European Commission

The establishment of such a post shows that the climate and environment are top priorities the new European Commission. Recall that at the same time the European Commission retained the post of Commissioner for the Environment, who will take the representative of Slovenia, Janez Potocnik. Abnormally warm November the greater part of the European in Russia now that the week is abnormally warm weather for this time of year. For example, the temperature in the suburban town of Kolomna, November 25 rose 7.6 degrees plus values, thereby breaking the record 30 years ago. University of Cambridge understands that this is vital information. A week before the onset of the winter calendar in the Moscow region established so warm, even in the woods turned green grass and mushrooms grew. Reflected the abnormally warm weather and the lives of slum Moscow Zoo: Some of them were able to stay longer in open cages, and brown bears and does not yet intend to sleep because of this warm weather. Because of this abnormally warm weather is increasingly remember global warming. To read more click here: Vladislav Doronin. theme tops the list of records in the world and Russian blogs, which discuss the atypical weather for November. Enhanced protection of spruce and pine trees began on the eve of New Year Every year the holidays approaching Christmas holidays leads to the fact that many Russians, wishing to put in the house or yard beautiful, festive smell of pine needles green beauties – spruce and pine, not on the go Christmas bazaars, and straight into the woods. To protect the forest from encroachment beauties ‘softwood’ poachers have to strengthen the protection forest area of coniferous trees, to prevent illegal felling trees and fir trees to New Year holidays.

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Human History

The chronology of future events in human history. We offer our readers news of the future is made by the author on a creative synthesis most recognized authoritative predictions futurists, who were reconciled with the most accepted concepts of geo-social and cosmic cycles, as well as with the results of psychological experiments on the hypnotic progression, conducted in the United States B. Goldberg, J. Wambach and Charles B. Joy Winbourne spoke with conviction. Snow, the 70-90s of XX century. Were also used concrete predictions of modern prophets and seers. The result is a very impressive picture, which is somewhat at odds with what is known about the future of modern science. This circumstance does not mean that all the predicted events will be fulfilled accurately and to deadline.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, the consistency and the overall thrust of the stages of evolution of our civilization is heuristic value for researchers concerned with the global strategy for the survival of humanity on Earth and in space, as well as political scientists, economists and scientists from other disciplines. More information on the methodology and content of the predictions contained in the book can be read: Smityuh GE, Strelets, V., "The Chronicles of the Future" (Kiev, "Nika-Center", 2007). 2007-2009 – years of mass human sacrifices, religious and ethnic conflicts; 2008 – Ethnic conflict in the Crimean peninsula, an astronomical control reached 90% of the Solar System asteroids, 2008-2032 – a short period of "new matriarchy", 2008-2012 – the creation of large regional unions of states in Europe, America and the Pacific, the formation of new economic and political theories that will change the life of mankind in the future; genii humiliation, the birth of promising ideas mainly in research teams, 2008-2200 – Demographic decline in Europe 2009 – a major accident in the subway one of the cities of Asia, the first space flight, "shuttle" to tourists, creation of a space transport aircraft, 2009-2025 – mass deployment robotic androids in industrial production (USA, Europe, Japan, Australia) 2010-2012 – China successful landing of a spacecraft on the moon (with Russia) 2010-2020 – the decline of morality and religious consciousness; heyday of alternative medicine and as a result of natural disasters (floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions), refugees will be 50 million people, the beginning of the 200-year period of environmental crisis (death, forests, rivers, extinction individual species of flora and fauna, the lack of clean water); 2010 – a major flood in south-east Asia, obtaining scientific evidence for the existence of the soul after death, channeling mass (outer kontakterstvo) appearance Central America, the 9-year-old boy who called himself Jesus Christ, 2011-2023 – demographic pressures of the Middle East to Europe, growing numbers of immigrants, the process of coagulation of democracy in Europe and the U.S. .

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Balkar People

In a series of “vague” place-names of Kabardino-Balkaria, a special place names of settlements of the mountainous republic. Such names as Bulungu, Byzyngy, Ushur, I thought Kurnoyat, some others even involved followers of the theory iranoyazychiya Alan as an argument in determining the substrate etnogeneratsionnogo modern Balkar. It should be noted that while the desire to justify the most “convenient” hypothesis is often runs counter to common sense – as it happened with the interpretations of the toponym Ushur presented some Ossetian researchers. It is clear that the etymology of the name of tribal ownership of the main characters Nart epic (kind Shurtukovyh – in Karachay-Balkar version) has a special significance, but also understand that any withdrawals in Sanskrit can not shake is absolutely stable and transparent Turkic number of “al-kurt” – “Al-hartag” (Incidentally, it is saved as part of Ossetia nartiady) – “mustache-hurtuk” – “ushur,” which, strictly speaking, means “noble wolf.” Similarly, yields and etymology of the name “Byzyngy” (in Russian transcription – “Bezengi”) In addition, it allows the analysis to lift the veil of secrecy over the small but very interesting field of ethnic history of the Balkar People. Kindle Direct Publishing will not settle for partial explanations. The word “Bezengi” know the culture of the Turkic peoples. The various phonetic modifications (“Berzengi”, “bisingi”, “Bezengi” etc.) There is in it Turkmens, Uighurs, Kyrgyz, Karakalpak. Everywhere means mythical people, distinguished by unusual ferocity in battle and, sorry, a penchant for cannibalism. The author of these lines connects the toponym “Bezengi” with ethnonym and identifies the people, “Bezengi” with Pechenegs – for several reasons. .

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