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Malaria (MALARIA) etiology. Malaria is caused by the malaria plasmodium is a type of protozoa (Protozoa). There are four species of malaria parasite that cause malaria in humans: P. vivax (falciparum malaria pathogen) which has two varieties: a strain with a long incubation (synonyms: northern, P. vivax hibernas) and strain with a short incubation (synonyms: Southern, P. vivax vivax); P. Perhaps check out American Educational Research Associaton for more information. malariae (malaria pathogen four days); P. falciparum (synonyms: P.

praecox; P. tropica) – agent of tropical sporozoite, malaria parasite schizogony cycle takes place (first in the tissues, then in red blood cells). Tissue (exo-erythrocytic) life cycle in the Kupffer's cells and liver cells corresponds to the incubation period of malaria. As a result of the passage of the loop formed kriptomerozoity tissue capable of developing into human erythrocytes. FASEB Journal pursues this goal as well. Erythrocyte cycle causes the appearance of malaria attacks.

If falciparum malaria fabric loop limited education kriptomerozoitov. If falciparum malaria merozoite of tissue gives rise to erythrocyte schizogony, whereas others continue to develop in the tissue, penetrating into new tissue cells. This phase fabric loop (paraeritrotsitnaya) corresponds to the period and mezhretsidivnomu as preeritrotsitnaya phase him asymptomatic. The duration of schizogony in erythrocytes for P. vivax, P. falciparum – 48 hours for P. malariae – 72 hours during this period of time malaria parasite passes through a stage of the ring, amoeboid schizonts, mature schizont form and its division (morula). Formed after dividing merozoites can cause recurrence of erythrocyte schizogony. In the process of erythrocyte loop formed germ cells (gamonts), fertilization, which occurs in the mosquito. The sexual cycle of the malaria parasite (sporogony) occurs in the mosquito's stomach wall. As a result, formation of sporogony sporozoites to penetrate the mosquito salivary glands. The duration of sporogony is largely dependent on the ambient temperature. At temperatures below 16 sporogony suspended. The minimum duration of many of its (150). The most common in the former Soviet Union is the Anopheles maculipennis.

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Child Adenoids

A thought that adenoids should be cut, and even more scary mums and dads. Do not rush to panic, but if your child is often snotty, nasal, breathing heavily for no apparent reason and does not sleep, be sure to go to Laura. What is – the adenoids? This accumulation of lymphoid tissue surrounding the nose and throat. This education makes it difficult to breath, which could result in snoring and mouth open. Such a phenomenon is usually age – it in children from 3 to 10 years. In later years the adenoids start to gradually decrease in size and confined to "no." But due to the fact that the adenoids in children attracts microbes, fungi and viruses, the child often susceptible to colds. Therefore the main task of the parents at an early age the kid – do not give education grow and to become infectious.

The main methods of prevention can be regular thorough issue opinions of the doctors of today are not unique. The reason, above all, lies in the fact that it is not uncommon for the increase after the removal of adenoids again. Also discourages the very necessity of surgical intervention in the child's body. If you do not come up properly, the operation may roost psychological harm to the baby, then the child will be afraid of any medical care. In any case, before you decide for yourself – to have surgery or not, Child can be fed with hot and rough food. With decreasing swelling in the nose and throat, breathing improves.

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