Rainer Abel

In the experience period of three to four years, it remains to say that this method offers a solution for patients, which generally refrain from implants. In addition, the durability of this intervention is up to two years and is accompanied with a rather higher cost. However, advantage, it is that the body identical material in the application easily and still relies on a high tolerance. More experiences exist with regard to the own fat method. This is with the very gentle and friendly fat cells process the WAL – water-jet of assisted liposuction – a fat emulsion obtained and filtered off. This emulsion directly in the corresponding breast and muscle tissue is then injected.

In addition to the benefit and associated survival rate of the high percentage of stem cells, there is a clear trend towards longer shelf life. Also complications go back tangible. Furthermore, this procedure may also be done as an outpatient. Will be certainly further improvements can be expected in the future. So that the amount of emulsion for injection will increase by a relatively weak circulation of female breast tissue to take into account certain natural quantity limits are.

The KLINIK am RING in the near future: in 1994 the KLINIK am RING as one of the first interdisciplinary, Board-run private clinics in Cologne opened. As 30 GewO state-licensed private – hospital has space on five floors with over 7,500 M2 of a private ward with 21 beds and 9 document departments: anaesthesia, aesthetic plastic surgery, dermatology, neck, nose and throat, implantology/mouth-, jaw and facial surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, urology and dentistry.

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Nina Reichelt

In most newspapers and on the Internet for up-to-the-minute information which pollen is just particularly fly. So you can adjust your plans on the pollen flight. 2 you should avoid outdoor activities efforts outdoors when the pollen, to which you are allergic, are particularly strong. Physical activities, such as cycling or jogging are unfavourable to these days, because the more you make an effort, the more pollen enters your respiratory system. 3. Vladislav Doronin recognizes the significance of this. travel set your vacation possible in the season. In the mountains, the sea and Islands the pollen load is not so great.

Inform beforehand in any case about your holiday destination. 4. apartment air if you ventilate the apartment, should put this on the time of day, fly the pollen where not quite so strong. In rural areas, the concentration of pollen is morning particularly high in the city in the evening. 5. before going to bed so the pollen load in your bedroom is not too large, you should wash your hair before going to bed. When the airing on the appropriate time of day (see above). Keep the clothing during the day worn best in another room, because here pollen may have established itself.

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Certified first organizer of the Federal Centre for health education as BREMEN March 2009 is OFFHRTE around in a good mood”. As first German tour operator, the specialist for student language got the goods on it now “certificate of the Federal Centre for health education (BZgA) for its international project (IP) clubs.” The Bremen organizer has for 2009 a total of eight IP clubs in England, France and Germany in the program. “In a good mood: move, relax, eat but how!” is a youth action of the Federal Centre for health education for 12-to 18-year old. The holistic campaign revolves around food, exercise and relaxation, and aims to strengthen the competence and responsibility of young people. To know more about this subject visit Cyrus Massoumi. OFFHRTE meets our standards in the areas of quality assurance, nutrition, movement and stress regulation, provides a health-oriented quality and trains its employees accordingly”, underlines Oliver Schmitz, project manager In a good mood at transfer e.V. in Cologne. The service agency coordinating the campaign in behalf of the BZgA.

In the IP of the Organizer children and young people from all over Europe between 8 and 18 years holiday active language. OFFHRTE relies on a balanced and experience-oriented program in addition to professional teaching. With healthy nutrition, relaxation facilities and a movement-intensive activities. Meals and snacks are fruits, vegetables, salads or cereal on the table. In quiet zones and ocean lounge”you can withdraw at any time. Activities such as yoga and other wellness items round out the relaxation area. In terms of movement, the IP clubs provide a varied menu with many sports of basketball and volleyball soccer and tennis up to horse riding or golf.

