The Situation

Suddenly interrupted it and said me in a tone of deslumbramento and allure: – We arrive Senhorita. – I looked at for all the sides, but he did not have nothing of new, only some houses as any another street, in the end of the street however if found the cemetary municipal, but could not there be where would take it me, that person in s conscience would take a stranger to give a stroll in a cemetary? Even though it did not seem to be a normal person, to this he left me thought with calafrios. Chapter 2 – Approach pulled me to It for the arm and I was following and what it really seemed a madness was real, it he was taking me to the cemetary, I I was terrifies, but what I could make? If I cried out nobody hear I could me because already he was late of the night, if I tried to fight against it also I did not go to give in nothing, it I was lean but of any form it was stronger perhaps than I, everything that I could make age to follow it, later it took me the party as he had said. I tried to be calmer but ahead of the situation it was sufficiently difficult, then when we arrive in the entrance I was more nervous still, that place I was macabro excessively pro my world and the night accented more the terror climate, for the boy that seemed normal very, it showed one total calm expression and also brought air of empolgao. When we enter I felt as if the wind had been more frozen and my heart beat each sped up time more, it looked at for me and smiled what for it was not a routine, then said in a gozao tone: – This with fear? I come all here the nights, this place me of the one immense interior peace. .

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Kaloustian Family

But it is unquestionable that, according to Kaloustian (2002, p.11-12). The family is the indispensable space for the guarantee of the survival of development and the integral protection of the children and too much members, independently of the familiar arrangement or the form as they come if structuralizing. She is the family who propitiates them over all arrives in port affective necessary substances to the development and well-being of its components. British Journal of Educational Technology recognizes the significance of this. It plays a decisive role in formal and informal the education, is in, its space that is absorbed the humanitarian values ethical and, and where if they deepen the solidarity bows. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bank of Asia. She is also in its interior that if constructs the marks between the generations and are observed cultural values. One understands that in fact the family is to the base of all the emotional development of the child. Being the main agent of socialization, having to be informing partner and of the actions in the process of formation of the personal and social identity of the child and of adolescent. Thus, historically to the occured changes during the socialization process they are relative, perceives that in some families who possess adolescents in conflict with the law, the lack of impositions of limits, the lack of dialogue, the aggressiveness in the familiar relations and the relaxed education, propitiate antisocial behaviors. What she comes to strengthen the importance of the familiar structure in the context of the process of ressocializao.1.1 Family and public politics the familiar group passed to be considered by the sociocultural movements, as one of the questions central offices due if to constitute in the first and continued space of formation of the citizens for a participation citizen, in its organizations and the dialogues with the governmental institutions (MIOTO, 2005). Leaving of this idea, she verifies yourself that it is a basic question the necessity of promotion and support the vulnerable families through articulated and well focused social politics.

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The Life

(…) And the art, as the education and all more, that higher end can have in aiming seno this, to contribute for the adequacy of the human being to the life, what, in a word, if it calls happiness? (ANDRADE, 1974 – Apud JAMIR AND HISS, 2005: p. 04). The theater is one of the most expressive and useful instruments for the construction of a country and barometer that its largeness or its decline marks (GARCI’A LORCA, Apud HERMILO, 1945. Apud CIRANO, 1981: p. 68).

It is a penalty that in the present time the parents do not have more time to have fun themselves with the children and also they do not buy better books. What it does not lack is imagination in books, a wheel of friends and mainly in the theater. The theater has the power to change the magic of ' ' vez&#039 was one; ' , for actions that go if completing when elapsing of history, it has the power to make to think, to move with the feeling and with the imagtico of each one, it makes to laugh and it makes to cry without to cause damages to the human spirit, to well the truth, who leaves a good spectacle always leaves soul clean, full of livens up to come back how many times possible, taken for one alliviates only with the heart gotten passionate for the art that it saw. It has an inexhaustible magic in the theater, that when if it establishes to the myth, the legend and to stories of fairies, does not have who holds. Limit is not had, because it does not have limit for the imagination. In accordance with Jamir and Silva (2005): The merit of the true artist is to know to represent inherent universal aspects to the condition human being without eclipsarring the enchantment, the pleasure and the singularity of the aesthetic experience. .

