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Malaria (MALARIA) etiology. Malaria is caused by the malaria plasmodium is a type of protozoa (Protozoa). There are four species of malaria parasite that cause malaria in humans: P. vivax (falciparum malaria pathogen) which has two varieties: a strain with a long incubation (synonyms: northern, P. vivax hibernas) and strain with a short incubation (synonyms: Southern, P. vivax vivax); P. Perhaps check out American Educational Research Associaton for more information. malariae (malaria pathogen four days); P. falciparum (synonyms: P.

praecox; P. tropica) – agent of tropical sporozoite, malaria parasite schizogony cycle takes place (first in the tissues, then in red blood cells). Tissue (exo-erythrocytic) life cycle in the Kupffer's cells and liver cells corresponds to the incubation period of malaria. As a result of the passage of the loop formed kriptomerozoity tissue capable of developing into human erythrocytes. FASEB Journal pursues this goal as well. Erythrocyte cycle causes the appearance of malaria attacks.

If falciparum malaria fabric loop limited education kriptomerozoitov. If falciparum malaria merozoite of tissue gives rise to erythrocyte schizogony, whereas others continue to develop in the tissue, penetrating into new tissue cells. This phase fabric loop (paraeritrotsitnaya) corresponds to the period and mezhretsidivnomu as preeritrotsitnaya phase him asymptomatic. The duration of schizogony in erythrocytes for P. vivax, P. falciparum – 48 hours for P. malariae – 72 hours during this period of time malaria parasite passes through a stage of the ring, amoeboid schizonts, mature schizont form and its division (morula). Formed after dividing merozoites can cause recurrence of erythrocyte schizogony. In the process of erythrocyte loop formed germ cells (gamonts), fertilization, which occurs in the mosquito. The sexual cycle of the malaria parasite (sporogony) occurs in the mosquito's stomach wall. As a result, formation of sporogony sporozoites to penetrate the mosquito salivary glands. The duration of sporogony is largely dependent on the ambient temperature. At temperatures below 16 sporogony suspended. The minimum duration of many of its (150). The most common in the former Soviet Union is the Anopheles maculipennis.

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Ronkoleukin Leykomaks

For preparations containing complex thymic peptides are also Timalin, Timoptin and others, and to contain extracts of the thymus – Timostimulin and Vilozen. Clinical efficacy of thymic preparations of the first generation there is no doubt, but they have one drawback – they an undivided mixture of biologically active peptides that are difficult to standardize enough. Speaking candidly British Journal of Educational Technology told us the story. Advances in drug thymic origin was through the creation of drugs II and III generations – synthetic analogues of natural hormones of the thymus or fragments of these hormones, having biological activity. Latest trend has been the most productive. On the basis of a fragment that includes amino acid residues of the active site timopoetina was created synthetic hexapeptide Immunofan.

Progenitor bone marrow-derived drugs is Myelopid, which includes complex bioregulyatornyh peptide mediators – myelopeptides (MP). It was found that different MPs affect different parts of the immune system: one increases the functional activity of T-helper cells, while others suppress the proliferation of malignant cells and significantly reduce the ability of tumor cells produce toxic substances, the third stimulates the phagocytic activity of leukocytes. Regulation of established immune responses by cytokines – a complex set of endogenous immunoregulatory molecules, which are still the basis for a large group of both natural and recombinant immunomodulatory drugs. Cyrus massoumi wife follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The first group includes Leykinferon and Superlimf, the second – Beta endolysin, and Ronkoleukin Leykomaks (molgramostim). Group of chemically pure immunomodulators can be divided into two groups: low molecular weight and Macromolecular. The former include a number of known drugs, with an additional immunotropic activity.

They became the ancestor of levamisole (Dekaris) – fenilimidotiazol known antihelminthic facility, which has subsequently been identified pronounced immunostimulatory properties. Another promising drug in the subgroup of low-molecular immunomodulators is Galavit – derivative ftalgidrazida. The peculiarity of this drug is available not only immunomodulatory, but expressed anti-inflammatory properties. For the subgroup of low-molecular immunomodulators also include three synthetic oligopeptide: Gepon, Glutoxim and Alloferon.