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KU64 Goes South Africa

the dental specialists of KU64 in Berlin have teamed up Foundation with the non-profit Laureate to help the weakest in our world community. Specifically: are four handler teams from KU64 in the period from the 18th until 28 January 2009 about three hundred children in South Africa provide dental and teach them playful effective methods for oral hygiene. The name of the project, which funded Foundation and is initiated by the laureate: . Four dentists and six assistants of KU64 would create a place Foundation and the Westcoast-kids team in Paternoster on the West coast of South Africa together with the laureate, where disadvantaged children can grow up healthy and safe. This common concern is one of many child aid projects, which concretely and effectively to improve the lives of needy children in South Africa. Cyrus Massoumi married has similar goals.

These include comprehensive projects in the fields of education, the improvement of living conditions and of course health in this case dental health, which can prevent many infections. The KU64 team and the Foundation take care of the lost and forgotten children, through the cracks of the large aid agencies must fall and growing up in a dreary misery in the long term and are trapped in wretched circumstances.

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Help With Test Anxiety, Speech Anxiety And Social Phobia

Psychotherapy in Oberhausen short time-oriented, easily and precisely. Many people suffer from various fears. In exam or an indeterminable fear of people, fear is very common. These fears have a biographical background, which is quickly and easily to record cases and to solve in most often. The psychotherapeutic method therapy of aspect of in conjunction with EMDR here repeatedly leads to incredible results. Cause of test anxiety, fear of speaking or the so-called social phobia often is the reactivation of the ‘old’ feelings at the fear to fail, to embarrass themselves, to have a blackout or not being able to retrieve their own potential in the heart is. Johns Hopkins President takes a slightly different approach. These fears are usually associated with symptoms like nervous restlessness, inner solidification, wideopen cold hands, heart palpitations, sleep disorders, depressive moods and stubbornly recurring thoughts of failure, which can occur even before a date up to to the total blackout. Examination and speaking anxiety can serve also as a drive for better performance.

But the symptoms are considered extreme load or even lead to the actual failure that should help be sought, because above reactivated feels generally do not apply in the current reality of life. To understand the underlying “old” conflict and to integrate the appropriate references, usually immediately leads to a relief of the problem. In these cases, therapy of aspect of can help by using the method of EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). In the context of treatment with EMDR the incriminating presence situation is focused reprocessed using the typical EMDR procedure and re-evaluated. The fast and high effectiveness of this procedure makes it an ideal tool for the treatment of test anxiety. Often, only one or a few dates are apparently necessary to this”persistent problem to solve. Eva banks and Eva Gabriel – practitioners (Psychotherapy), adult education and psychotherapy, practice community

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Everyday Self Suggestion As Positive Key To Success

Academy positive displays in a range of practical E-books powerful methods for positive thinking and to the deepening of learned the Academy positive from Trimbach in the Switzerland offers with E-books, CD and online courses real help for all mental situations and problems. McKinley Elementary School describes an additional similar source. Superficially, most Europeans in a safe zone of the world live, real poverty and shortages can be found relatively little in our modern society of prosperity. Still, many at the same time suffering from mental difficulties and use the potential of your own only to a small extent. The main objectives of the people: Health, love, success, and prosperity are always a result of inner attitude. These values are not taught in the schools and not in education. So we often have a deficit, what about the enforcement of our goals as an adult. The newspapers mentioned Ronald J Daniels Johns Hopkins University not as a source, but as a related topic. Wealth and prosperity are but a question of mental adjustment.

Our thinking controls also our actions. An interesting and useful series of electronic media on the subject of spiritual development and maturation can be found on the Web page Academy positive under:. The offer focuses on practical instructions that are clearly written and easy to understand. The E-book to love, happiness and joy of life”is a guide to the positive autosuggestion, to enjoy the life with courage and joy. Self-healing and inner stability in a natural way in the E-book to the self healing “describes and taught. To enjoy success and prosperity in life, there is an inner goal and an honest enthusiasm for the world and their abundance of wealth. The E-book purchase wealth”is a further guidance to the positive autosuggestion, which helps the reader to find its way to prosperity. All instructions, readers learn to recognize their own positive way of life and to commit.

