Economic Stimulus Package

Especially the fact that the Federal Employment Agency (BA for procurement of short money) takes over half of the contributions to the social security system is new in this context improvements in short-time money-related. Who also takes part in the time of short-time working in training, whose contributions are applied even to entirely. The German Government has decided within the second economic stimulus package in connection with the payment of unemployment money basic improvements. Especially the fact that the Federal Employment Agency (BA for procurement of short money) takes over half of the contributions to the social security system is new in this context. Who also takes part in the time of short-time working in training, whose contributions are applied even to entirely. Cyrus massoumi wife may also support this cause. Also new is that now no longer at least a third of the employees or by the Elimination of pay must be affected.

Only 10 percent must be proven yet. The regulation, that prior to the application on short-time money until the working time accounts of the persons concerned in the negative must be brought, is eliminated. And also changes the operating time, taken on the basis of employment assurance agreements does not negatively affect the unemployment money. An additional change in this area envisages that the provisions apply to the short money now available for temporary workers. The changes adopted in the Federal Government’s second stimulus package, have a positive impact on the whole economy and the unemployment rate. The access conditions for the purchase of short-time money have been greatly simplified and the persons benefiting from the measures, was also extended to include temporary workers. Jafeth Mariani

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Partnership Employees

Voss + partner, Hamburg, offered by Ken Blanchard, the inventor of the ‘situational leadership’ (SLII ), licensed seminar. In seminar licensed by Ken Blanchard, Fuhrungs(nachwuchs-)krafte, will learn to with difficult management situations. What kind of support does my staff taking the new task? How do I handle employees, showing not the desired output? What should I do if there’s a fire in my area”? Such questions often arise managers in day-to-day management. And always they are then challenged to adapt their leadership to the respective opposite and the current situation. This is a difficult task, among other things, because this requires a flexibility of behavior as well as a high sensitivity to people and situations.

How to always show proper leadership behavior in everyday work and at the same time be true to themselves, situational lead experience (prospective) managers in the seminar: Partnership through situational leadership”, which is offered by the Hamburg-based training company Voss + partner. That of Dr. Ken Blanchard, the inventor”of the situational leadership (SLII ), licensed seminar, the participants including learn to assess the performance of their employees. Also they deal intensively with the question, which leadership style is measured any leadership situation. You have also to show a leadership at the same time ensuring that their employees develop and their area fulfils its function in the organization. A further focus of the training is the initiating and implementing changes in the company. The three-day training is structured as follows: first the necessary expertise and the necessary skills to situational do of their employees are taught two days the participants. Then they return with specific assignments in their operation.

There they should transfer what you learned in the practice. About three months after the two-day basic training held a so-called practical transfer day. There, executives reflect the experience in the meantime. Also conducting employee interviews practiced on the basis of cases again the practice of the participants, so that the executives win more security at the application of learned in everyday work. The next open situational lead “seminar will be held from 30 November to 1 December 2009 (practical transfer day: 8.03.2010).” More info at and seminar dates. The seminar will be carried out also in-house. For more information contact interested companies at the Voss + Partner GmbH, Hamburg (Tel.: 040/7900 767-0;) E-Mail:).

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Federal Ministry

What is important and what must you pay attention who deals with business start-ups, should inform himself in any case well previously, whether it makes sense for example in the respective industries to become self-employed. Many entrepreneurs had to give up because the orders were due to lack of demand. Even if you are qualified in a particular profession, that doesn’t automatically mean the start of a successful business. First, it should be clarified whether there is demand in the market. Mostly, it has worked in this profession before you came on the idea of establishing existence.

So it has already a small overview and can determine what’s coming all on one or where the services or products are needed. If the question is first settled after the buyers, you can venture in slowly a little further. Any business requires a viable business concept, which is designed for sustainability. Because the State supports entrepreneurs, they can take out a loan at the KfW with low interest rates, so that the financial resources are secure. The Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (bmwi) provide the entrepreneur with lots of important information, to support.

Who wants out of unemployment out, can receive State aid in the form of as entrepreneur of a Foundation grant. The knowledge and skills required for the independent work must be presented. These are then appraised by a Weingut authority and confirmed positive assessment, the sustainability of start-ups. In the first nine months, the entrepreneur get a grant amount of the last unemployment benefit and 300 euro more in addition to social security. From the 10th month, then only the 300 euro, for social security, be paid for 6 months.

