Basically Happy

And so – a decision he has taken – were taken hastily, on the basis of emotions that he experienced the great love of his parents, and sometimes – out of desperation. And this kid – he still lives in you. Because it – it’s you. You are a child. A child who has decided that in order to be loved and needed – to conform to what they say about him and say around +. You have been told as a child: it is not for you ..

You do not deserve (a) + you are not worthy (yna) + poor (aq) + holili you and cherish you sick, then how long you were healthy – you got it too little love and attention? Your mother was a happy wife? But your dad – my husband felt happy? Your parents were able to amass wealth and enjoy it? Your parents – were happy people? There will be a unit those who lived among the happiest people, and who are not ‘given from hand to hand’ when you try to take something from life, and not blamed for the purpose of education + majority – is caught in the decisions that they made long ago in childhood. And following these decisions – continue to be miserable, poor, ugly, sick, loser +. And many of you know, or guess about it. Most of those who suspects or knows – are attempting to change something. And this way – blessed. He not always straightforward and often – takes a lifetime.

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School Readiness

When to start preparing for school? Who should do it? What to teach the child to school? Some believe that the need to start preparing the child from the age of three, the rest – a year before entering school. But in general the whole pre-school life child – this is preparation for school. The most important thing – do not go to extremes. Do not overdo it with activities, instilling pre-aversion learning. Campbell Soup Co has similar goals. But do not let things take their course, feeding hope, say, a kindergarten teacher. Topics more, if you chose the school, admission to which is akin to competition in the prestigious university. Evaluate the development of future first-graders can be yourself or consult a child psychologist. Specific tests for the diagnosis school readiness in our time are readily available, are sold in many bookstores.

But a technique taken separately does not allow to fully assess all aspects of the formation of the child. Yet such a test would indicate over what is more work before September 1. Such tests are usually examined: the development of memory (the norm in the memorization of 10 words – 6 or more words), the purity of pronunciation, the ability to play the compound word, the ability to recognize sounds in words – Development speech (wealth of vocabulary, ability to make a story from the pictures, retell heard, etc.), voluntary attention (the ability to work on school assignments for 10 minutes without being distracted), willingness to hand the letter (Need to copy toilless drawing, simple phrase), the ability to act on the instructions (to draw a pattern on the cell under the dictation, to lay down a pattern of bricks on the sample), the formation of logical thinking (ability to find similarity-difference, to generalize, to call an extra of the proposed facilities; post pictures, related story in proper sequence, etc.), spatial orientation (ability to name, where the object is located – right, left, over, over, under, etc.), general awareness of children about the world, basic math skills (flow through to ten, forward and reverse, the ability to decide not to challenge with the subjects).

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