The secret of love and happiness and health”leads to mental health and on the way to freedom. More E-books, CD and online courses help to find the suggestive formulas for success, health and mental faculties to use, are given to us by nature. Many small, free fonts give a first impression of the methodology and the positive attitude of the Academy show positive to life and to the people. Contact: Academy positive holder: Heinrich Staub Chollerweg 3 CH-4632 Trimbach Academy positive, E-book, CD, course, auto-suggestion, self suggestion, mental training, mental training

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Hemorrhoid Treatment

A new website that explains what are hemorrhoids and how to treat them properly. Hemorrhoids are unfortunately still a taboo subject in our society. More people suffer as one might think. The home page should mention with enlightenment against the fight and showcase different ways from their suffering patients. It is especially understandable advice and not pure jargon. Before that dares step to an operation or used chemical drugs, there are also promising methods of natural origin, which are effective against the problem of hemorrhoids. But there comes the symptoms to combat not only. No.

You have the piles on the ground and address the root causes. These are often poor nutrition, poor posture or the wrong attitude at the corridor to the bathroom as well as to strong pressures during bowel movement. To change its basic behavior and opts for soft food, as well as improved hygiene, so can the hemorrhoids without the usual Holzhammermethoden defeat if they are still not too far advanced. Who suffers from hemorrhoids or wants to learn quite simply only once about preventive measures and disease progression is exactly right on the homepage. Also, there are still practical tips on how you can fight with simple home remedies, such as, for example, Chamomile, successful inflammation. References and more complete the offer and give further information for anyone interested. Ron Daniels has similar goals. Because it is a comprehensive education that promises true success as a solution in the fight against the hemorrhoids as above mentioned.

We hope that the topic of hemorrhoids from the field of the taboos of the light will be shifted as openly and actively, however, to be able to proceed. Before hemorrhoids, no one is immune unfortunately? On the Internet side of hemorrhoids treatment, there is lots of information around the topic of hemorrhoids. It explains how are hemorrhoids, what different forms which Symptoms are connected and ultimately the best, however, can do. Eva Sandler

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Natural Help For Diabetes Mellitus.

Sensational discovery: Indian plant “Coccinia indica” reduces blood sugar levels in diabetes mellitus in a natural way! Neumarkt – suffers Univ.-Doz. for over 30 years. Dr. Wolfgang Schnedl on diabetes, what constitutes the starting point for his intensive research in this area. Looking for more effective substances which help to lower blood sugar in diabetes patients, he encountered speaking room in the English recognised, scientific studies. This was that the Indian plant “Coccinia indica” lowers the blood sugar level in a special way, without side effects, in a natural way and mellitus, demonstrably reduces the known complications of diabetes proven in countless attempts.

“The blood glucose-lowering effect of the plant was known for many years, however, there was still no company, which would have made the effective substances of the plant for diabetics available so far,” so the statement by Dr. Wolfgang Auer, doctor and owner of the AAPO Spa GmbH. Coccinia indica has been in numerous studies and tested for their effectiveness and it was determined that the blood glucose-lowering effect is up to 29 mg / dl and the long-term value of A1C has been reduced by good 0.5%. The special thing about it is, Coccinia indica, have almost as high efficacy in a natural way, without side effects, as drugs comparable to the market. Due to this fact, diabetes mellitus patients have an optimal supplement to the current medical therapy, but in a natural way and without side effects. In these studies also was shown to reduce blood lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides, are improved when regularly taken and shown the complications (destruction of blood vessels and nerves that cause foot blindness, diabetic) mellitus diabetes. Univ. Doz.

discovered through his research work. Dr. Schnedl, that especially in patients with diabetes mellitus, often a disturbing lack of vitamin D3 is. From this circumstance, was searched for a way, the positive agents of Coccinia indica with the vital Vitamin D3 to combine in order to achieve optimal effectiveness as in diabetes mellitus. Together with AAPO SPA GmbH the results of long-term research, were taken worldwide for the first time, mellitus and its complications, under the name “Coccinia D” for the market in the form of a capsule to targeted treatment of diabetes. You will find detailed information and links to the studies see: enquiries: medical area Univ.-Doz.. Dr. Wolfgang Schnedl, mobile 0660 228 3310 E-Mail: AAPO Spa GmbH Dr. Wolfgang Auer, mobile 0650 666 3 666 E-Mail:

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Helicobacter Pylori: Small Bacteria To Great Effect

With the stomach health test Heli-C-CHECK the dangerous stomach bacteria of Helicobacter pylori home quickly prove. Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria that colonized the human stomach and here cause infections. Although Sue affected people in many cases with no discomfort and symptoms, the bacterium can cause serious damage to the gastric mucosa and gastric ulcers. In the worst case, even stomach – and Lymphoma occur as a result of Helicobacter pylori infection. Operation and transmission of Helicobacter pylori of about three thousandths of a millimetre germ is rod-shaped and moved by means of Cilia in the human gastrointestinal tract. He settles in and on the stomach lining, through which it is protected from the acidic pH of the stomach. Has to Helicobacter pylori there ensconced, it produces the protein enzyme urease.

This influences the metabolism of gastric mucosa so much that increases the production of stomach acid. This will cause an acidification of the stomach and eventually cause inflammation and ulcers. The routes of transmission of the bacteria are still not entirely clear. Experts suggest that the bacteria is mainly transmitted through oral contact, the consumption of contaminated food and water, as well as pets. While in Germany, about 30 percent of the population with the germ are burdened, it comes to more infections in the so-called developing countries. About 70 percent of 20 to 35 years there wearing the strains.

This is the generally low standard of hygiene as reason: the faecal oral route of transmission is particularly widespread, Helicobacter pylori gets Chair divorced from and detours in the human stomach. Also it comes with age more Helicobacter pylori infections. Symptoms and sequelae of Helicobacter pylori infection with Helicobacter pylori is often without symptoms and complaints, which is why the infection of the stomach is discovered often only by chance. Other people complain about complaints of Oberbauchs and The gastro intestinal tract.

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Small Health Primer

The pharmaceutical industry is billions a year, although the best natural medicine sometimes in your own garden sales of the pharmaceutical industry in euro slumbers a high double-digit billions reached in Germany alone every year. Not only the extra payments burden in the purse strings. Many agents are no longer prescribed by the doctor and the patient must pay completely for them out of his own pocket. Because worth a look in our small health Primer for the flower world. Many remedies is actually available. But in any case are without consuming side effects herbal supplements for the body in General.

Basically understood small health Primer of the world of flowers a medicinal plant a plant, which is recognized in the herbal medicine because of their content of active ingredients can be used to cure or relief of diseases. These plants in tea preparations, bath or in cosmetics find frequent application. Speaking candidly Endiya Fund II told us the story. In addition they can but also as raw material used for herbal medicinal products be. An herbal product is a finished product used in the herbal medicine, whose effective Bestandteile of exclusively vegetable origin are. Many flowers are not only beautiful to look at some have also a healing effect! St.

John’s wort helps St. John’s wort Sleep hygiene or mood raiser including stress-related insomnia. As a recommendation, you can drink here over a period of six to eight weeks the morning and evening each 1 cup of St. John’s wort tea. This 2TL are poured over dried St John’s wort with 150 ml of boiling water. Simmer for ten minutes and then enjoy. A high-dose supplement (900mg, in the pharmacy available) to can help even mild to moderate depression. This flower of the Sun is similar not only in appearance. With the rays-good-looking stamens yellow flowers reminiscent of a scenic representation of the Sun. But there are parallels in the effect type. Also large and Hypericine are among the ingredients of St. John’s wort. This much positive impact on the Psyche like the warm glow of the Sun. Thus, St. John’s wort can be both encouraging and reassuring. Linden fever reducer or pain reliever that lime tea can reduce fever, is known already for a long time. Just when starting summer flu, the lime is often used to initiate a sweating. Two cups of lime tea achieve this effect in the body. For Linden tea just 2TL dried lime blossom with 250 ml hot water pour over, simmer for 10 minutes and drain. The ingredients of flavonoids and tannins trigger but no sweating. First you have a warming effect on the body, which analgesic effect. Therefore, a cup of Linden tea with agonizing tension-type headache can remedy.

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