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Effective Education

Better quality of life through education Dresden, 27.10.2010 – training and qualifications are currently crucial keywords for recruiters. Surveys, just private involvement in part-time continuing education as a positive is considered or provided. Just language skills and qualified accounts are such additional qualifications that you can differentiate themselves from other candidates. With fresh know-how, it is more valuable to the company. So to protect themselves better from job loss. And involuntary job loss, one finds a new job faster.

Financially, it is advantageous, because many companies reward a training with a salary increase. For further education, there are generous State and EU funds. In addition to the visit by training schools demand rising sharply to distance learning. The decisive advantage of distance learning is that you completed his education part-time. Thus it is neither work nor his regular income. It is time independent and completely independent. Many education providers require no extra costs if the participants may need a course extension.

Additional costs can be refinanced proportionally via State subsidies. The distance can be started at any time, because there are no rigid start dates for distance learning programs. To school and back accounts for rides. It’s also a great time saver and saved fuel costs. Highly qualified supervisor of studies guarantee optimum cooperation. They support remote students always professionally, no matter where they happen to be. Remote schools, correspondence courses are very efficient training programs for anyone who wants to achieve something. There is no loss of earnings, no career and no problems with a professional change of place of work. Rapidly accumulating the number of evening students, because without certain financial statements sometime step on the spot. Private educational institutions invest, due to the ever-growing demand, strong in the market. How to recognise reputable training provider? The distance learning or the learning must be state-certified and approved. Also the accounts should be recognized in industry, business and public. To check is whether the correspondence school or University is certified according to quality standard. For distance learning, it is important that the teachers and the coach are reliable and easy to reach. If a State-approved correspondence course is occupied, you and others has guaranteed: 14 days right of withdrawal from the contract without cost and risk. A 3-month right of termination at any time after the end of the first half after conclusion of the contract and consistent tuition fees for the entire duration of the course. More information about training and financial support: operates weiterbildung.html and the educational portal marketed the info portal for educational stays abroad. are many knowledgeable and in compact form, with useful information and helpful tips. The visitors will be helped to make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. At the same time, the available current support programmes are listed to all foreign programs.

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Later Professional Life

The school is a possibility space, which aims to strengthen the good side of his students school as a possibility space that opens up a world, one so maybe didn’t know before. He is for a later career on the way with a well-stocked toolbox. He is curious and open to new. School = fraction in the life cycle. The school is a part of the site turn. The recurring issue applies to all school, whether education-friendly framework conditions worked for them. Have been meet, for example, schools and education authorities, administrative bodies and other bureaucratic of responsibilities? Was competent and qualified teaching staff with regard to each of its members? Competence is a broad field, not only in education, but in life and in the economy generally.

The human expertise is at least as important as the expertise especially in the space of possibilities for school. A space of possibility, as it is understood here, is therefore the case for learning. Also the possibility spaces include but also facilities, playgrounds and much more. How many years ago that already the schoolyard of the high country school: this room offered not only rebreathers in a long day of school. Above all, he was the room that offered opportunities for contacts across class boundaries. Only at first glance, such a space was a disorganized mess. In reality, however, he formed a strictly structured order, even rank order. Only nobody think you had may place where you just wanted to.

Non-system processes like quality in progress group were here. First of all, each class had to frequent that their fixed territory. Without that someone exercised the function of Platzanweisers there were unwritten rules. Were to comply with and against which nobody rebelled. Why also? Then there was a fixed hierarchy. Not that Primaner were the best places, the equipment here anyway all the same, had claims. However, but always the same place. To you sometimes longingly looked over from the lower classes and dreamed of to stand even there once. In addition were Primaner rarely in open groups, but usually in a closed circle of mysterious-looking for outsiders. Like in a completely closed wagon, to be compared to low rank groups to insulate. In the following Becker, Jorg publication: It is a school in the Hanau country high school is it since ages, 2010, ISBN 9783839199176 for 50 years an arc from school to the later professional times eagerly, a bridge over the you have to go. Jorg Becker (

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Better Photography School

Basic course digital photography in April especially cheap In April 2011 is the basic course offered online photo school Berlin photography for 99 instead of regular 125 euro. Beautiful days must nevertheless not be spent before the machine: the duration of the course will be extended during the promotion period to 30 days. Online photo school in Berlin (OFSB) is a 2007 school for photography on the Internet. Thomas Michalak, artist and since 1997 lecturer for photography at the Berlin Photo Center at the water gate, it has designed courses for people who can perceive no regular appointment and want to learn at their own pace. Although E-learning, these courses are not pure reading courses. In the virtual classroom, participants and tutors are interconnected. They discuss pictures, share questions, experiences and adventures in forums.