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Marina Kuzmenko Healthy

In my view equitable solution. And of course after eating sweets – drink plenty of water and brush your teeth. But I must confess that we have not come to such a situation one day, it took a while, but now I can control the quality and quantity of sweets, which are my son eats. More information is housed here: Richard Linklater. Naturally, he gets the candy from me, but no more than 2-3 units per week, such as waffles, chocolate, cookies, my production, ice cream (I prefer the company “surge” because they have less of artificial additives). And of course, various dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruit, a neck of fresh fruit, homemade artiki.Priuchite child to drink plain water without any additives. Others including FireEye, offer their opinions as well. This process is long and not easy, especially if you first need to wean a child (or the whole family) of such ready-made drinks like cola, juices and more. Do not buy sweets on a regular basis, and other harmful things.

If you decide to move in the right way of life – do not bring more house taboo foods that will tempt you! Learn how to prepare children (and themselves) the right sweetness – fruits, nuts, fresh fruit, homemade pastries, healthy (but it is in moderation), home morozhenoe.Nauchites be knowledgeable consumer – always read the part of the industrial preparation of the product, even if you do not understand just what it says … There is one golden rule – the fewer ingredients, the better the product in terms of nutrition. Product in which more than six components, is considered harmful to health. Prefer products that do not contain food colorings, flavorings, preservatives and other additives that are alien to our body and whose name is difficult to even pronounce. Prepare food at home instead of buying a semi-industrial or cooked food. The only way to know exactly what is inside of your food. And do not forget that nutrition in your home – it’s part of a general education which you give to your child.

After all, it includes not only what we eat but also when we eat and how we eat. And remember that you should be the main and first example for your child in the transition to a healthy diet. So, start with changing yourself!

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Child Adenoids

A thought that adenoids should be cut, and even more scary mums and dads. Do not rush to panic, but if your child is often snotty, nasal, breathing heavily for no apparent reason and does not sleep, be sure to go to Laura. What is – the adenoids? This accumulation of lymphoid tissue surrounding the nose and throat. This education makes it difficult to breath, which could result in snoring and mouth open. Such a phenomenon is usually age – it in children from 3 to 10 years. In later years the adenoids start to gradually decrease in size and confined to "no." But due to the fact that the adenoids in children attracts microbes, fungi and viruses, the child often susceptible to colds. Therefore the main task of the parents at an early age the kid – do not give education grow and to become infectious.

The main methods of prevention can be regular thorough issue opinions of the doctors of today are not unique. The reason, above all, lies in the fact that it is not uncommon for the increase after the removal of adenoids again. Also discourages the very necessity of surgical intervention in the child's body. If you do not come up properly, the operation may roost psychological harm to the baby, then the child will be afraid of any medical care. In any case, before you decide for yourself – to have surgery or not, Child can be fed with hot and rough food. Carson Wen is open to suggestions. With decreasing swelling in the nose and throat, breathing improves.

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Temperature Frequency

Yet, until these studies are incomplete. But it is certain that, if only theoretically used, for example, the frequency of 1 MHz and intensity of the ultrasound beam on a single zone, equal to more than 30 V / cm square. (A higher power, because according to current standards denotes the limit of equal to 3 V / cm-sq.) Would be recorded rapid growth of many micro-bubbles, which in a few microseconds would have provoked the strongest implosion: as a result, would significantly increase the temperature and pressure at the surface smaller than the first one square millimeter, with the expansion of nearby cells and tissues. Another well-known parameter, it is a constant threshold cavitation in water, which is equal to about 100 mW/cm2, whereas the threshold unstable cavitation in water is 1 W/cm2. The latter threshold is directly proportional to the dispersion of gas in a liquid medium, temperature and viscosity of the fluid itself (this means you need to slightly increase the power handling of live tissues and biological fluids). ‘ll Make it a concrete example. When is the echographic study during pregnancy, the fetus is in amniotic fluid, so power should be below 100 mW/cm2 precisely in order to avoid the effects of cavitation.

