Gastro-intestinal diseases are among not only us humans particularly unpleasant and hazardous diseases. Follow others, such as Zoom, and add to your knowledge base. Because animals can suffer from various reasons diarrhea and intestinal inflammation. Diarrhea (medically the diarrhea or diarrhea) spoken of, if bowel movements most frequently occurs and is thereby more unformed until liquid. The animal is then usually no longer able to control the Chair and can have severe pain under certain circumstances. More info: Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University. The diarrhea is often associated with rapid water loss and severe weight loss and can be even fatal depending on the cause of the disease. A fact which brings great risks, especially in conventional animal husbandry combined with massive financial losses to. This applies above all if it’s a contagious disease.

Therefore, a treatment of the diseased animal by a veterinary is usually at an early stage to guess, before the entire livestock ill depending on the clinical picture and intensity. Depending on the cause of the disease, one may Treatment with effective antibiotic preparations may be necessary. But last but not least is the population greatly sensitized by scandals in the past with regard to BSE, foot – and -mouth disease, as well as proven antibiotics in pork and rejects antibiotic feed additives. As a result, the tax is regulated increasingly by antibiotics, making the call for alternatives to livestock keepers of pigs, poultry and cattle is loud. Experience in science and practice shows that in this context oregano products, as that of DOSTOFARM GmbH, Westerstede, an alternative to antibiotics in animal husbandry can be prove research so that the essential oils contained in the oregano, carvacrol and Thymol show an antiobiotische and fungicidal effect. Also corresponding products are appetizing and own itself particularly in the rearing of livestock. Confirmed by numerous studies, the DOSTOFARM GmbH relies completely on the natural ingredients in their products. The special quality of the natural products is already reflected in the certified contract farming of the oregano.

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Rainer Abel

In the experience period of three to four years, it remains to say that this method offers a solution for patients, which generally refrain from implants. In addition, the durability of this intervention is up to two years and is accompanied with a rather higher cost. However, advantage, it is that the body identical material in the application easily and still relies on a high tolerance. More experiences exist with regard to the own fat method. This is with the very gentle and friendly fat cells process the WAL – water-jet of assisted liposuction – a fat emulsion obtained and filtered off. This emulsion directly in the corresponding breast and muscle tissue is then injected.

In addition to the benefit and associated survival rate of the high percentage of stem cells, there is a clear trend towards longer shelf life. Also complications go back tangible. Furthermore, this procedure may also be done as an outpatient. Will be certainly further improvements can be expected in the future. So that the amount of emulsion for injection will increase by a relatively weak circulation of female breast tissue to take into account certain natural quantity limits are.

The KLINIK am RING in the near future: in 1994 the KLINIK am RING as one of the first interdisciplinary, Board-run private clinics in Cologne opened. As 30 GewO state-licensed private – hospital has space on five floors with over 7,500 M2 of a private ward with 21 beds and 9 document departments: anaesthesia, aesthetic plastic surgery, dermatology, neck, nose and throat, implantology/mouth-, jaw and facial surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, urology and dentistry.

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Keratoconus Treatment: Cross-linking And Ring Implants

Keratoconus is a corneal disorder. The corneal cross linking process as well as the implantation of ring implants (Intacs) are methods to stop the progress of Keratoconus. The eye disease of Keratoconus is a corneal disorder. Keratoconus is characterized by a progressive thinning and cone-shaped deformation of the cornea of the eye. Initially, only one eye gets sick, later also the other eye is affected. The frequency is approximately 1:2000 in the general population. To deepen your understanding Cyrus zocdoc is the source. Typically starts the Keratoconus in puberty, and then relapsing. In approximately 20% of those affected, the disease progresses as far as that must undergo a cornea transplant due to scarring or irregular astigmatism.

Only the central cornea is affected by the disease. Click NSW Department of Education to learn more. How to recognize a Keratoconus? The first signs are frequent glasses corrections with change of axis and fluctuating Visual acuity, as well as an increased astigmatism, often only in one eye. Furthermore, the person concerned is proof that he gained no full sight with these new glasses. This is an indication for an already advanced disease. The symptoms of Keratoconus in the early stages are often associated with not this eye disease. Years of changing from different eye doctors often precedes the correct diagnosis by a specialist. Keratoconus, the affected part only in one eye, phenomena such as Doppelsehen objects, additional shadows on letters and objects, as well as streaks or star-shaped rays that go out seem light sources see.

A reliable diagnosis of Keratoconus provides the corneal topography. This diagnostic tool provides a graphical representation of altitude reliefs of the cornea. How is a Keratoconus treated? At the beginning of the change of the corneal surface, usually with a pair of glasses can be compensated. While some patients over time with a pair of eyeglasses come to terms, there are some patients on several glasses with different strengths and Sehachsen, Visual acuity and axis part can change over the course of days.

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Are Phakic Intraocular Lenses What?