The sequence of reading, photography, experiment with your own camera, answer questions, meet important photographers, photographic tasks and exercises as well as image meetings is varied and interesting course. The Results of the tasks and exercises are corrected by an experienced trainer of photo and evaluated. The rates of online photo school Berlin consist of 10 sections, whose handling requires the three to eight hours. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Levi’s. Who wants to go deeper will find additional information, materials and links in each section. All participants meet in a virtual classroom, discuss in forums and discuss the images that store them in a gallery on the school server.

The courses can be started at any time and are completed at an average pace after about 120 days. An interruption during holiday or similar is possible at any time. The successful completion of the course will be certified with a certificate.

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And he must be also ready to take position on the risk that his client reacted angrily. These special requirements according to designed the business coach and consultant training. It consists of nine modules of 2.5 days. First intensive participants address the issues in them: what entrepreneurs-be and what characteristics distinguished entrepreneurs? Furthermore: What factors influence their work and life situation? “In a further module the participants deal with determining which requirements results in the personality and behavior of the external consultant, before them in the following modules intensively with the topic areas knowledge of human nature”, people and Concerned “organizations as well as sell their ideas and their own company”. Another component is explicitly about the questions: How can I build rapidly a relationship as a consultant with entrepreneurs, which mostly are creators and quick decision-makers,? “And: How do me at the power games, which are common in contact with alpha animals currently in the start-up phase of the relationship, the desired standing” to work out? In accordance with its objectives does not apply the business coach and consultant training deliberately at people who are at the beginning of their professional circuit diagram. “Their core target audience Advisory professionals that ideally some years working independently and therefore already have a feel for it, are what entrepreneurs-be” means; Also consultant for example from the IT – or the financial sector, which also already have experience with companies as clients except a high professional competence and now their competence would extend, their owners and top decision makers not only professionally, but to advise holistically”. The training costs 7200 (+ VAT). For more information refer to those interested in ErfolgsCampus, Stuttgart (Tel: 0711 / 222 54 478; eMail:;) Internet:).

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Mathematics Tutoring

Infratest evaluated the abacus tutoring Institute with the total score regardless of industry and activity field is used that company adorn themselves with numbers, which can hardly be traced longer looking at it from advertising. This is true in many markets and also in the formation of it. Austin Film Society has plenty of information regarding this issue. Many remedial schools and Internet platforms claim itself the first place. But only the least this company can be your success by an independent Institute. In this area could be the ABACUS Nachhilfe Institute as a pioneer, because this company has the success of services than can be measured first by an independent authority. The test was carried out by the recognised Social Research Institute INFRATEST and resulted in a more than impressive result. Because over 90% of the ABACUS tutoring students, had reached their objective during a broad-based investigation. Will continue to apply to note that such studies are arranged at short notice, but the success only over several years measured and thus realistic expressed will.

A success rate of this outcome is difficult to find, even for the institution itself is not just these numbers, is still to beat. Because there is no one hundred percent guarantee for learning success. The individual tuition, which is offered by the Institute, is also an aspect to bemerkender. Is it placed particular emphasis on the individual care of the student. First of all, a profile is created on the basis of the best tutor is selected. This procedure ensures that all options into account have been drawn to tutoring, the needs of the individual student to fit the focus of mathematics. This will benefit not only the learning success, but also the motivation of the student. Who gladly would like to inform about the entire range of services of the abacus tutoring Institute, find more information on the Internet page.

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Joanneum Research Centre

9300 Austrian Carpenter are in Austria for real local supply, performance as also training. Overall, around 40,000 employees around 9,300 Austrian joinery and thus generate annual revenues of around 3.2 billion euros. 2,300 enterprises offer apprenticeship places in the industry. Annually, approximately 4,400 young people (including about 380 girls) are trained in a carpentry operation (stand: 31.12.2009). Carpenter SMEs represent the carpenters a large and important group as Apprentice Committee leaders. With around 9300 Joiners in all Austria is the profession for true local supply, with regard to the services, as well as with regard to the training. The Carpenter means valuable jobs that are protected also in times of crisis for the region. The Carpenter is like with a variety of farms.