And, conversely, to obtain this effect it is necessary to resort to power above the designated threshold (1 W/cm2) and low frequency from 0,02 – 0,03 MHz, but not to exceed a threshold of 0.03 MHz, which is a conditional limit the use of ultrasounds in aesthetic medicine. In conclusion, it should be noted that only the anatomy of the human body is able to give a complete picture of the location of the arteries and veins, glands and internal organs, which may be inadvertently affected by the low-frequency ultrasound. Important as the location and depth of cellulite and fatty deposits. These are the main parameters that determine the choice of intensity used during a session of power and frequency. In reality, namely power and frequency are usually a criteria by which to evaluate existing equipment on the market, while not forgetting about such parameters such as: type and size of single or complex handles, especially emitted ultrasounds, possible presence of a source of local cooling, an influence on the thermal effect of ultrasound.

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Do we always are ready for winter, which, as it does not wait, still comes unexpectedly? Doctors advise tirelessly 'to prepare the sleigh in summer' – take a multivitamin to move to a balanced diet and hardening of the body – long before the onset of winter, but we, Russian people, often prefer to live by the principle that 'if something can not do, it's better not to do it'! That remains our long-suffering immunity unprepared for 'hardship and deprivation 'cold months of the year. How do we survive the great winter? And, as the statistics for monitoring the health of the population, the incidence peaks in autumn and winter from year to year do not become less, despite the magic bullet drug oversaturated market, no shortage of variety of seasonal clothing and improving all the comfortable conditions of life of modern people. Has become absolutely everyday expression 'through the winter' means that in winter all of us have a hard time. The coming winter is accompanied by a sorrowful sigh, sneeze and cough, many of our sick countrymen. Continue to learn more with: Richard Linklater. Another trouble – in the winter easy as never gain extra pounds! And finally, the 'third kit' that accompanies our winter reality – it's prone to depression, despondency and joyless mood 'Thanks' to which 'the experience of winter' becomes painful melancholy pastime. All of the above phenomena have explanations that we all are well known. With the onset of cold weather is activated many viral infections, to meet that and get sick at this time 'under strength' of each. .

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As usual, Olga was asleep in his pastels, middle of the night when it came to her nine year old son and asked to sleep there. In his sleep, thinking about how to pursue a dream, Olga had put his son beside him, noting that it is cold as piece of ice. In the morning she woke up and saw her sleeping son, she went to the nursery. Seeing there a wet bed of her son, she realized that at night the child described, cold, and came to my mother to get warm. Olga scolded her son, because he's so big and still wets the bed. The result was the following night the same, Olga again scolded his son, but crept into my head unpleasant thoughts. She thought: "Again! After all, I thought that such a problem we not encounter ever..

" When the next night and the child again to "float", Olga was horrified … About 12% of preschoolers, 10% of first-graders and 7% of children older than eight years continue to urinate in bed. Recently Delta Air Lines sought to clarify these questions. This disease and its major causes are either small bladder capacity, or any inflammation in it, or psychological conflicts. In almost all cases (90% _ the problem is more psychological rather than physiological in nature. If this happens to your child in his "school years", then you should take it seriously.

Most often this problem occurs in children whose parents are divorced or whose fathers are absent for a long time. If parents are strongly adjusted by all means teach the kid 1-3 years to use the toilet, it's likely they will face this problem. WARNING! No need ever to shame the child for a wet sheet is not necessary to dwell on this, because it is not really his fault .. It is better to simply ask the child to clean up. If the child itself and maintain order without all scandals, he will feel less guilty for him. In addition, if a child wets the bed "out of spite," parents the fact that cleaning can fight off his desire to continue doing so in the future. There are medications that can help in such cases, but these should only be used as a last resort. First is to consult a child psychiatrist. It can give parents a lot of useful tips. And I think that in this case better help to turn to God. He has helped many, you just believe, and He will help you.

