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Tag: Research

Robert Ingersoll

7 December, 2015 (16:48) | General | By: admin

Comes the understanding that in principle the basis of the model is its usefulness. And to be specifically, the most benefit. Because utility tells us only about the positive results, and the benefits of the relation of benefit and cost. Coming from work, you probably will not use the most complete model of your home, […]

The Development Of Modern Astronomy

14 November, 2012 (18:01) | General | By: admin

The concept of a stationary universe put forward in 1948, Bondi, T. Gold and F. Hoyle. The requirement that the characteristics of the universe in both space and time means that its density, despite the expansion should be constant, and therefore must be continually arise a new substance. "For twenty years – spoke bitterly in […]

Weekly Environmental Newsletters EcoportalRu

2 November, 2011 (10:32) | General | By: admin

Topics of issue: Investigating the disaster in the Kerch Strait suspended. Russia went on the ‘winter’. The Americans brought the cat glowing in the dark. MNR proposes to limit government regulation of the circulation of waste. Volga River threatens ecological disaster. —- FocusNote cat that was shone by itself … Greenpeace filed a lawsuit against […]