You provide a great value for the society as a whole and beneficiaries are often different. So are the carpenters local supplier and one of the largest trainers in Austria. If we don’t make the best young talent in our own ranks, it is soon bad to our craft. A large number of commercial and industrial enterprises, but also local authorities benefit from the training services of the carpenters, because constantly search for well trained carpenters for production, sales and maintenance. That pleased on the one hand, but on the other hand the training with high costs associated, which is resting on the shoulders of the Carpenter”, Federal Guild master Kommerzialrat ing. Josef of wider summarizes the situation.

The fascination of Carpenter profession teaching developed has many reasons. In addition to the varied activities, attractive income and the shining future prospects, it is above all the experience to accompany projects from concept to completion. “Parallel to the three-year apprenticeship carpentry” created by the four-year training as a joinery technician. Planning and production will be a distinction between the priorities. The activity in the high-quality segment causes a combination of craft skills and literacy is in demand at the Carpenter. The teaching of the Carpenter is already long not only 14 year olds, but speaks as graduates of a school or a secondary higher school. It works in the upscale segment and therefore needed a great general knowledge to stand on a stage with the customers. Rethink is the year 2011 is the international year of forests, with the aim to create awareness towards sustainability. And exactly that is the Carpenter. He approaches in its activity holistically on how to set up and therefore appeals to all the senses. And that the Carpenter with the wood material is correctly positioned, also the current study by the Institute of non-invasive diagnosis at Joanneum Research Centre. Here, wood confirmed the calming effect on people. Even a positive effect on the success of learning could be determined in schools because of the quiet heartbeat. Has specially for children’s and youth rooms Here occurred a change of thinking. The bespoke joinery has again brought to the fore. A change to real sustainability is underway. Federal Guild master Kommerzialrat ing.

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Research Time

How you leverage your time by skillful organization and workflow management. Here a new email message, because an SMS beep, there a telephone ringing, a mouse click and already is on the Internet and jumps between the document to be processed and four Web pages back and forth – no time. See Levi’s for more details and insights. After two hours of neck pains and decreases with each new distraction thinking performance piece by piece. Time management is needed here. At the end of the day, the uneasy feeling having done nothing once again due to multitasking comes over one. No wonder that the shutdown is difficult. Psychological studies show that we are only about 60 percent of the time really productive. Often spent much of his time with license activities, multitasking, distractions, irrelevant because one lacks the strength and courage, the really important things to tackle. Other leaders such as Levi Strauss & Co. offer similar insights.

“, explains the motivational speaker and time management expert Martin Krengel. But not our inner pig dog, but our sleep is to blame for this: our brain consumes grueling tasks up to 50 percent of the body’s energy. Because conceptual tasks and multitasking cost just as much power, we think we would have to do the little things quickly but to knock are really focused to work. “, explains 5 star Krengel speakers. But how do we do it? Stress management would be a good idea, brings nothing but, if the cause is not overcome. Classic time management tools often prove too rigid. Only if we understand why we so like to even boycott us, we can really more productive are.

“, said speaker Martin Krengel, who has written already six books with only 32 years old.” Research shows that multitasking is an illusion and we can monitor only about three or four things at the same time. So is the time not the scarce resource, but our attention “, as an expert in time management. That’s why it is important to have only the things on the desk, in the Inbox on the desktop which is currently edited by skillful organization and workflow management be. Otherwise the complexity overwhelmed our stone age processor. “, warns the Keynote Speaker Martin Krengel the speakers agency five star speakers with a wink.” Person: Martin Krengel writes, teaches and researches how we enhance our scarce resources (time, energy, attention) in an increasingly complex world. His books sold over 30,000 copies. Engaged and lively speakers and time management expert joined two different courses with distinction”from and has posted just his doctoral thesis to the complexity management. As author, speaker, doctoral student and entrepreneur, he learned to integrate different roles in his day, and to create yet temporal space. Guest Speaker Martin Krengel plans just his second world tour.

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