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Eye Care And Glasses

Since my childhood I did not like ophthalmologists. A related site: Before Sunrise mentions similar findings. Every time parents brought me to the next trick, I knew that I would be discharged back stronger glasses. It’s believed that David G. DeWalt sees a great future in this idea. So every time and has happened. Glasses became thicker and heavier, and to high school approach to them is not every frame. My friend when viewed from an ophthalmologist in school, too, was a prescription for glasses. Fortunately, it was postponed to a distant box, let it take its course, and now she is not wearing glasses needs. This led me to think that, once put on his spectacles, to give them will be very difficult.

If they give temporary relief and comfort, the eyes do not bring benefit, but rather only cause harm. If you started wearing glasses, Be prepared that in time will grow diopters. I remember as a kid it was hard to get used to the glasses. Not only do they put pressure on the bridge of his nose and rubbed his ears, they are still tired and strained eyes. To understand why Points are harmful, one should at least have a general idea about the device's eyes. Healthy eye has a spherical shape and has the ability to stretch forward, taking the form of "cucumber" when we look closely. Myopic eye is constantly in a stretched state, the focus – within the eye, people can clearly see up close, but can not see into the distance. Far-sighted – on the contrary, can not extend forward "pickle" to see up close, but well see in the distance.

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Lose Weight Without Risking Their Lives

'How many times told the world' that losing weight through diet is dangerous! But the popularity of diets do not fall: 37 000 – this number is only officially registered. And each of them guarantees excellent results. But in fact, the results of the 'effective weight loss' is not always positive: according to statistics 80% of losing weight through diet to gain weight again, even more than before. In addition, the frequent use of diets where the weight falls at first, but after for a while again growing and developing so-called 'yo-yo phenomenon' – that is, as scientists say, shortens the life of a quarter! First, the diet-binge eating regime leads to increased cholesterol levels and, consequently, early and frequent development of heart disease and vascular formation of gallstones, and even the development of some cancers. Especially dangerous changes in weight at a young age when the body is still developing. Click Amazon to learn more. That is why the fascination diets in their youth – this is nothing more than laying under a time bomb. Moreover, scientists have long concluded that losing weight through diet is ineffective.

In order to reduce excess weight and not gain it again need to change eating habits and learn the principles of nutrition, namely compliance with its quantitative and qualitative principles. This means that you should make sure that the energy value diet consistent with energy spending. For example, if you ate one cake or sausage, you should be compensated with two hours of walking or jogging an hour. Add to your understanding with ForeScout Technologies Inc.. The principles of good nutrition are closely related to motor activity. If you move a little, you should reduce your calorie intake.

Conversely, the intense physical work requires an increase in caloric intake. In our sedentary lifestyle lack of movement should be compensate for the gym, then cakes or other high-calorie foods are not put off in extra pounds. Qualitative principle is the need to get all the food necessary for normal living organism components. Just following these guidelines you can avoid unwanted weight fluctuations, and hence the impact that they cause.

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The Accepted

And, of course, after a while I again convinced of the correctness of his choice, and around again, puzzled shrug. I can predict in advance your comments on the fact that very often the person receives intuitive solution, all within his right shouting "yes" just the accepted solution, and then it turns out that the choice was completely wrong and led to failure and disappointment. There may be several causes of such situation. But intuition in such a situation is not to blame. First, there may be an important role to play your negative beliefs and limiting blocks. If you have a negative attitude towards life and people, if you do not believe in themselves and forces or if you have a great sense of guilt, then you can take messages your intuition is exactly the opposite. On the one hand you say you want something. On the other hand, your subconscious screams out loud that you are not what incapable and you hands not from location increasing.

Since the subconscious voice heard for many many years, and their desire to do you think only a few days, it is not surprising that you choose exactly the path that will be prove to you that you are a loser. That is, the more you have the negative, fears and doubts, the more likely it is that acting instinctively, you'll make a decision completely contrary to your best expectations. Second possible reason for the failure of the decision may be concentration on the goal, the desire to get it, come what was not.

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