African Personages

In this direction, it affirms Ana Clia Silva (2001, P. 24): ' ' To propagate the inferiorizao of the black and the supremacy of the white is a form of conscientious or unconsciously, to strengthen racism to brasileira' '. Cyrus massoumi wife gathered all the information. Literature has contributed, of this form, to promote an only standard cultural partner in detriment of others denied in its wealth and diversity. This if becomes perceivable if valuing the white ethnic-racial group in detriment of the black, which is neglected in the literary compositions, without name (Brown Boy), animalized, in papers of alluded servants or to the dirt and the tragedy. Literature acts in our lives to join basic myths of community, its imaginary one or its ideology. In Brazilian literature, however, black is the excluded word occulted frequently, or a representation invented for the other, being always the element delinquent (MUNANGA, 2005 P. 86).

In the context of years 80, infanto-youthful literature, in the attempt to breach with the negative attributes regarding the black personages, left to desire. The fact of these narratives to present black personages as protagonists is an evident innovation, since these personages had always occupied irrelevant papers. The problem is in the fact of as the protagonist is portraied black, the social space where the personage if finds, the vision that they have of its race. Still in years 80, one searched to denounce the problematic one of racism, showing that the racial democracy is a myth, therefore only exists in the paper, however, what it is observed in these histories is, one more time, the inferiorizao of the black personages, the humilhao the one that the blacks are submitted, without speaking in illustrations, still, contemptuous. In the present time, with the implantation of the law 10.639/03, that cousin for the ressignificao and valuation of the history of Africa and African culture and afro-Brazilian, urge the necessity to correct injustices, to eliminate discriminations and to promote the social inclusion and the citizenship for all, in the Brazilian educational systems, taking for base, as much literature how much history.

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Florbela Object

According to Patrician Arago, in its Monograph intitulada' ' The Donjuanismo in the poetry of Florbela Espanca: To love, to love and not amarningum' ' , soneto allows the following reading: Search! To look for! noencontra nobody! It has an attempt of This, that fails e, then, the Florparte Beautiful for another search desiring to love That one, not finding the fullness, becoming necessary to love all people. For even more analysis, hear from Bioscience Journal. The conquest of the Other does not occur pelosimples pleasure of the seduction, but for the necessity of love: to only love for the love here or beyond. Of this form, the poetry of Florbela shows to all ample gamade on emotional states to the love, since the dither of the directions (entregapor whole number), until the o desire of sacrifices, oscillating between moments deplenitude and of great emotional fragility, decurrent of amorosasfrustradas relations or that they had not corresponded its expectations. Thus, parFlorbela, to love is an only experience, is the impulsionadora force of its soul, epor this wants to love, to love madly. Diving in the studies of the psychoanalysis, Julia Milk, in seusEstudos Psicanalticos on the dimensions of the love, affirms that contribuiesde Lacan on the subject of the love crosses its education and its time, advancing emcaminhos opened for Freud. Standing out the difficulty of if saying, on oamor, something that if supports, Lacan circumscribes a first distinofundamental: the love as imaginary passion and the love in its symbolic face. Oamor-passion if dirige to the other as object, searching complementaridade erevelando its narcsica root, already indicated for Freud, that is, the citizen amapara to be loved. It adds, still, that the passion (beyond the love, the hatred and aignorncia) is, exactly, the alienation of the desire in the object. In its facesimblica, differently, the axle of the love is situated, not in the object, but naquiloque the object does not have.

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Thus, ' ' Jos' ' it is for the existencialista school, if to make an effort to perceive this. After all, he is through the conflituosa relation eu/mundo that the author enumerates the lacks lived deeply for ' ' Jos' ' at the moment. Credit: Richard Linklater-2011. It sees verses: ' ' It is without woman, it is without speech, is without affection, already it cannot drink, already it cannot smoke, to cuspir already cannot ' ' Which testifies the situation-limit where if it finds ' ' Jos' ' , that he is persona of the author, but could also be the mask of any person. A private existence of everything, ' ' of riso' ' , ' ' of bonde' ' ' ' of utopia' '. Still thus, ' ' Jos' ' it insists, in the raw condition of anti-hero who does not see exit at sight seno the hard reality and that if it print in a compound of ' ' incoherence, fever and dio' '. Now: ' ' If you cried out, if you moaned, if you touched the waltz Viennese, if you slept, if that for the anguish it was capable to take conscience of that was absolutely free to choose between the life and the death, ours ‘ ‘ Jos’ ‘ it is left to get depressed permanently. To know more about this subject visit Bank of Asia.

