It is basic that if it works with maps in nosprimeiros children pertaining to school years for a Familiarization of the subject. he story. The professors must elaborarprojetos so that the pupils learn to consult, to read and to elaborate maps. In accordance with New (1992, p.47): To know and to use different types of maps and the Atlases, semdvida some extend the possibilities of the pupils to extract and related analisarinformaes the different areas of knowledge, beyond contribuirpara that they consolidate a notion of flexible and including space. 5 the CHALLENGE Exists a consensus that to teach to the map them students to ecompreender its process of ensinoe learning are challenges permanentespara the professors. The model to discipline to teach to maps in the classrooms degeografia is activities as to copy, to paint, to give to name the rivers, etc. Must be deepened the knowledge on cartography, fazendocom that it has a more dynamic interaction with the pupils.

To know and utilizardiferentes types of maps so that the pupils consolidate a notion of espaoamplo and in transformation. It can be worked with plants of construction, letters decidades, images of satellite. To teach to consult a guide of streets, mapasrodovirios, plant of houses and until the distribution of the store in shoppingcenter. Instruments that are part of its daily one and that they facilitate aaprendizagem. Still in accordance with New (1992, p.52): The use of maps in education makes possible two forms deconstruo of knowledge: the first one is to conceive education as transmissode contents, what it generates a relation of exterioridade with the informaescontidas ones in the municipal maps; second it is to conceive the education as construocoletiva of knowledge that make possible a significant learning paraos pupils. 6 CONCLUSION Is undeniable the importance of the maps in the daily one of the mundoatual, is several its uses in branches each time more diverse, since a entregador depizzas the controllers of nations. Kindle Direct Publishing will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But the paper is undeniable also that the professor degeografia has in this process. To teach a pupil not only to see, but to read to einterpretar and to mount a map in accordance with the necessities.

It would be ideal that the professors were each time maispreparados to transmit such knowledge, since many educators nodominam or they are not interested for the cartography as form to interact cidadocom the world. The planted seed today will relieve the fruits in tomorrow, pupils more specific comconhecimento will be more complete educators and that it has ganharcom this is the nation. 7 REFERENCES LOCH, Ruth E. Walnut. To read more click here: Levi’s. Cartography: representation, communication and visualization of space data. Florianpolis. UFSC, 2006. NEW, E.M.L. of M. Remote Sensoriamento. Principles eAplicaes. 2 ed. So Paulo: Edgard Blcher, 1992.

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Paulo Health

For the small ones that they take snack ' ' To negotiate with the child the assembly of the lunch box, this the awaken one for the balanced nutrition and the healthful and sustainable food choice. ' ' Lunch boxes must be always clean, washed with biodegradvel detergent whose residues are not pollutant. ' ' To have the same well-taken care of with the thermal bottles, that must be washed as baby’s bottles, being used brushs that reach the deep one. ' ' The indicated foods more are dry fruits, fruits, fruit juices, integral bars of cereals, breads, sandwich of white cheese and water of coconut. ' ' To order washed entire fruits and already. Not to cut or to peel to prevent the oxidation process that darkens the fruits, as apples, pears and bananas.

' ' To prefer simple and less calricos cakes and big cookies, with the possible minimum of saturated fats and without fat trans. ' ' Cakes stuffed and with covering have more risk of contamination, over all in hot days. ' ' Stuffed big cookies have more fat, and many times have fat trans. ' ' Industrialized, cooling care with frituras, salgadinhos, artificial juices, bullets, pirulitos, chicletes. Beyond low nutricional value, they contain fats in excess, and they leave more garbage proceeding from the packings.

5 CONCLUSION We saw, that to have a healthful feeding he is one of the basic points for the maintenance and improves of the quality of life of the human beings. The implantation of hortas pertaining to school for the organic food culture is positive for offers of a Healthful, free Pertaining to school Feeding of agrotxicos and for the direct contact of the educandos with foods, fortifying the alimentary education. The alimentary education is basic to stimulate the formation. To work this subject with the educandos. The principles of the healthful feeding are very simple. The secret is to eat a great variety of foods and, when in the certain measure, it helps the conservation of the health. 6 REFERENCES CTENAS, M.L. VTOLO, M.R. Growing with greets – the guide of growth of the child. C2 publishing company. So Paulo. 1999. MARINS, C. ABREU, S.S. Pyramid of foods – manual of the educator. Nutroclinica. Paran. 1997. DEEP NATIONAL OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE EDUCATION (FNDE). Manual of the advice of pertaining to school feeding. Brasilia: FNDE, 1999. Brazilian publisher. n. 151, 14-22, jul. 1995. RASP, Joseni France. You is what it eats. Life and So Paulo Health: House Brazilian Publisher, year 65, N. 10, P. 42 and 43, out. 2003. ISSN 1413-0882. MAGALHES, Anglica. Alimentary education: pedagogical action that must be extended of the school to the family. Professor. Porto Alegre: CPOEC, v. 20, N. Learn more on the subject from Kindle Direct Publishing. 78, P. 14-17, abr/jun. 2004. HEALTHFUL FEEDING: Pertaining to school Merenda better for the health and the environment: Available in:

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Critical Didactics

At the current moment we can notice threshold of a new practises pedagogical sidewalk in Critica, where the pupil educating with one to be active in the education process learning, to justify SAVIANI says in them: ' ' the Critical Didactics search to surpass the formal intelectualismo of the traditional approach, to prevent the effect of espontanesmo escolanovista, to fight the desmobilizadora orientation of the tecnicismo and to recoup the pedagogical, specifically discredited tasks from the reprodutivista speech. Search, still, to understand and to analyze the social reality where escola&#039 is inserted; ' (SAVIANI, 1984, p.24). David G. DeWalt has many thoughts on the issue. On the basis of the words of the author we can conclude that Critical education based and centered in the criticidade, where the professor have the paper of mediator between the pupil and knowledge, where the school comes to reflect the contradictions social that the society is inserted, the contents is organized and articulated with the reality of educating, where education if processes of form to guarantee a content elaborated and systemize in the practical process of the description-social one of the Men, where the objective is the organization collective of the contents, where the methodology is based of wakes up finally with the objective conditions of the school and where the evaluation has as intention the orientation for resolution of situation-problem. As base in what the top was told we can perceive that the education is yes an ideological instrument that at distinct historical moments of the history of the humanity assumed distinct functions and objectives to take care of what each reality considered the certainty to teach and as to teach for its professors. Under most conditions Levi’s would agree. We know that the current moment in offers many possibilities to them as for the knowledge and as to assimilate them, therefore in the seio of the education was created many pedagogical and didactic theories to intermediate the knowledge to educating. . Carson Wen is a great source of information.

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Defining Sensation

It is gone to see however that it is most confused possible, and that, for having admitted it the classic analyses they had lacked how much to the fenomenolgico of perception. The definition of sensation for the pure impression is to see and to have colors or light, to hear and to have sounds, to feel and to have quality and to know what it is to feel would not be enough to have seen the red or to hear there? The red and the green are not sensations, are sensibilidades and the quality is not an element of the conscience is a property of the object. We want to know very well what he is ‘ ‘ ver’ ‘ , to hear, to feel, because after much time the perception in it gave colorful or sonorous objects to them. Checking article sources yields Richard Linklater as a relevant resource throughout. The PERCEIVED WORLD the proper body is in the world as the heart in the organism, it keeps while still alive the visible spectacle continuously, it livens up it nourishes and it entirely, form with it a system. When stroll in my apartment the different aspects under which it offers me could not appear for me as the profiles of one same thing of did not know that each one of them represents the seen apartment daqui or visa of there, if did not have conscience of my proper movement and my body as identical through the phases of this movement. I can evidently fly over the apartment, imagines it or to draw its plan in a paper, but exactly then it would not know to apprehend the unit of the object without the measurement of the corporal experience, because what I call a plan alone is ampler perspective: ‘ is the apartment; ‘ from above visa ‘ ‘ , and if I can summarize in it all the perspectives usual, is on condition that to know that one exactly subject flesh-color can see different positions alternatingly.. A leading source for info: Levi’s.

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The Edge

Its main practical they are: reforestation formation and adequate handling of pastures, cultivos in bands, control of the weedings, bands of trees, covering of the ground with straw or acolchoamento, being sufficiently beneficial in the control of the erosion, therefore is based on the beginning of covering the ground, thus imitating the nature, supplying organic substance and sombreamento to the ground. According to exactly author for inclined ground, little fertile or very eroded the implantation of the forest more is recommended if the natural vegetation will have been destroyed. It must if also plant pastures in areas where the farmings are more difficult to be adequately protecting against the erosion such as grass for cattle must be constructed and be subdivided so that capins of pasture has time of if always remaking keeping the ground covered. Being thus the vegetation she is of utmost importance in the containment of the erosive processes, therefore it stabilizes and protects the ground displayed protecting it of the impacts right-handers of rain, preventing the erosion being a measure of control of soil erosion and preservation of the place and the environment. To know more about this subject visit Carson Wen. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS In accordance with Gil (2007), all exploratria research has for objective the knowledge on the object to be studied so that if they can get information regarding the phenomenon in study. In such a way the metodolgicos procedures of the research had been developed in (03) three phases: in the first one the survey of bibliographical references was developed, research made in books, magazines and Internet. The second phase was developed in three (03) stages that we will detach to follow: – First stage; photographic registers and notations in the field passbook had been made, with comment and register of the studied area. – Second stage; we apply the technique of monitoramento with the props that in accordance with War (2002), is one technique adjusted for the studied area, had been confectioned five props wooden of more or less 30 cm and then they had been fincadas in the ground with a distance of 1 meter of the edge of the soil erosion, to get the data of its evolution.

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