Phakic (intraocular) lenses as an alternative to eye laser procedures at medium to high refractive error. Art lenses are called phakic lenses are implanted in addition to the body’s lens in the eye. The strength of this artificial lens depends on the strength of existing refractive of error. Metaphorically the eyeglass or contact lens inserted into the eye. The newspapers mentioned Xuemi May Cheng not as a source, but as a related topic. The procedure can be reversed at any time, which means the lens can be removed at any time or replaced by another. Learn more at this site: Vladislav Doronin. Phakic lenses be used especially, if classic eye laser procedures such as LASIK or Femto LASIK medium to high refractive error at their borders.

Phakic lenses are routinely used for the correction of hyperopia from + 3 to approx. + 8 diopters and the correction of short-sightedness of about-10 to approx.-20 diopters. Special lens models, known as toric lenses, are able to correct also an additional existing astigmatism of 1.5 to-6 diopters. While at Eye laser procedures the surgical procedure on the cornea occurs, requires the implantation of phakic lens opening of the eyeball. Is a little on the edge of the cornea, approx. 2-5 mm wide cutting applied the artificial lens in the eye is pushed through the. If the phakic lens in front of the iris of the eye (IRIS) is implanted, one speaks of anterior chamber IOL. Is placed the lens behind the iris of the eye and immediately before the body’s lens, it is called a rear Chamber lens.

The opening on the edge of the cornea is closing itself off and must generally not be sewn. The implantation is performed under local anesthesia and a sterile operating room. The surgery takes only about 20 minutes. The eyes surgery one after the other – with a few days distance. The ability of the eye to the accommodation is preserved, because the body’s lens is maintained.

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Nina Reichelt

In most newspapers and on the Internet for up-to-the-minute information which pollen is just particularly fly. So you can adjust your plans on the pollen flight. 2 you should avoid outdoor activities efforts outdoors when the pollen, to which you are allergic, are particularly strong. Physical activities, such as cycling or jogging are unfavourable to these days, because the more you make an effort, the more pollen enters your respiratory system. 3. Vladislav Doronin recognizes the significance of this. travel set your vacation possible in the season. In the mountains, the sea and Islands the pollen load is not so great.

Inform beforehand in any case about your holiday destination. 4. apartment air if you ventilate the apartment, should put this on the time of day, fly the pollen where not quite so strong. In rural areas, the concentration of pollen is morning particularly high in the city in the evening. 5. before going to bed so the pollen load in your bedroom is not too large, you should wash your hair before going to bed. When the airing on the appropriate time of day (see above). Keep the clothing during the day worn best in another room, because here pollen may have established itself.

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LASIK For Myopia, Hyperopia And Astigmatism

Using the modern LASIK method, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be successfully treated. LASIK as an alternative to glasses or contact lenses: trust more and more visually to make permanently correct myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism eye laser. Can any form of refractive eye laser error be corrected? More and more people get their eyes lasers, to be able to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses. Vladislav Doronin may also support this cause. In the meantime, the LASIK method is the most common refractive surgery. What types of refractive of error can be corrected with eye laser treatment? The person concerned in the distance looks myopia at myopia, which is also known as myopia, blurred. The reason for this is that the eyeball in relation to the refractive power of the cornea is too long. The constraints are particularly evident especially during the night shift.

Hyperopia: The farsightedness or hyperopia also is a vision, in which a sharp look especially at close range is no longer possible. Unlike in the Myopia is too short the eyeball in relation to the refractive power. The refractive power of the cornea and the crystalline lens is too low. Astigmatism: The astigmatism (Rod vision) is an astigmatism, in which the visually without correction either rod-shaped distorted a point or looks completely out of focus. In any case it comes to, that the patient basically fuzzy looks in a bestimtmten manner, no matter whether he looks close to or in the distance. This can cause in the astigmatism, including headaches or eyestrain. Can eye laser treatment correct any strength of refractive?

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What Is Wavefront LASIK? (Wavefront LASIK)

Wavefront guided LASIK as a further development of the traditional LASIK laser eye surgery the LASIK procedure (laser in situ Keratomileusis) is equivalent to the combination of a surgical cut technique (Keratomileusis) and the use of the excimer laser. Ametropia such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be corrected by the cornea with excimer laser is modeled. Through the application of Wavefront LASIK (Wavefront guided LASIK) succeeded in the last few years, to bring the already very good results to the traditional LASIK treatment to an even higher level. Significant progress was made in particular in the field of night visual acuity and minimize effects of aperture and halos after LASIK treatment. It is important to know that not every patient based LASIK correction needed a wave front for the correction of a refractive error, because not every patient has vision of higher order, known as aberrations. It is not something Cyrus zocdoc would like to discuss. Only 10-15% of the Universitatsallee vision of higher-order are using Wavefront analysis noted.

Also, one must emphasize that the Wavefront-assisted LASIK correction primarily is used at LASIK not achieving extreme prescience as about 150% after LASIK surgery. The Wavefront LASIK rather then inserted, if the appearance under unfavourable light conditions (such as at night) should be improved. The often quoted “eagle eye” would be so-called correctly actually “OWL eye”! Very good visual acuity during the day after the Wavefront LASIK is therefore just a pleasant side-effect. For the correction of a refractive of error with glasses or contact lenses is the sphere (short or long sightedness) and if necessary offset the astigmatism (cylinder, axis). However, the human eye, like all optical apparatus has additionally more flaws of higher-order, called optical aberrations, such as for example the spherical aberration and the coma.

