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Tag: Self

The Image

3 March, 2012 (12:47) | General | By: admin

Although in this case about 99% of information you can only guess. Why do I have an example? By this I wanted to show that words, sentences, paragraphs and even many, if not impossible to comprehend the pages of the books separately, in isolation from the rest of the context. In reality, more or less […]

Prince Potemkin

31 January, 2012 (01:10) | General | By: admin

Departing April 22 from Kiev to the galleys in the short soprovazhdenii suites, Empress arrived at the Kremenchug April 30. Here on the banks of the Dnieper were constructed triumphal arch bearing the inscription “Vozroditelnitse this region.” Up to 12,000 troops under arms to meet her. Not far from the apartments assigned to her were […]