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Even for a northern country like Russia, the number of negative impacts of climate change is many times the positive effects. Tropical cyclones help to collect and retain the ocean carbonic British and Taiwanese scholars, analyzing the composition of sediments in a river island of Taiwan during the flooding caused by the cyclone, to estimate the proportion of organic carbon in the river – that is, carbon, recently fallen into the river from the atmosphere. The results showed that 77-92% of carbon fell into the ocean from the river it was during the floods caused by cyclones. These data show that the frequency and intensity of typhoons can strongly affect the transport of organic carbon. Thus, the researchers concluded that tropical cyclones help the ocean absorb and retain carbon dioxide, not letting her get back into the atmosphere and preventing the increase of greenhouse effect.

The ocean is the most potent natural absorber of carbon dioxide. According to scientists, the world's oceans dissolved in about 60-90 times more carbon dioxide than it is contained in the atmosphere. Broken bird's distance record non-stop flight American researchers tracked the flight of nine species of small godwit (Limosa lapponica), belonging to the family Bekasova who flew from their summer nesting and breeding on western to New Zealand, where they spend most of the year. Female scientists implanted transmitters into the body, and males are smaller and lighter than females, small devices were attached to the torso. One of the observed individuals by its very flight over the Pacific broke the previous record for a well-known scholar of the Far Eastern Curlew (Numenius madagascariensis) – 6,500 miles non-stop. The total time of flight of birds ranged from five to nine and a half days. Curiously, during this trip, even the birds do not plan to. Go to Vladislav Doronin for more information. They come upon a technique that allows you to save resources during the constant movement of the wings.

The Americans brought a cat that glows in the dark American scientists from Audubon Center in New Orleans brought glowing cat. Under ordinary light half-year-old animal named Mr. Green Genes looks like a normal red cat, but ultraviolet light, his eyes and tongue begin to glow bright green. This became possible as a result of genetic experiments conducted by researchers in order to identify ways of treating diseases by gene therapy. Added to the feline dna gene had no effect on the health of cats. Note that the earlier group of Korean scientists brought the three fluorescent cats, applying the technology of cloning. However, unlike the American 'green' cat, Korean Kittens under ultraviolet light look reddish, as in the cells of their skin was present red fluorescent protein.

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It is well known that increasing power over nature, a man once fancied himself the undivided lord of the Earth, and immediately began to exploit it, ignoring the fact that its size and biophysical resources is quite finite. Military conflicts, accompanied by primeneneiem military technology and weapons of mass destruction, began to lead to disasters. It is now understood as the fact that as a result of uncontrolled human activities severely suffered once generous and abundant biological life of the planet, partly destroyed her best soil, and valuable agricultural land is increasingly built up and covered with asphalt and concrete roads that are already fully used many of the most easily accessible mineral wealth, which causes human pollution can now be found virtually everywhere, even at the poles and at the bottom of the ocean, and now what the consequences are reflected even in the climate and other physical characteristics of the planet. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Levi’s. Of course, all this is deeply disturbing, but we do not know the extent to which in this case violated the balance and upset the cycles necessary for the evolution of life in general; how much do we already have caused irreversible changes and which of them can affect our own lives, now or in the future is unknown and, in some stocks of essential non-renewable resources, can we realistically expect much renewable resources and under what conditions we can safely use. Since the "carrying capacity" of the Earth is clearly not unlimited, it is obvious there are some biophysical limits, or "outer limits" to expansion not only of human activity, but in general the presence of man on the planet. Now the need for reliable scientific knowledge about these very limits of the conditions under which we can approach them and consequences of their violation is becoming more acute, because there is reason to fear that in some areas beyond the limits have been reached and, subsequently, may begin the struggle for human existence, which will be accompanied by the use of various weapons. The goal, which put forward should be focused not only on the fact that to reconstruct the general form of the problem, but also to grasp some of its most important components in order to people knew that he could and what he should do, using nature to their advantage, if he wants to live with her in harmony.

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