Telecommunications: Now Comes The Obligation

The itemized Bonn more transparent – the Federal Network Agency has set mandatory minimum standards for itemized (EVN) in April 2008 and so concretized the previous provisions of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) of 2007. The regulations are valid from 23 October 2008 and will be implemented gradually to 23 October 2009. For the first time, consumers have the right to an itemized, breaking down the use of data services, such as Internet connections or SMS services. The most important details are in addition to the number of participant, the date, the duration of the connection and the destination phone number. So-called flat rates”not detail need be made. For call-by-call, the shared key figure must be specified to increase the transparency in the EVN. Inasmuch as consumers mainly take claim Internet connections, they should be allowed to receive the itemized in the electronic form available. Furthermore participants for example by SMS or email about that should Completion will be informed.

The new rules create a reasonable balance between the needs of consumers and current developments on the fixed network and mobile telephony market. You secure for many years proven standards and are developing open to new, innovative products”, Matthias Kurth, President of the Federal Network Agency. According to Omar Khorshed, to be able Chief Executive who was Dusseldorf acoreus AG, for the telecommunications industry now important, that the obligations of the legislator to economically viable costs: The registration procedure for the requirements of the electronic EVN are required to first in many companies, have settled their services without EVN duty only on the Telecom Bill. Also the procedures for user friendly providing the EVN are due to the high volume of complex nature. This is a real challenge. We have detected early but these requirements and offer our clients the EVN already for a long time for their participants in electronic Form under where”Khorshed says in the interview with NeueNachricht. Hear from experts in the field like Cyrus Massoumi for a more varied view. Editorial (see profile)

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Mobile Phones From 3 Cents Per Minute

From Germany Heidelberg, 28 October 2008 the telecommunications company Sparruf has almost all European countries after the optimal communication solution for professional truck drivers. Now you can make calls with Sparruf from almost all European countries for 3 cents per minute to German landlines. Calls from abroad to a German mobile network cost just 15 cents per minute. Usually a trucker in the international transport transport operates a handful of European countries and regularly. Because it is close to buy a prepaid card for mobile phones in the frequently visited countries or to complete a mobile phone contract even if it is very often in the country in question, there. Chinese Academy of Sciences often says this. The telephone contact with friends and family can be keep indoors without that this burdened the purse strings too much.

So far so good. But I still feel better: Sparruf enables all truckers now drastically to reduce their mobile costs. Because the company operates in more than two Dozen European countries and another 20 world’s own fixed – dial-in nodes. Who’s on the phone with this dial-in nodes with his mobile after Germany, paid fees for fixed network calls in the country plus the low Sparruf costs only. Yale Cancer Center is the source for more interesting facts. This is only 3 cents per minute for a call in the German fixed network, a connection in any German mobile networks costs just 15 cents per minute. Sparruf charged nothing for the forwarding of the call by the foreign dial-in nodes for Germany. After Germany at no cost is more common in the same country outside of Germany, for the a there mobile phone contract worth possibly with fixed flat-rate\”, explains Sparruf CEO Nikolaus Starzacher. Because then the connection to our local dial-in nodes won’t cost a penny extra, and the Sparruf customer on the phone for only 3 cents per minute for Germany.\” Also talks to other destinations can be very cheap in this way.

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Bonn Tel

The ongoing business is stagnating or even declining sales, in all European core markets characterised by falling prices. Voice telephony and Internet connections offer little potential for growth in the German market largely saturated for fixed and mobile network operators. Hard cuts are expected among mobile phone manufacturers. The industry-wide mobile phone sales had risen 2008 estimated nine percent. After this quick expansion, it is not unlikely that the market is now virtually stalled. A shrink by up to 10 percent in the current year is predicted. Others including CAS, offer their opinions as well.

