Guarani Culture

Of the design of bilingual education, of the text elaboration and the execution of the project they were in charge – in his first stage outstanding group of guaranilogos, with long years of fight and deeply jeopardizes with the Language and the Guarani Culture. Nevertheless, when being generated some political changes in the structure of the MEC, towards 1999, also got up to the Program of Bilingual Education others technicians, that protected in the power of the MEC, radically changed the direction of the project in the relevant thing to the Guarani Language. It was so, of that time a Byzantine and ill-disposed discussion begins, for example, about which Guarani to teach: academic or Paraguayan. Supposedly the Academic Guarani extraordinarily difficult era compared with extraordinary simplicity and facility of the Paraguayan Guarani or jehe a (badly called jopara). The notable of the case, was that the discussion only aimed at the Guarani.

Nobody in the MEC, by no means, hit upon to ask which Castilian to teach: academic or Paraguayan. This attitude of the technicians of the MEC generated a great displeasure between educational, that was not consulted on the individual. Nevertheless, of contramano, the MEC initiated the implementation of the Guarani jehe a (badly called jopara) through bilingual education, weakening therefore the philosophical, cultural and linguistic values of the Guarani. They spent five years, and today the MEC – without previous warning and of authoritarian form by means of a titled publication the Bilingual Education in the Paraguayan Educative Reformation presents/displays (in fact, it imposes to us) one to us propose curricular for bilingual education updated, in spite of clarifying (gua u) that to as much present/display in this document the synthesis of some lingusticas questions in its orthographic norm as in its discursivo aspect does not imply of any way that the future discussions of technical character on these expositions already are closed.

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