National Nature Reserve

In Moscow will be consulting center on environmental issues from 1 September at the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Moscow opens counseling center on environmental issues. Specialists Department believe that the need for such a center arose from the fact that citizens do not always easy to understand the issues of environmental activities on their own. Now, after creating the Counseling Center, lawyers and environmental experts, inspectors and employees of various departments of environmental agency has applied to help citizens find answers to their questions in ecology and environmental management. Vladislav Doronins opinions are not widely known. For example, citizens can obtain information about the state of the environment in the city, information on protected areas and carried them to events, advice on the protection and maintenance of green spaces. Specialists suggest that among the popular will, and issues such as separate collection, disposal and recycling of waste, as well as requests for legislative databases in the field of ecology and conservation. The department reported that in order to get advice, residents of the capital will be sufficient to call the counseling center and ask your question on environmental topics operator on duty.

Specialists will prepare a response within 3 working days, and then operator will contact the applicant by telephone and left by will answer the question. For more information – phone consulting center and work – represented by The source of the Volga receives status National Nature Reserve in the near future in the Tver region will be created State Nature Reserve 'The source of the Volga River.

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Robert Ingersoll

Comes the understanding that in principle the basis of the model is its usefulness. And to be specifically, the most benefit. Because utility tells us only about the positive results, and the benefits of the relation of benefit and cost. Coming from work, you probably will not use the most complete model of your home, but only the one which indicates the minimum path to the bed. The result is "important thing is not where we look, but what we see" John Deniskar adopting for themselves a representation of the world, it fundamentally changes not only evaluate their own behavior, but and understanding the behavior of others (for each person in the head contains a lot of models, which in principle and create a personality). On this basis, we can define a set of practical conclusions.

Some of them we consider in this section. Do not assume that your knowledge is of course the only true. Even the scientific community accepts fallibilizm as a phenomenon. Many models explain the same thing in different ways. It was the presence of choice and the most promising the right decision.

You should not become attached to the model too much, because maybe in the future you have a chance to change it to more advanced. The more models you know, the more prospects to choose from. The more models of one subject, the more generalized or your opinion on it. Each model must be tested for adequacy. When choosing a model from a set, you need to evaluate the usefulness of each. The more the model of the facts, so it is objective. And so is adequate and useful in a particular area. As a conclusion, "The true essence of things – a profound illusion" is appropriate to recall the first quotation in this article: "Wisdom not counted the number of years lived, and the number of dead illusions. " I hope this article will help you not just to "kill" another illusion – the illusion of reality, but also to understand the mechanism of obtaining wisdom. A list of recommended References "I tell you not absolute truth but only what I consider the absolute truth," Robert Ingersoll, George Kelly, "The theory of personality: the psychology of personal constructs." -Direct examination of human to the point of model building mira.Robert Wilson "Quantum Psychology". – Consideration of the concept of reality from the point of view on modern physical teoriy.Harin S. "ended its gestalt." – Principles for achieving integrity lichnosti.Zigmund Freud, "Introduction to Psychoanalysis." – Deterministic behavior.

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