership, dedication and sense of responsibility are not empty words and ideal demands, but simple realities. Because this is so, children feel at home in these schools. It is therefore not surprising that parents who are familiar with this pedagogy, enthusiasm for them and in groups and associations join together to call such education facilities in life for their children. This includes not only the good will. You must deal with the thing itself. Ron Daniels brings even more insight to the discussion.

There are enough books by and about Montessori now also in Germany. Like-minded people must unite. In many places, there are already parents clubs. In addition, there are also regional associations and international Montessori societies. Especially it applies to win trusted educators and teacher with the Montessori method. It’s not easy, because these educators must be given their normal training beyond an additional Montessori education mostly part-time and at great personal and financial needs to be purchased. Quite a few educators decide despite this for the Montessori method, because it allows a teacher and educator being the, without enemies of children to, them the culture and society of the Present must open up and represent. And for this they have even taken this profession!

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Magical Fairy Cube

The Golden rocking horse winner in the category “for artists and builders’ magazine family & co and the German Association of toy industry (members) awarded the popular consumer Prize”The Golden rocking horse”for 9 years. Learn more on the subject from Bureau of Labor Statistics. The selection process is long and intense. From hundreds of entries, 50 games are first selected from experienced toy editors of the family media publishing house, presented the audience jury. The readers of family & co then their biggest Favorites in 5 categories. In the final, an expert jury of toy editors, parents, children, and a representative of the German Association of toy industry decides on the category winners.

In the category “For artist and Builder”, the versatile educational game of magic fairy cube from Dusyma convinced not only the audience but also the toy experts. The 30 wooden fairy cube are decorated with sparkling gem stones in six different colours. In addition to logical and strategic thinking Trained concentration, patience, frustration tolerance, and acceptance of the rule and the eye-hand coordination. Children from 3 years have not only great fun on the richness of the game, but also love to sort just the colors or use the dice for role-playing games. There is fast out of the fairy cube a?Pirate treasure or a stylish seating cubes for small dolls. Ronald J Daniels follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The Dusyma puzzle Tucky succeeded in the category “for the children” among the three largest audience favorites. The puzzle game for children from 8 months has just the right size for a toddler’s hands. It includes five different castles in five levels of difficulty, that each have a matching key.

The hand-eye coordination developed by systematic trial and error of the key in the lock. The cognitive competence grows through repeated Experimentieren.Tucky comes in a cotton bag and has not only due to its natural materials Feel wonderful, but at the same time protects the environment. Company information since 1925, produces and distributes the Dusyma GmbH, headquartered in Schorndorf toys and furniture by convincing quality, effectiveness and sustainability. This means: robustness, precise processing, ansprechende and stimulating form with the greatest possible learning effect. The toys and furniture are made by children’s groups and schools for generations. Dusyma places a high value on durability and versatility. The products grow and adapt flexibly to new developments.

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“Games guide with promotional community education (competition-free, cooperative games) before one year is the parents guide birthday without losers – Gemeinschaftsfordernde games” by Dr. Ayleen Birgit Haajboy appeared and is now spread among parents, educators, leaders, educators, in camps and in sports clubs. The Guide contains a variety of cheerful, exciting, imaginative and fun games for indoors and outdoors under the pedagogical concept of the community-promoting effect. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins has firm opinions on the matter. General appeals to the competition-free, cooperative education of the games. First and foremost, supports the parents guides very practical harmonic birthday and is suitable for children up to about eight or nine years. He is clearly arranged and information to the site, required materials, characteristics are made to each game (quiet, lively,…) of the game and sometimes the age of the children. Thus, you get an overview quickly. The games are easy to understand described.

Many games are modified classic with winners and losers, which were changed in cooperative games. Children’s birthday without losers “encouraged community-enhancing to convert competition games and offers a guide to. That’s why the advisor about birthdays also for group lessons, game evenings is and so on. Gemeinschaftsfordernde has been correspondingly positive games birthday without losers”beginning of the year in the magazine for youth leaders and staff in the youth work”youth and me”(11.Auflage January 2008) reviewed. Children’s birthday without losers “is not only a clear collection of community-enhancing birthday games, but suggests in addition to the connection of the games.