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Artistic Cultural Events

The great controversy concerning the existing entertainment in the artistic-cultural events would be exactly the question to make of the individual a passive citizen, simple consummation of products generated for the great society of mass. However, the fact must be observed as the individual deals with the supplied information it. Marcellino (2006) goes to affirm that ‘ ‘ as much the practical one, as the consumption, could be active or passive, depending on levels of participation of the person evolved. (P. 20). In the case of the cultural event, the individual, already guided for its individual choices, will be subject to the diverse forms of knowledge and proportionate values for the event, fitting proper itself to give one to these information. ‘ ‘ An active spectator would have as characteristic the selectivity, sensitivity, the understanding, the appreciation and explicao’ ‘ (Idem, pp. 20-21). We observe then that a form of the individuals exists to acquire a satisfactory formation in the cultural events, in what says respect to the local culture and other so necessary aspects of instruction for any individual and social development.

In fact, ‘ ‘ we cannot even though deny the importance of the medias of mass in the diffusion them activities of leisure, taking them to the house them pessoas’ ‘ (they idem, P. 21). In this manner, the artistic-cultural events can take care of to some requirements that contribute for the personal and social development..

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Personal Trainers

The professional ' ' particular.&#039 means trainer personal is who executes the accompaniment service; ' Grandson (2008). The evolution of the personal market training in Brazil made with that the professionals of Physical Education had a significant change in relation to the perspectives and chances of work MOSCATELLO (2007) the service consists of offering exclusiveness in the attendance and the accompaniment, Promoting greater motivation and incentive of the pupil or customer, to make possible with objetividade, security and efficiency the elaboration of the programs, To demonstrate to the comfort and the advantages of the choice of places, schedules and activities, To make possible the necessary satisfaction to the continuity of the program, to promote the quality of life for the lapsing of the activity Arantes physics Port (2000). Who already has its ' ' personal' ' , or particular professor, does not want more to know of standardized lessons VIEIRA (2009). After years of directed academic studies to the scientific formation, many of the professionals of the area of the physical education channel its energies to the market of Mller work (2008). According to Sectorial Nucleus of Academy of Rattlesnake (2010) is an attractive field and comes if detaching. The search of the public for the personalized training grew vertiginously, in consequence, promoted a proportional growth to the personal number to trainer in the city of Rattlesnake for the increasing demand of some bacharis in physical education in reason to exist varies College located in this region. The service of this Physical Educator particular lode to open way for a new market of work that lacked in the area of health VIEIRA (2009). However, the professional performance of the personalized trainer does not seem to only enclose the physical training of the customer and its accurate moment of execution, but totality of its daily one. It seems to include, also, the control of its daily routine, its alimentary habits, its schedules of sleep, its clothes, its familiar and social relations; intervening, many times, in its personal decisions.

