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Must the reader torment himself only by a difficult-to-understand text, to gain important knowledge for him? Your articles for revisions by other OA publishers and webmasters, make available, this is the basic strategy to trigger an avalanche of pre-qualified visitors on your Web site. If you want your articles by others are selected and massively distributed, you must avoid the following 6 General error: error #1: too many grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in addition to correct your article by others allow, you would also make sure that you have clearly defined the paragraphs. Gerald Weissmann, MD takes a slightly different approach. Nothing is worse than a large chunk of text with 20 contiguous sets. Readers no longer read articles, but often just ‘ scan’ your article. You want small bits of information that are easy to digest.

This is called also \”info-snacking\”. Use your ‘voice’ in the entire article in the same person. If you the first person (I, me) or the second person (you, we, US) or the third person (they, them, it, they) use, then you stay consistent and use only one form for the entire article. Error #2: to much hype, bragging and self-promotion if you are as good as you think, then there is no reason to fill your article with too much hype, free links to your page or a blatant self-promotion. The readers are smart and will see through your tactics.

It is better to promote your company in the contact below the article. Our research has shown that the contact (press contact) often has a click-through rate (CTR) of 3%. Get this advantage, by applying no aggressive sales strategies directly in the article. Error #3: the content based moving on what you need to learn, not on what your reader needs you in the location of your reader and ask yourself: \”What gives me this article\”? Search you on the basis of your readership surveys, what your readers want or operate one Keyword search, to find out what people are looking for.

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New look and innovative editorial concept with DVD Munich, April 6, 2011 passion for photography connected to editorial quality: this motto underscores CHIP FOTO-VIDEO (CFV) with the relaunch of the photo magazine. With a new look and a new editorial concept Germany’s large photo magazine wants to inspire its readers. See more detailed opinions by reading what film director offers on the topic.. “So the issue size has been expanded, the camera test procedures updated and a DVD as interactive booklet in the booklet” introduced with high-quality practical content. According to our motto we live photography ‘ have we revised content and visually photo VIDEO the CHIP in the wake of the relaunch “, explains Florian Schuster editor in Chief. In addition to the shorter name and new logo, the new title in the eye is immediately.

“We have the layout reduces and for our subscribers, even an extra cover like in a coffee table magazine’ designed ‘, so Schuster. Also, the folder size was expanded to 16 pages. Thus we have more room for more detailed testing, more generous photo galleries direct practical relevance and more reader photos from the photo world CHIP,”says Schuster. There are innovations also at the camera test procedure, that is adapted to the current standards in the field of the camera. So measure the experts from CFV in more ISO levels, assess the facilities of the cameras according to the latest and incorporated into the test result from now also a visual assessment of the photos. This makes our tests immune against technical trickery of camera manufacturers who have only aimed to bring equipment in the testing further forward”, so Schuster. The new DVD Insert provides editorial content instead of a pure software collection. Surveys have shown that our readers want more themes from the editors.

So we replaced the folder CD with an extensive DVD in app design. That the readers will find additional content such as practice videos and screencasts almost an interactive booklet in the booklet “, so Florian Schuster. cfv sample you can an impression which photo VIDEO get new CHIP. The magazine is available in two versions: with DVD for 6.50 euros and a basic version for 4.50 euros. Your contact person: Florian Schuster Chief Editor Tel: 089 / 746 42 243 email: chip FOTO-VIDEO Germany’s large photo magazine CHIP FOTO-VIDEO stands for independent and practical tests, tips for better photos and stunning imagery. Ten full-time employees make”every month CHIP FOTO-VIDEO – with a private testing laboratory, private Photo Studio and full of enthusiasm. 392,000 ambitious photographers read the magazine every month. You can get these and other press releases of CHIP Communications GmbH from media.

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