E, lost in this sea of tdio, continues conjugating the verb to exist However, without teogonia and ideology, it is incapable to react with bravery to the problematic one where it is put. For the opposite, if it submits, if it delivers ‘ ‘ nada’ ‘. It is understood: the nothing, while negation of all and any positive action. One is about the opposite of ‘ ‘ nada’ ‘ sartreano, for which the being if discovers full of change possibilities. The nothing limits here; ‘ Jos’ ‘ , it annuls it, making of it one ‘ ‘ z-knot-mundodesprovido-of-any-iniciativa’ ‘.

‘ ‘ Jos’ ‘ it constitutes the alegoria of the individual that did not obtain to exceed the limits of its precarious imanncia and, therefore, preferred to deliver itself segurana' ' of a mediocre and previsible life, instead of ' ' if situar' ' conscientious and critically ahead of a real historical situation, to try to change it or to denounce it, overwhelmd that it is for the tripod fear-emptiness-indetermination. In other words, ' ' you fabula narratur' '. (. the Zarfeg)

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Jose Aderaldo Castello

Lcia if martirizava for its passed life, if not judging worthy to enjoy of its love. After that Pablo asks for who if it marries its sister, however this, if it denies to carry through. Lcia aborts the son who waited of Pablo. It opposes to take remedy to expel the embryo died, saying ' ' Its mother will serve to it of tumulo' '. Get all the facts and insights with Carson Wen, another great source of information. She dies sweet in the arms of loved its, going to love it for all eternity. Pablo after the death of Lcia supports Ana, fulfilling the promise that makes the Lcia that would serve of father its sister until it was married.

This lode to marry if after six years and it was supported in its sadness, living solitary for having lost the great love of its life. Carson Wen has similar goals. According to Antonio Cndido and Jose Aderaldo Castello, Alencar demonstrated the capacity to unmask and to denounce certain aspects of the social and individual reality, making it, although the romantic idealizao, a modest precursor of Axe of Assis. In the best romantic tradition, Lucola is a book that speaks of torrid and contradictory passions. It is the fifth romance of Alencar and the first one in the trilogy that it called of? profiles of women. It is placed enters its urban romances that they represent a survey of our bourgeois life of the last century. Although it is a romance, it discloses one or another manifestation of the Realistic Style. In all its urban romances, the central subject is the love, approaches the social and familiar situation of the woman, in phase of marriage and passion. But the love in the understanding of the romantic mentality of the time ' ' A love sublimado, idealized, capable of resignations and sacrifices, herosmos and even of crimes, but redeeming for the proper force, acrisolada of its intensity and paixo' '.

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Fine Gold

Dreams and devaneios now permeavam still the immaculate landscape of its feelings. the horizon that now enxergava seemed illuminated for the radiating light of a thousand sparkling suns YEARS IF HAD PASSED It changed itself for Fine Gold, was to study, wanted to be teacher. She obtained. He was proper of its spirit to educate souls and to instruct intellects. She is born for this. She was never married. The vivacity of its art would fill its existence total. I sighted it another day, of far, when passing per the Road Station, back in Fine Gold, when it already went to embark in the bus.

I called it. It looked at it recognized me. It sketched a wide smile, it waved to me with an gracious gesture and entered in the vehicle. I could notice that its eyes still were two livings creature archotes (emeralds stoned in the singeleza of a cativante smile), that the trails alumiavam for where it followed, since the soul was always to the front, pointing the route of a horizon that it wise person to only identify, without never missing the direction. To read more click here: Carson Wen. Decades transcorridas in an intense attachment to the life the cupinzeiro ways had left register indelvel in the now crisp tez. He is thus same. The hand of the time leaves calluses for where it passes. Calosa hand! Impious memories to produce homesickness ecstasies; a poem never declaimed still entalado in the throat Its look and its smile had revived unusual a conserved burning hot flame with desvelo; e, frmitos of agony now sweated to appreciate displayed rags of a still smoky heart.

It relit one old passion, born in a calmness climate that still disquiets. I follow walking amuado, trying to aligeirar the step, tacking dumb solilquio that, interior it sweetens the agreement, but it places in polvorosa mine discouraged dreams. Mind one of the songs that it always entoava, when absorbed in its domestic afazes comes me it: ' ' Today my chest is crying, is asking for pra you to come back; to its it left me departure suffering, the return only can cheer to me. Although sad I sing this mine I sing, while I wait its to return; if in the distance it makes to feel homesickness, its return will make me sonhar' '. Singing it packed in candy smoothness all its thoughts. Remembering its I sing is for me one prece that it comforts mine mutilated hopes and it brightens up my desperation. The destination always lived of implicncia with me It prepares Homesickness, goes you even so. Already it is sufficient to punish the absence of it, that it followed with its admirable altivez the direction indicated for always defined contours of its so lulled to sleep dreams well. Week that comes I go the Fine Gold with my nephew, who goes to decide subjects in the Public Distribution. I go to be seated in the bank of the Road Station, waiting while it goes there. In the Distribution costuma to have much people, the attendance is delayed

