Defense Base

THE shot as ATHLETIC preparation:-most important objectives: develop jump, increase attack power and injury prevention. Organization of the rotation 1 attack attack: from the reception: can be planned in advance, according to the modifications offered at the time the rival and the limitations of our team. Also is scheduled in the week of work 2 attack of transition: from the defense: is more a response to a particular situation at the time and is therefore more spontaneous schema linear and combinations outline linear: are fundamental formations of attack, with direction of parallel career of attackers. It is schema type is simple quick and orderly. Its strong points are: 1 – attacks parallel with efficiency, speed.

2 Sum always one line fullback 3 – best possibility of output for the K2 scheme of combination:(no para principiantes) 1 sequential parallel 2 sequence crusade lock is the first line of Defense of the team. -It is a very explosive maneuver that has several functions. First the lock function is to intercept a ball of attack, either by returning it to the opposite field (called a blocking point) or taking the ball up and back to the area of defence (called soft blocking) (taken) – another important function of the blockade is to make display in certain areas of the field, influencing the direction of the attack of the opponent and thus reducing the area of the field that the Defense Base must cover. LOCK types: Neutral: vertical hands and arms at the network level. DEFENSIVE: neutral, but the palms of the hands facing up.

Contact with the ball is intended to facilitate the defence of 2nd line. OFFENSIVE: total penetration of hands to another field. Hands form a greater angle toward the place of contact. This type of blocking can be passive (static hands and arms) or active (action at the level of hombros-brazos – forearm-hands of greater penetration in field opposite to the sense of contact with the ball).

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All have experience of the well that has been feeling heard by someone who wants us to. It is not something Gerald Weissmann would like to discuss. If that is so, the first thing you wonder is: why should I go to a professional and not to a good friend or the parish priest for example? As professionals, we share with the friend or the cure, the sympathetic interest (empathy) on the other, but from there have nothing to do with them, since as therapists, we possess knowledge that these people have. At this early stage of being played outside the professional sphere, call it without pejorative mood psicodialisis. I call it so because even though the person does not resolve nothing Basic, if you download and relieves. Sorry for scatological’s example, but is like going to the service, where deposit that I not digested and then throw the chain. The bad news is that a few hours, they become the inconvenience and I again need deposit.

When I explain what is psychotherapy for me, I usually do a simile with acupuncture. The acupuntor master knows in which points of our meridians should insert the needles in order to redirect the energy to a particular body. As well, as therapists instead of needles we use words that as meaning structures which are, cause changes in the psyche of the patient. If we said that the patient suffers from its dissociation and its history, this means that there is a lock and therefore there is no communication between your conscious and unconscious, world being the Mission of the therapist, as I have said above, associate it dissociated or make conscious the unconscious. This concept with a clinical example can perhaps best understand. Some time ago I had a patient of 33 years who was about to finish his fourth college career. He was devoted to studying and building careers. Consulted by its more continuous anxiety attacks.

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