Luna Rossa

This includes Patrizio: I while in Naples and in Vienna grew up, where my parents operated a restaurant. This multicultural education not only the passion aroused in me for languages (at the age of seventeen Patrizio spoke Italian, German, English, French, Spanish and Polish already fluent), but also a personal connection to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, since I am here have many friends. For my parents, it seemed self-evident that I should be interpreting. But the gift to sing and entertain people was and is a much nicer job in my life. I already multilingual sang and released recordings in Italian, English and Afrikaans, a language that is widely used in South Africa. Now sing the time ripe also in German, to be not only the people here closer and emotions better and clearer to carry, but also often to see my friends who complain often, they travel far away can look must my performances.” Under the leadership of the veteran music producer Florian Richter, a man who has met global voice and understood his vision from the very first day, 12 wonderful titles have been recorded. “” In addition to traditional compositions and world-famous evergreens such as Bella Italia”, Marina and Buona Sera” is the Roy Black all in white classic “played in Italian. “Grazie Mille” means the title at Patrizio and gives the whole an international charm with local music history.

This includes Patrizio: I’m not only an Italian of Italian songs sings. It is important to give people the kind of music I am known for that, but I wanted to me artistically open and give them something else or something more from me. That’s why we opted for German tunes and German texts.” “” With you was there”turns to Patrizio of the German language and proves with my whole heart”from Franz Lehar’s the land of smiles”is yours, that he will enjoy this musical. A very special sweet melody the attractive singer with the well-known Winnetou “succeeded. To commemorate his late father, he write a sentimental text.

My father”is a proud obituary and a perpetual music gift that requires no further words” Patrizio says. With two impressive new compositions written specially for him, Patrizio Buanne expanded his horizons and underlines its romantic style with German note. “You were the boat on the sea of colors” and “musically as well as lyrically excellent insert and tighten an elegant bow between timeless quality and new modern standards. This includes Patrizio: I wanted to present my passion for the interpretation of great songs, no matter whether they are Italian, German, or brand new. It is important to convey the feelings believable. An old title must be translated into the 21st century. A new title must convince. For me, the experience in German was to sing like a journey through time in my school. It has made me a lot of fun and it was really wonderful.

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Thomas Mann

Some songs of the album sounds a bit unusual, too “experimental” (which noted singer herself), but the first song – “A lot of – quite a few” sounds “in bulanovski”, lyrically, spiritually, with great sincerity and emotional openness, with many ethical intonations and accents, so destructive in the archetype Persephone. Melodious music fits well with the soft-spoken singer, conveying a lot of thin semantic nuances. The first line of the song give images a wide space (the symbol “space of the soul”) Space psychic experience. At one point the song singer recognized that acts as some kind of symbolic, creative generator in the world of smiles and tears (the image of Anima Mundi – Soul of the World): “All the world smiles and tears, / I give up on the stage flowers. You may find CPB Campbell Soup Company to be a useful source of information. ” And this is typical of the Slavic – worry about all take to heart everything that happens in the world to sing kindness, sincerity, love, loyalty and faith. In his multi-volume “Lectures on aesthetics, “the German philosopher Hegel for the first time actively talking about the fact that the absolute aesthetic idea is expressed in specific national forms, expressed only through the national culture.

Recall, for example, the great German writer Thomas Mann. His first major novel “Buddenbrooks”, raised the German literature to a new level, was to limit, if I may say so, a national, however, soon begin to translate it into multiple languages, and it becomes the property of all mankind..

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Jamie Lynn Spears

It was still long, the little sister of Britney Spears. But now it has heard something from her (again). This time it was only in a broader sense about her pregnancy (16 is you!). Instead she got attention now positive. Now she has wondered publicly to her life, her baby, her school and her boyfriend. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ is the source for more interesting facts.

The Zoey 101 actress strives now even to a shot at a College, so as a friend confirmed the PEOPLE magazine. “She already has her testimony. She wants her ACT yet. Click FASEB Journal to learn more. She will not waste time also. The people do not even know what has it all in her head Jamie.

Everyone supports them.” Last month, Jamie Lynn was seen before an adult education center. These centers are known, and to help parents to prepare your child to cope with the new situation. She was accompanied by her mother. We wish you only the best Jamie. We hope that you grow the new situation not over the head. Lisa Walters

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Music Education

The practice of setting the piano gave me the idea that one of the main reasons for the ineffectiveness of children learning music is that very often homemade instruments are not technically equipped to face the pianistic challenges. Chip Bergh wanted to know more. Thus, reduced, and in some cases made it impossible to work on the main objectives set by the teacher during class at school. It should be understood that this is not a very configuration tool (interval scale), but primarily on the technical condition of a particular piano. The sad fact that not all adults, and not even all the teachers, pianists, are able to distinguish tuned instrument of technically correct adjusted. The philosophy of the parents whose children attend a music school, is reduced to the following axiom: “You also have set up your piano, so be polite and play on it do not complain!” Thus, parents do not understand why a child in school as if everything works and even praises the teacher, but at home he gets nervous and turned into torture sessions. Must be clearly understood that the piano tuning is a basic element maintenance tool, but not the only one. The main is still a belief, especially a beginner pianist is working correctly and coordination of units and mechanisms of the tool.

In his postovetskoy practice, I was convinced, and always call first pianists to decide which technical problems can and must solve the master customizer, before proceeding directly to the surgery setting. This is due to the fact that now often have to work with low-cost and, therefore, unsuitable for systematic studies piano. Allow to give an example of such technical defects as control hammer mechanism. One client, agreeing on setting up his instrument, dropped the following phrase: “Say,” piano “plays very well, two notes of” zapadyut “and a note is not so.” However coming to order, I discovered that the piano tone is set at lower and virtually all of the hammers in the choir are not regulated, in some cases beaten by one string, if not on a nearby sound. The hostess had planned, I held up no more than an hour, so in Anyway, did the previous tune.

Imagine her surprise when I asked about the time of the next visit next week. “Toccata” I adjusted and tuned to a tuning fork, the hostess was a little girl happy, but I was left with some, inexplicable feeling of guilt towards the child, who suffered more than two years of negligence would-tuner and misunderstandings adults. Very often, nowadays, in music schools instruments that do not meet basic technical requirements, which in turn significantly reduces the effectiveness of the teacher.

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