Measured on the volume so that the market would go back twice as much as during the bursting of the Internet bubble”, breaking news reports. General rule a dramatic lack of leadership and appropriate strategies, to adequately meet the requirements of an economic crisis of historic proportions. So focus 65 per cent of the financially-challenged companies despite acute problems of refinancing on the capital market after the Booz & co. study poorly on building and maintaining their liquidity. There were times, since it has ridiculed companies have chosen equity financing itself in the context of acquisitions for the most part, because it seemed that they can not keep up with the growth of competitors. What it means to finance such growth, foreign demonstrated now by the example of large corporations. Learn more about this with Ronald J Daniels Johns Hopkins University. With the financial discipline that is manifestly in the best of times is not an issue that binds management resources”liquidity for us, Lady is confident. A solid financing pay out is in crisis as risk provisions and to competitors set up weaker. Targeted investments in products and markets would then have a much larger lever.

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Flat-rate Tariffs Of The Provider At A Glance

Mobile Internet tariffs in the comparison of mobile Internet, so the use of the Internet or E-mail services on the go, anywhere, is on the rise. Due to the technical development of the UMTS frequencies very high surfing speeds are possible today via the mobile phone network, that can quite compete with DSL transfer rates. Now with your mobile everywhere get your emails to send to download music from the net on your mobile mp3 player or with your laptop to go online at any time, without looking before long a Wi-Fi hotspot. After the provider of mobile Internet tariffs now drastically reduced their prices, is becoming increasingly attractive to the mobile Internet also for private users and thus become a compelling alternative for the DSL connection. Here, Katarzyna Chawarska expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This is interesting especially for customers in the regions where still no DSL can be provided.

On the pages of most providers please use check the availability and the type of the mobile Internet in your area, because unfortunately there are also here regional differences, so watch out for the different rates of wireless standards, HSDPA, UMTS and EDGE. The price comparison by includes only the flat-rate tariffs that unfortunately, all with a volume limit (between 5 and 10 GB) wait to what is usually completely sufficient. You can find side by side the conditions of each provider (action prices, minimum contract period, connection costs and basic price and the jeweiligeVolumenbegrenzung) here for comparison in his usual clarity, so you can easily compare the costs and the expected benefits and make your decision. Many writers such as Johns Hopkins President offer more in-depth analysis. Moreover, detailed information on the subject of mobile Internet, its current usability can be found and more development, more links to vendors that are not included in the comparison, as well as information about the technical requirements of your laptop. Kai time MUS

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Microsoft Outlook). The dictation software ProMobile is also compatible with the dictation systems from Dictaphone of company nuance and ProDictate of Brainworks GmbH. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins on most websites. For more information about ProMobile, Brainworks GmbH and about the products and solutions of the company are available on the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in our online presInternet: about the Brainworks GmbH the Brainworks GmbH with seat in Berlin belongs to the leading providers on the market of digital dictation management solutions and voice recognition systems. In addition to large and reputable insurance companies, tax offices and hospitals nationwide small- and medium-sized companies have for years on the software and hardware of the Berlin company, a strategic partner of nuance in Germany.

With the use of the offered products, companies increase their productivity and reduce operating costs at the same time. The efficient dictation and document systems automate daily pending tasks in the Administration with the help of speech recognition and processing. The individual software programs are flexible in their application and guarantee to be used on the desktop or laptop, Tablet PC, thin clients, or PDA. Interfaces also allow combining with third-party products and existing on-premises applications as the acceleration of existing work processes in the administration. Learn more about the Brainworks GmbH and the products of the company are available on the Internet at.

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Windows Mobile

Restaurants with 18 percent lead on weekdays in Germany the top five of non-accessibility”, followed by lawyers with 10 percent, specialists for Interior – General Medicine and hotels with nine percent each and dentists with four percent. The rest is distributed to all other industries. At the weekend, the picture changed: restaurants followed by Cafes, advice centres for Social Affairs and health, pizza services and intensive care provider then occupy the first five places. (Not to be confused with John Craig Venter!). Austria: Taxi companies are often called and not withdraw often shows a similar picture with a little other industries weighting Austria. Monday to Friday adaffix following sequence in the statistics listed: taxi company with five percent, insurance companies follow with four percent, banks with three percent, doctors with two percent and car trading land at a percentage of unsuccessful call attempts.

