German Gamers Club E.V. (GGC) – Online Gaming Of A Different Kind

The GGC offers a professionally organized platform for players and partners. After the construction of our clans from the small 3 we decided man team to a functioning multi-gaming clan with up to 100 active, our collected positive, to incorporate but unfortunately too many negative experiences in the eSport clan lives in a new project. It should be a professional and issues on which the player-oriented platform emerge–away from the classic clan with rigid Hierarrchie, team structure, and mostly on a game executed out – to a real gamer – community, the German gamers Club. Here the community experience is a top priority for us. It should prepare just having fun after a hard day’s work or the busy school to meet at the Club and unwind together.But for the ambitious, success-oriented players the Club should offer the optimal framework conditions. Already in the run-up to the publication of military simulation armed assault has become the German gamers Club e.V. by the dedicated work at the called party of the Association in the life Fansite / community site and the corresponding ArmA Wikki made a name.

Also established contacts with the manufacturer BiStudio / idea games and the German Publisher Morphicon / Petetrgames. This over a year-long professional work were finally rewarded with the supplement for the official German support forum. We are a good partner, we proved the support for the game ArmedAssault on the part of the magazine Computer Bild in an anonymous test: Note: 1.0! Thanks to the dedicated support team of ArmedAssault and very successful support for the community, the cooperation with the Publisher Morphicom / Peter games has widened. The German gamers Club e.V. has been also awarded the official support forum of ArmedAssault successor, ArmA2 will receive.

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Internet Products

Much has been written about what affiliate programs are. We know that selling products from other people, without having your own product or service is an honest, correct and legal way to generate earnings on the Internet. Perhaps impossible to find another very good way to start earning money online without having your own product on the Internet. There are even opinions that they argue that you can sell on the Internet, participating in affiliate programs without having a Web site may have reason, although I very much doubt. Because I believe that people buy someone who already has a profile on the Internet, that conveys confidence through your profile and this profile is only achieved through a Web site or a blog.

Apart from this, the harsh statistics claim that coding people not buy on the first visit to the link from affiliate. You need a well-organized system of monitoring of potential buyers and interested people, explaining in details and a clear, detailed and progressive benefits that will have, acquiring the product respective. Each message sent within the tracking system approximates more and more to the potential buyer to make your purchase and become a real buyer. I.e., the hard selling process, sometimes from 7 to 20 messages sent, until one makes the decision to buy. I’ve also noticed played in another peculiarity of selling products of affiliate programs pages: apart from the letter of sale of the product, also includes a subscription form to a free minicourse or to download a free report very good strategy! The product owner is creating a list of people potentially or actually interested in your product. And is also creating the basis for the sale of its futures products or products additions. We assume that I have been interested by an affiliate program, I don’t have a website, but I have begun to promote my link of affiliate that it provides me the website of the affiliate program.

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