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To understand the Real meant of the Ambient Education, it is necessary to invest in studies and research. Inside of the daily pertaining to school, one perceives that the education of Sciences, general form, needs to suffer transformations. When coming back our looks toward an object more specific as the Ambient Education, this necessary understanding to be extended, to be gone deep and better argued the interior of the school, inside of the rooms of lesson, in the formation of our pupils and our professors. If you have read about two sigma already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The school, beyond other medias is responsible for the education of the individual and consequentemente of the society, a time that already the view of information, this generates a dynamic and including system to all. The ambient education if constitutes in an including form of education, therefore it must infuse in educating a problematic critical conscience on the ambient one. Currently it is common the contamination of the water courses, atmospheric pollution, devastao of forests and bushes, the indiscriminate hunting and the extermnio of specimens of the fauna and the flora, inside of this context, are clear the necessity to change the behavior of the man in relation to the nature, in the direction to promote under a model of economic and conservacionistas practical sustainable development the compatibilizao of.

One program of Ambient Education to be effective must promote simultaneously, the development of knowledge, of attitudes and necessary abilities to the preservation and improvement of the ambient quality. It is used as laboratory, the urban, agricultural metabolism and its natural resources and physical, initiating for the school, becoming enlarged itself for the circunvizinhana and successively for the city, region, etc. the learning will be more effective will have been adapted to the situations of the real life or the way where pupil and professor live, everything this imbudo of the motto: to think globally, to act local.

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School Developments

Relating the problematic one with economic aspects, social politicians and. Group. Graph 7? Knowledge of the laws on Ambient Education When analyzing the data presented in graph 7, is evident that, although the existence of Federal, State and Municipal Laws that tutor the thematic one in question, 67% of the investigated professors says to be unaware of Ambient legislation. Practical ours as teacher of pedagogical support, it allows in to affirm them that this unfamiliarity, not only ambient, but in the too much areas that compose the pertaining to school resume, he is one of the great existing problems in the education, mainly in the public schools. David G. DeWalt often addresses the matter in his writings. We present now, the data gotten in the questionnaires applied to the learning: Graph 8? Agreement of the learning concerning what Ambient Education Analyzing graph 8, perceives that the learning not yet has clarity in the conceptualization of Ambient Education. This result evidences what it is come close discoursing throughout this article: the necessity of if working a formation adjusted in relation to the Ambient Education so that the professional if also becomes an ambient educator.

Graph 9? The Ambient Education in the school study object As he is described in the graph above, 68% of the pupils demonstrate that the school does not develop Ambient Education in the pertaining to school resume. By means of answers of the searched professors not if could wait another result of the pupils. Graph 10? knowledge of the alunado one concerning the Laws of the Ambient Education Through graph 10, we can perceive that the questioned pupils are unaware of the legislation, although 10% to affirm that yes. Exactly the ones that say to know the legislation, are perceived that they had not constructed this knowledge in the classroom and yes, in participation of events or ambient projects are of the pertaining to school scope. Graph 11? Participation of the learning in events related to the environment. . For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Linklater.

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Public Relations Development

In the last times we follow the behavior of the human beings and the impacts that are being caused in the Environment and the society. The exacerbado development of the population ally the globalization is causing catastrophes that threaten to each day that passes the life in this Planet. Observing this picture we perceive that to revert or simplesmentente to attenuate this problematic one it is necessary and it demands urgency. With this, the main changes are seen inside of the companies and in the communities in which they are inserted, since, if fomented between its public it becomes more easy the implantation of social and ambient action for damages (R.S.A). In this context, the force of the Social Communication enters as facilitador factor for the promotion of action of socioambiental matrix and awareness. To create possibilities for the participation of all and to stimulate the application of habits that more assist in the learning and the addition of information for the formation of individuals responsible they can and they must be played by these professionals, who qualified for this, contribute in the reversion of this process. When approaching the languages, the communication between the public brings benefits to the institutions and communities, beyond contributing with the personal development and the ambient preservation. Soon, she is notable who performance of the professional of Public Relations if becomes basic in this aspect, therefore as a development agent and diffusion of information brings resulted significant allies to the R.S.A. knowledge. Valley to remember also, that its importance is given in such a way in what says respect to the socioambientais abilities, as in other diverse segments in which is necessary its attributions.

