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Tag: environment

School Developments

27 May, 2016 (14:18) | General | By: admin

Relating the problematic one with economic aspects, social politicians and. Group. Graph 7? Knowledge of the laws on Ambient Education When analyzing the data presented in graph 7, is evident that, although the existence of Federal, State and Municipal Laws that tutor the thematic one in question, 67% of the investigated professors says to be […]

Public Relations Development

29 September, 2012 (12:46) | General | By: admin

In the last times we follow the behavior of the human beings and the impacts that are being caused in the Environment and the society. The exacerbado development of the population ally the globalization is causing catastrophes that threaten to each day that passes the life in this Planet. Observing this picture we perceive that […]

Sustainable Education

7 September, 2012 (12:17) | General | By: admin

The Ambient Education is seen today as a perspective of active change of the reality and the conditions of life, for intermediary of the happened awareness of the reflective social process in diverse formal educative spaces and not-deeds of division. Under this vision the main objective of this article is to reflect on the importance […]

Pedagogical University

17 July, 2012 (16:47) | General | By: admin

However, its application on this work consisted, in the assistance of lessons in two groups, in the Intermediate school Ours Mrs. of Ftima in order to survey the degree of exploration and transmission of ambient contents in headquarters of manipulation of transversal subjects during the lessons of Biology. 1.6.3.Tcnica of Interview According to Universal Dictionary […]

Educational Strategies

7 July, 2012 (15:22) | General | By: admin

Introduction the Ambient Education (EA) appeared as a strategy for the confrontation of two basic challenges, according to Tristo (2005, p.253-254): the disturbance of the ecological balances and the question of the education. Such questions are decurrent of a model of socioeconmico development that if characterizes for the reduction of the reality its economic material […]