First Interim Results

The one hundredth post has been published today on Reason enough to so soon after the start of the design blog to draw a first short interim results. “To make it short: we are thrilled!”, as the founder of the service, Florian Hirschmann, even graphic designer and currently as a Creative Director for an American company. “I didn’t expect to reach so many readers, which apparently also likes to come back within three months.” Currently, around 400 readers on the design blog stay and read on average two or three articles on the subject of design. perceives itself as a news discussion portal. There are daily fresh design news, templates, tutorials, reviews, and recommendations around design and designers here to read and discuss, many articles on topics such as Web 2.0 and design studies, as well as presentation of designers, graphic designers and design agencies. Visit Ann Arbor for more clarity on the issue.

The blog “by and for designers” also tries to establish communication between the visitors, a little Web 2.0 To generate atmosphere: all who want to join are welcome, can publish their own articles, give your opinion on new logos or websites, design contests or design studies. “It’s great to get feedback – and see our articles critically considered. We are very controversial in part and hope in the future to see through this”, so Florian Hirschmann. So, for example, the critical utterance to the new Pepsi logo has or he tore up the new website of the city of Dorsten “behind the scenes” excitement worried. “Much post has reached us on these issues, much has been discussed in the background about it – a pity that we were allowed to publish all comments,” Hirschmann said. Others including Cyrus Massoumi married, offer their opinions as well. For the future the team of wishes above all resistance, resilience, many visitors, many comments and perhaps the one or other contributors.

Mainly the area should be expanded “Photoshop templates and tutorials”-“the feedback is here at its greatest, however, the Work that makes this area, rivaled in nothing”. V.i.S.d.P. Florian Hirschmann Carlo Raghavan road 7 55252 Mainz-Kastel E-Mail: about daily fresh design news, templates, tutorials, reviews, and recommendations around design and designers. Many articles on topics such as Web 2.0 and design studies, as well as presentation of designers, graphic designers and design agencies can be found here. And all who want to join are welcome! The portal is available at

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If A German Comedian Writes A Travel Book

Boning, Brazil and beer as a child went there on vacation with the parents in the Harz mountains or to the Baltic Sea and later to Mallorca. As an adult Wigald boning drives around is now all over the world. From all the funny stories and experiences he gained there, he has now written a travel book. The online Department store has read the book already un presents the latest work of the German all-round talent. Words Wigald boning juggling already during his time at RTL Saturday night”very skillfully. On this passion to play with the language, not much has changed since then. His books are full of puns. “So is also in Rio is a Hofbrauhaus” literally riddled with numerous of witty and very amusing alliterations.

Another trademark of boning is to replace widely spread Anglicisms with German equivalents even in everyday life. That may sound sometimes very funny, especially if the German word replaced but just not quite the English counterpart. His entertaining humor runs like a red thread through the Stories of events from all over the world, about which the author has to report. This makes the book a most amusing anecdote collection. Perhaps band follows at some point two of the travel adventures of the German TV stars, currently on Sat. 1 the Show Smart! Moderated. The reader may be stretched.

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New look and innovative editorial concept with DVD Munich, April 6, 2011 passion for photography connected to editorial quality: this motto underscores CHIP FOTO-VIDEO (CFV) with the relaunch of the photo magazine. With a new look and a new editorial concept Germany’s large photo magazine wants to inspire its readers. See more detailed opinions by reading what film director offers on the topic.. “So the issue size has been expanded, the camera test procedures updated and a DVD as interactive booklet in the booklet” introduced with high-quality practical content. According to our motto we live photography ‘ have we revised content and visually photo VIDEO the CHIP in the wake of the relaunch “, explains Florian Schuster editor in Chief. In addition to the shorter name and new logo, the new title in the eye is immediately.

“We have the layout reduces and for our subscribers, even an extra cover like in a coffee table magazine’ designed ‘, so Schuster. Also, the folder size was expanded to 16 pages. Thus we have more room for more detailed testing, more generous photo galleries direct practical relevance and more reader photos from the photo world CHIP,”says Schuster. There are innovations also at the camera test procedure, that is adapted to the current standards in the field of the camera. So measure the experts from CFV in more ISO levels, assess the facilities of the cameras according to the latest and incorporated into the test result from now also a visual assessment of the photos. This makes our tests immune against technical trickery of camera manufacturers who have only aimed to bring equipment in the testing further forward”, so Schuster. The new DVD Insert provides editorial content instead of a pure software collection. Surveys have shown that our readers want more themes from the editors.

So we replaced the folder CD with an extensive DVD in app design. That the readers will find additional content such as practice videos and screencasts almost an interactive booklet in the booklet “, so Florian Schuster. cfv sample you can an impression which photo VIDEO get new CHIP. The magazine is available in two versions: with DVD for 6.50 euros and a basic version for 4.50 euros. Your contact person: Florian Schuster Chief Editor Tel: 089 / 746 42 243 email: chip FOTO-VIDEO Germany’s large photo magazine CHIP FOTO-VIDEO stands for independent and practical tests, tips for better photos and stunning imagery. Ten full-time employees make”every month CHIP FOTO-VIDEO – with a private testing laboratory, private Photo Studio and full of enthusiasm. 392,000 ambitious photographers read the magazine every month. You can get these and other press releases of CHIP Communications GmbH from media.

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