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Sustainable Education

The Ambient Education is seen today as a perspective of active change of the reality and the conditions of life, for intermediary of the happened awareness of the reflective social process in diverse formal educative spaces and not-deeds of division. Under this vision the main objective of this article is to reflect on the importance of the Ambient Education it sustainable development and to argue concerning the current society assuring the importance of the planetary complexity and the questions that evolvem its practical applicability as half to guarantee the support searching a style of sustainable life and the construction of a holistic paradigm that guideline the man the nature and the world, as necessary party in the attempt of an Education for the sustainable development. Sustainable development. Society contemporary. etails and insights.

This practical study considers reflection on the social ones in the context characterized for the destruction of the environment leaving of the diagnosis that the industrial capitalist society is based on the profit and the consumption and comes being during much consumista and progressive time. The purpose of the work with this subject is to supply subsidies necessary to create new attitudes and behaviors face to the consumption in our society and to instigate necessary changes the awareness route the production based on the sustainable development. The human beings inhabit today in an environment created, where the industry contemporary, together with science and the technology, modified and still it modifies the nature with insonhveis attitudes in risk space that, in the extreme limit, at risk deposits the survival of the species human being. In accordance with Morim, the ecological risks are the result of the expansion of science and the technology. Ahead of the necessity of change of social behavior for the effectiveness of the concept of sustainable development, ‘ is necessary; ‘ to educate for the understanding humana’ ‘ (Morin, 2002, p.93).

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Pedagogical University

However, its application on this work consisted, in the assistance of lessons in two groups, in the Intermediate school Ours Mrs. of Ftima in order to survey the degree of exploration and transmission of ambient contents in headquarters of manipulation of transversal subjects during the lessons of Biology. 1.6.3.Tcnica of Interview According to Universal Dictionary of Portuguese Language (1999), Interview, ' ' it is conference enters two people in place and hour anticipatedly agreed, or are a colloquy efectuada between two or more interlocutors, in order to get one definitive informao' '. This method, was used to interview professors and pupils, in order to get information related with the degree of depth of interaco and agreement on subjects related with the conservation of the environment. 1.7.Delimitao of the Subject This work is fit in the line of research and scientific inquiry. It focuses its study on ' ' Not capitalizaton of the lessons of biology for the practical one of the Ambient Educao in the Intermediate school of the Estoril in the Beira' ' , as sustentation in the elaboration of the report for the conclusion of the acadmico degree of baccalaureate in Ensino de Biologia for the Pedagogical University. theoretical 1.8.Fundamentao As DAYS (2003) the evolution of the concepts of Ambient Education directly was related to the evolution of the environment concept and to the way as this perceived age. As the concept of environment was reduced exclusively its natural aspects, it did not allow to appreciate the interdependences nor the contribution of social sciences and others to the understanding and improvement of the human environment. With passing of the time, but necessarily in the Conference of Tbilisi, the Georgia, in 1977, the Ambient Education was defined as a dimension given to the content and the practical one of the education, guided for the resolution of the concrete problems of the environment, through an approach to interdisciplinar and of an active and responsible participation of each individual and of the colectividade (UNESCO, 1980).

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Educational Strategies

Introduction the Ambient Education (EA) appeared as a strategy for the confrontation of two basic challenges, according to Tristo (2005, p.253-254): the disturbance of the ecological balances and the question of the education. Such questions are decurrent of a model of socioeconmico development that if characterizes for the reduction of the reality its economic material level, for the division of the knowledge in discipline that they break up the reality, for the reduction of the human being to a rational citizen, for the division of the cultures. The field of the education and the ambient one meet marked by this cientificista ideology that if imposes globally, on behalf of a rationality of modern science strong. Ahead of this context of societies constructed under the optics of the reducionismo, the necessity of the education of the sensible one, in the direction to work all the sensible dimension of the human being, strong becomes present and urgent for the action/reflection in the ambient field in the direction to look for to develop a more complex and integrated individual to all, as well as conscientious of its performance in society. It is in this context that the present article was thought.

The same it intended to carry through one brief analysis regarding the potential of the art for the context of the EA, this divided the text in four parts: the first search to point out what it comes to be art and its paper in our lives; second it excites the neighborhoods and potentials of aesthetic sensitivity with the EA; third it brings a more intent look for the theater and its potentiality of work with the EA and the last part brings some final consideraes for quarrel. 1. What it is Art? ' ' The art is made to disturb, science tranqiliza' ' (Georges Braque) To appraise art is task says, at least, challenger, has seen to the imensido of treated aesthetic that if had dedicated to such task and still yes we do not have a consensus on the subject.

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