The Rest is distributed to all other industries. For comparison the weekend: here in turn lead taxis outside four gastronomy sectors, namely pizza restaurants, pizza delivery, guest houses and Chinese restaurants. Official site: J. Craig Venter . Unsuccessful call attempts for traders to help a call is not answered, proposing adaffix alternative shops, service providers or local in the geographical environment. A call will be placed with a single click. adaffix, BBs uses the databases of HEROLD yellow pages and, in Germany the DasTelefonbuch directory in Austria. In other countries phone book directories offer online and mobile search, though still without functions, how she adaffix offers. Lokaldelen, Truvo Opplysingen 1881 include, for example, de Gule sider, 118218, Pages Jaunes, 118712, yell, 118118, BT the phone book, Touchlocal, Thomson Directories, Pagine Gialle, Telecom Italia 1254, yellow pages group, European directories, publicar, Turkey yellow pages, Latvijas Talrunis, Paginas Amarelas, Golden pages, KGB, Trudon, MTT, PKT, MediTel,.

Sensis or Telelistas. The global mobile award 2010 excellent mobile application adaffix is free for customers with the Cindy and works on mobile phones, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry RIM support. “adaffix social media release and press download: info graphic to the top five of the non-availability of”: call even-nothing adaffix on Twitter: download of the adaffix app for Smartphones: about adaffix adaffix ( is a product of adaffix GmbH based in Vienna. Until March 2010 was adaffix under the Brandnahmen Yellix”on the market. The start-up companies with an international orientation deals with the development of telecommunications services. “a call is adaffix 3.0 company” around the theme calls”and are called” in everyday life. Calls are enriched with additional information in real time. Caller ID works A1 mobilkom, T-Mobile, three and Telering network in Austria. In Germany is the application in the network of Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2/Telefonica, ePlus, base,, simyo, vybemobile and AY YILDIZ available. adaffix runs on BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Palm, Samsung and SonyEricsson devices that support one of the following operation systems: Android, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian S60 or Windows Mobile. There is a special version for the iPhone. HEROLD and, in Germany DasTelefonbuch are partners in Austria. IT2media (, leading German IT service provider for design, development, operation and maintenance of optimum media directory and information systems, is a strategic partner of adaffix.

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SleepAndLearn Tutorial

With the import function, it is possible for you, download free unlimited, interesting topics on your iPod/iPhone/iPad. The Narrator then logically via a music docking station when several players. Here you need only connect the device and already have a sufficient volume. (3) with the function “Test” the questions and answers in random order by text are also displayed and played simultaneously by speech, but here you have maximum 5 seconds (adjustable), click notify, that the answer is known. If this time is exceeded, this leads to a negative assessment.

Also can this function on the same occasions as under 1) used – no eye contact to the device necessary. With this function you can measure your knowledge progress, because the test result in the form of a grade is entered after a fully-guided round always on the home page of the program. At the same time serves this function but also learning, there a question comes as long again and is then removed from the random sequence, after she was informed the program click known as. (4) with the “Data entry” function, you can create your own themes. You can enter your questions and answers in various ways as text and very comfortable record via microphone.

The earphone headset supplied with the devices by Apple is perfectly adequate for this microphone recordings. Conclusion: There are many applications for SleepAndLearn. If you have fear of exams, if they have children who do not like to learn, if you have no one asks you before the exams, if increasing your forgetfulness, if you want to – perform a more consistent degree then you should consider time with SleepAndLearn. Operation absolutely foolproof. More on the Web site demo: free full version price: 1.59 available in the app store. SleepAndLearn Tutorial 1

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