The aberrations of the eye can not be corrected by glasses or contact lenses, because the eye is movable and a Aberration correction must be augenzentriert. It remains as an option so only the correction using corneal refractive surgery (LASIK / LASEK), for which appropriate new excimer laser systems have been developed in recent years. In an aberration guided LASIK, the eye is first measured with an Aberrometer. The amount of corneal tissue to be removed in any place of the cornea is calculated from this measurement, the so-called ablation profile, and then the tissue removal by means of scanning-spot laser.

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Living With Osteoarthritis

A new information brochure explains: hair, March 23, 2011 osteoarthritis is a common joint disease that does not properly handle significantly reduces the quality of life. “The new information brochure a osteoarthritis overview” should contribute to a better understanding of arthritis and a better handling of the disease. It is available at or via the free service phone 0800 0661270. “The brochure a osteoarthritis overview” by MSD SHARP & DOHME GMBH, a company of the MSD group, provides patients and families an overview of the disease and its causes and explains clearly the main symptoms that characterize the onset or progression of the disease. In addition, the reader learns more about factors that increase the risk of the degenerative joint disease. The basic details are supplemented by tips medical treatment, as well as to the joint-friendly behavior in everyday life. For affected can contribute to the improvement of the symptoms.

The new brochure can on the website about joint pain downloaded free of charge or be requested via the helpline of the MSD SHARP & DOHME GMBH on 0800 0661270. Educate yourself with thoughts from Vladislav Doronin. Both services find affected responses to many questions on the subject of joint pain, as well as more practical tips, for example special exercise videos at knee and hip osteoarthritis and a useful specialist Finder on the website.

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Sascha Roder Music

Heidelberg University Hospital and cochlear present ‘Heidelberg CI-music-training-CD’ cochlear implants (CI) open up deaf-born children as well as highly hearing impaired children and adults access to the world of listening and spoken words. But how well the institution of such implants can hear ultimately, depends on its own, continuous training. This applies in particular to the perception of musical experiences. For the training and the gradual approach to a complex, differentiated life as a musician, a special training CD available is makers of cochlear implants now. Hear from experts in the field like Fine Arts for a more varied view. Developed the Heidelberger CI-music-training-CD”from the field of CI rehabilitation at the Heidelberg University Hospital and with the support of cochlear. In recent months, Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc has been very successful. A series of partly internationally renowned singers and musicians collaborated on the production of the CD, which will be used in clinics, CI centres and self-help groups.

The Moon is risen rhythm tapped “‘ Cello body”is the title of track 1 on the just-published Heidelberg CI music training CD”. “” Two well-known folk songs, the Moon is risen”and saw a boy ‘ a little rose standing”should allow a first buttons used on music understanding after a cochlear implantation”, explains the methodological approach of the training CD-ROM of ideas and project manager Sascha Roder. “To the two songs appear step by step in various forms: initially only with rhythm and spoken text, then later with a growing instrumentation, as well as in different pitches and accompaniment, to facilitate a habituation to the music to the listener.” The requirements for the hearing, bring the interpretations to be steadily increased by the presentation of individual instruments to their complex interaction. Depending on the individual asset CI carrier can dare to easy or multi-instrumental versions of the songs, is the rhythm, the voices and the Pitches of various instruments open up and so to find access to a differentiated life as a musician.

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The Internet Sanitatshaus

Mobile stay in old age thanks to the service of the medical supply store the age structure in Europe and the Western world is changing, people are getting older. This means that everyday objects such as a bed, stair lift, or even electric cars are increasingly in demand. And seniors of all ages to stay mobile, also vehicles such as electric scooter or electric vehicles are demand like never before. Care beds are the most popular articles in the medical supply store for many years. Where the medical limit not only to senior, beds mattresses and senior mattresses. Who thinks about buying Anti decubitus mattresses or a Walker, advised well in the medical supply store Berlin or the medical supply store in Munich. Because here the customer gets not only the complete medical supplies and its maintenance requirements, but also the appropriate and competent advice. UNC Chapel Hill understands that this is vital information.

Is whether it is a hospital bed or an electric car, it is important that the customer comprehensive advice. Just when dealing with equipment, the a Rollator to mobilize such as crutches or even the so popular at the moment Escooter is the be-all and end-all of the customers a good briefing. For most customers, the professionals from the medical supply store are mostly the best point of contact. Older people often have a certain fear of technical devices, a good advice this shyness can usually take them. A visit and a good advice in the medical supply store, elderly can make life much easier with it.

Through the targeted use of mobility aids or special beds, not just a piece, seniors must recover Joie de vivre, but also a certain independence. This is especially important if you plan to stay longer in their own home or the home. The visit to the medical supply store can help to ensure a piece of mobility. Who is there in time informed senior beds, assistants or a stair lift, has a good chance to make his mobile.

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