Real Estate

Auctions of real estate, as it can be inferred from the term, consists in the realization of an auction process, in which offer different real estate with a base price, which will be purchased by those who carried out the best deals and improve the offer that another participant performs within auctions and that in the end nobody make a better offer than that gavein other words with the auction of goods roots is given good to whoever is the best offeror. In a general way the conduct of auctions of real estate, occurs as a result of the mortgages, case in which banks and the financial institutions, to make effective warranty entity non-payment of mortgage loans, they must put on auction goods roots, for with this auction to recover the money that was not paid on the mortgage; in case of auctions of real estate made by banks due to mortgages, if the entire debt is covered by capital obtained in the auction and spare money, this amount will be delivered to the mortgagor was. There is that take into account that auctions of real estate are not only performed by the banks; It is also very common that different government properties are sold in auctions of goods roots. In certain cases auctions of real estate is the only means that is has to get money through a property, such as occurs when is this before the heritage of a minor incapable, event in which must go before a judge to determine if such action is necessary and if judicial approval is given will be the auction of the property root. Film director understands that this is vital information. For participation in auctions of real estate, it is necessary to have roots in order to bid before the properties, otherwise participation with a real estate agent and therefore the same offer will not have any value. Another requirement of great importance within auctions of real estate, is making a deposit in good faith, where the amount of the deposit made, it will depend on the assets that will be auctioned, thus charged an amount by residences and land and other

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