Jean Jacques Rousseau

Blaise Pascal: "When you do not love too do not love enough." Jean Jacques Rousseau: "The love letters are written beginning without knowing what was going to say, and end without knowing what was said." At 8 pm that Sunday, when the ground was wet from the rain and the atmosphere permeated by the smell of fresh water, I started to say goodbye to those he loved. No set off for a long trip, but it was the first time I left them for several days and, of course, nostalgia kicked in and managed to break the spirit and diminish the joy of that beautiful weekend (for me and many of whom live in the semi-desert cloudy weekends are beautiful, what can we do). Would only be out a short week, from Monday morning until Friday afternoon, the reason we started classes in college and doing his duty called vehemently. To pass the time I said goodbye kind words, comforted me, told me that it was necessary to make sacrifices. My mom was the most powerful of all when I said "if you'll never be no one in life and in this house there is no room for nobody." My girlfriend was only able to give me a kiss and a letter in an envelope hidden gently moistened with the perfume she wore. "You can only read it tomorrow morning when you're in college," he said. She imagined that I could resist temptation and that night I first thought so.

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