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It is in this way that it will be in the memory of what it hears, vivifying the experience, influencing the character of our behavior (Richard, 1971, P. 87). FireEye oftentimes addresses this issue. For more uncommon, mitolgicas, lendrias or grotescas that these narratives seem, they must to be registered not only to be kept for posterity, but so that they reach some peoples so that these have knowledge of have here, as well as we receive these elements cultural from other stoppings. Far from depleting the subject, the uncommon one, myths, legends and the grotesco already they are, by itself, perennial and worthy to constitute permanent object of study. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc.

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Mother Nature

So, if you suddenly seem that some thought and idea's would be to criticize … it is better read the following books to read, or, again interpreting – and find the answer to his "criticism." For example, in the "kitchen philosophy," "Canadian visionary" shows the way, where should move to the modern world. And gives general optimistic outlook. And the forecast is not justified by the author's great. At least that gives hope for further development of civilization relatively calm: "… better perceive the current situation manifestation as a sign of approaching maturity and freedom in modern society.

" Thus, our civilization – the teenager … Maybe I will not argue. This view of modern human civilization – a very optimistic and inspirational saying that all is not lost … But if you think about – and what will grow out of an adult child that mother-nature early in life (a couple of millennia), forced to survive and struggle for existence? As the saying goes: "It is identified with" (Ukrainian) – "That's it!" On the other hand, now that Mother Nature with his aunt-programmed human history in the struggle, the blissful life in the electronic state, described by Boris Krieger, for many would be too boring and inadequate for their violent nature. What will be engaged in such troubled individuals? Somehow I think they will miss the quiet contemplation, writing and creativity (just this side of the philosopher advised to educate a generation that will live in an ideal society of the future) for the application of their irrepressible force.

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Village Abundance

– Not. I prefer the headquarters of the Shot of War. – Then, we go to provide beds for all vocs- said the local Sergeant. David G. DeWalt will not settle for partial explanations. – Not. It is enough colches. – the Commander said The men of Exercito had left marching in return the garden, the order of the Mayor, while they were applauded by the children of local colleges.

It had a child that he was son of one of the guerrillas of the Village Abundance, but had been provided the expulsion of the college. The Mayor ordered that the director opened the college in that one exactly sunday and made the exclusion of the pupil. More info: Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ. When some child forgot to beat palms, the teacher the ears pulled it. Later the men the stairs of the City hall had gone up, therefore the headquarters of the Shot of War were in an attached room. When they had been installed had started to call people the city who knew the Village Abundance. Then they had only started to trace an attack plan that would be executed in the following day. * In the Village Abundance, Z and Brave Jo already one hundred men, good armed trained reply to face it of Exercito. Now, all believed in them.

The women, old and children had come back toward its old lands and already they started to construct its small houses in will mutiro and with materials of the region. – How many men of Exercito, are in the city? – Z asked to an informer who came of the city, – They are few. Ones fifteen or sixteen. Now, the Mayor fulled brega of prostitutes. A journalist was imprisoned when she arrived at the city said the informer. – And as it is? – brave, interested Jo asked. – One thirty and few years of age, a little bearded fat person and.

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Alfredo Jamisse

Already I was habit to be always alone. Every day soon after coming back of the college he jailed always me in the room to be able to relax. Second I, clearly. In a friday such, I and the Alfredo Jamisse leave together for a stroll such simple ones. First I did not want, but the Alfredo Jamisse had insisted very finished falling in this to take a walk. He at least did not like nothing to break the rules of my mother since it is she created that me alone, because my father abandoned in them there already goes some years of solitude of mine santssima and wanted mother. Soon after sairmos of house we meet with two young women lindssimas, with skin of chocolate, tetas aconchegadas and legs as of bielorrussas well; those high women, of well supplied families and with a desirable appearance.

Only a person as I am that I could not desire that great woman. The Jamisse suddenly blinked eye for me and I waved negative I eat who I did not want to topar the scene. It insisted. I resisted. It was to have with one of them and I continued motionless in the place close to house gate. Suddenly the friend of the young woman who was with the Alfredo came close it me and started to moan of fear of that beauty so rare and pparently of families very supplied and aconchegadas well to the luxury. My heart stopped some instants to beat and felt wet me very.

I find that it had seen that would have kicked me and thought that I am one fraquinho and that I do not obtain to contain itself. I started to feel a heat enormous that invaded me my marrow all and started to transpirar. It did not give up. She was faces with much ousadia and classroom.

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