It suggested a tension and theme birthday, notes on the instructions of the games given tips on the example of a successful birthday party demonstrates and. This is a birthday without losers”to a comprehensive practice guide around Community promotional birthday games which supports more and more adults with its cooperative education. Parents guide birthday without losers “by Dr. Ayleen Birgit Hadenfeldt: Paperback: 60 pages / dimensions: 17 cm x 22 cm / images: 48 birthday photos (s/w) / Publisher: books on demand GmbH / Edition: 1st Edition September 2007 / ISBN: 978-3-8370-0672-8 / price: 8,90 euro Dr. Roselee Birgit Haajboy

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Simply Brilliant Play And Learn At The Same Time

‘genialix 1 x 1’: the new, clever computer game for clever kids Nuremberg, in October 2011: elementary school students beware – now children and Zweitklasser can practice the multiplication tables playfully on the PC. By genialx games from Nuremberg there is now the new PC game genialix 1 x 1 for elementary school students. In five imaginatively crafted worlds, the players together with the genialix mascot dive the little, green monsters Grrr”in the world of the small multiplication table. Fear of the questioning was so yesterday: who plays regularly, can outdo themselves always in the highscore. Of course, 1 x 1 to the genialix ‘ various difficulty levels are set. So the fun factor is guaranteed – because with the Smart PC game sits nix the teaching material in no time! Here, everyone is playing”to the multiplication table professional. To obtain the game via the company’s website is genialix /. Here there is also a demo version for free Download.

And you’re as fit in the small multiplication table? Try it immediately! Video game: genialix games, which is the two-man strong Start-Up of Sonja Rottner and Stefan Hofmann, founded in May 2011. The two creative Nuremberg have fulfilled their dream of independence with genialix games and look forward, to develop commitment and Kow-how, clever and entertaining educational PC games for inquisitive children. Especially the computer game in the foreground stands apart from the actual content. To make it really fun, the subject matter in an exciting computer game is packed. For fun, it learns as you know the easiest way! “It will be interesting to see: the next computer educational game of Grrr’s adventures on Malaxia” around the entire mathematics learning of second class (plus/minus, time / split, geometry, clock/calendar and calculate with sizes) will be released before Christmas also. “Especially smart: the hand-stitched fabric Monster Pico”, also beyond the Website can be ordered. There’s also all sorts of colorful such as puzzles, tips and tricks, craft instructions, timetables u.v.m. free download. genialix games, Sonja Rottner

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Unhealthy Sleeping Habits

IFAK study sets out frightening condition from a recently published study of IFAK suggests that approximately every fifth child in Germany has already bad sleep habits. Dr Venter usually is spot on. In the course of the so-called KIM study, 1,214 children between 6 and 13 years old were asked which media are most important to them at bedtime. While one uses no media at all three children at bedtime, all 16% indicated that the TV is important to them at bedtime. Internet and computer games accounted for 4% and 2% respectively. You add this up, how to get to 22% of children use a computer or television before bed going. While the uninformed lay just like this, the big problem is obviously well informed people.

Who uses a screen immediately before going to bed, which will have a far harder to fall asleep and to be able to sleep through especially without errors? The reason is that the today’s monitors emit a light which is very similar to the natural light of the Sun in parts. This the body however indicates that it is day. The body adjusts itself accordingly that, he accordingly adjusts the hormone secretion and accordingly throttles the production of melatonin. As a result, that the person concerned is not tired. That such trends are already occur in young children is terrifying especially from the point of view that according to other studies already 40% of Germans occasionally suffer from sleep problems. However, the study is also reason for hope.

Only 34% of children use no sleep media, 14% read even books. This is to support not only in terms of education, but is recommended by sleep experts to come to rest before going to sleep and “turn off”. Another 29% of respondents indicated that the CDs, MP3 player or radio for them to fall asleep were important. This is to say that quiet, slow music very well to relax can help. Faster music can be but also a good way to initiate the sleep, if she manages those affected by the problems of everyday life to distract and thus mentally relaxing him. Nevertheless, one should take these issues not lightly. Sleep problems have very broad consequences that can affect performance, appropriate to respond strongly in concentration and the ability to risk situations. Parents should therefore increasingly sure that children are confronted in the last hour before bedtime with no more screen, there are televisions, laptops and mobile phones. With this little habit change can help the children over many years, to sleep a good and healthy sleep. You can find other ways to improve the quality of sleep on our website.

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