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The law constitutes that all form of discrimination is hateful person, is constituted as crime against the person and to the human rights. In the theory it does not more only advance, evidences in the day-day people passing for constaint for being fat person, black, aged, homosexual, lesbian, for its race, religion for having some type of deficiency is physical or mental, she ties for the o way of the person to dress to express itself is reason of chacota of laugh. They say that the people are not prepared to receive this type of society these theories that the politicians only say, then because they do not prepare? More she is not as soon as functions, we are intelligent what we need and orientation, must start of the cradle to teach the children to deal with different people, them learning the parents also go to more learn, to work with lectures educative campaigns today we have more is little, until inside of the proper institutions of necessary education of qualified professionals teaching, as to deal more with different people equal before society. To know more about this subject visit Gerald Weissmann, MD. Celebrity BULLYING who does not leave of being a form to discriminate, the nets of communications show pupils form a block to intimidate the colleague that is without the tooth, with it steals torn with the feet in the soil and other reasons that also finish in physical and psychological aggression, standing out that these cases also happen in other countries as EXAMPLE what happened with that boy if will not be deceit was in the college in Australia, a colleague insulted it the other for it to be fat person giving it until one beat in the face, it replied with violence, only look at almost kill its friend, the occurred fact generated at the same time another violence, this video in the periodical was divulged today and had reprise in the fantastic one of day 27/03/2010. We are in the Sc. XXI we go to reevaluate our attitudes in relation to the indifferences, the discrimination never was and it will never be the best solution to start to act against this badly that it destroys our society, if to place in the place of the discriminated one already is a step stops to reflect, we have that to show that to be different in all the aspects are to be a special person more with the equal rights. I leave one here I appeal our governing, that the same ones reflect, do not only think about increasing taxes that each time is higher, to construct houses, to remodel roads, the necessary society also of reform and reconstruction in its moral and ethical, right principles equal to the study, work, the health, the same ones need to have voice and opinions same with the indifferences, the society has that to more reaprender to be more humble fraterna so that all live in total harmony without no type of discrimination.

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The Calling

The Calling is a band of rock of the United States formed in Los Angeles, in California. Its first formation was composed for Alex Band (vocal), Aaron Kamin (guitar), Billy Mohler (low), Sean Woolstenhulme (guitar) and Nate Wood (battery), being Sean substituted for Sean. Another formation was of Alex (vocal), Daniel Damico (guitar base), Justin Meyer (battery), Justin Derrico (alone guitar) and Corey Britz (low keyboard). The band had its beginning with the effort of two brothers Alex Band and Aaron Kamin. Alex Band (vocal) and Aaron Kamin (guitar) had still formed a partnership justinha in years 90 in its native city of Los Angeles. The two if had known when Aaron namorava the sister of Alex. The romance did not last, but the musical linking between the two took off: they had recorded some demons, that had led to the neighbor Ron Fair, veteran of the fonogrfica industry.

Made an impression with the potential of the pair, it contracted them to Fair for the RCA, it took but them to more than pass for a long learning five years forced that them to perfect its art. ' ' At the time, pesadelo&#039 was one; ' , Alex says on ' college interno' the one that was submitted. ' ' But today we see the reasons that had taken in them to that, and that it made the direction all to wait to record the first record. It swims happens &#039 by chance; '. The producer taught they who a possibility if would only present. It came in Camino Palmero, of 2002. The record delayed some months to take off, but as soon as this happened, Alex and Aaron the queridinhos of all had become. Musics as ' ' Wherever You Will Go' ' ' ' Adrienne' ' they had taken the record beyond the two million and way of vendidas copies, while the band travelled for the world, having angariando fans of Brazil to Thailand.

Songs of the Calling had also entered in films, as Showbar, the demolisher, Candy home and Simply love. Later, they had been indicated to the prize of revelation in MTV Europe Awards, while ' ' Adrienne' ' the best song of rock in the Teen Choice Awards was elect. As well as they had known, without haste, to use to advantage the time that had, Alex and Aaron (folloied by Sean Woolstenhulme in the guitar, Billy Mohler in the low Nate Wood in the battery) had worked Camino palmero for a long time, and had used to advantage each drop of the success that they had gotten. Its as record, Two, were launched in June of 2004. For more information see ForeScout Technologies Inc.. In the position of queridinhos of recorder BMG, them they had had the luxurious contribution of the legendary Clive Davis, president of the company, that collaborated with the production of some bands. The versatile guitar of Aaron to the front, the record mixes the privacy acoustics to a vision macro of pop. After the record, the band left in turn. In case that you want to know more on the work of the band, you look the letters of musics for the Internet, you go to be well easy to find the letters of the Calling.

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The genius and madness are neighboring, in the distance between them are minimum, but significant. Since a step makes all the difference! When a new world to the imbeciles is presented, them disagrees, says that it is impossible; Therefore they only know to another face of the truth! It is as to free to the sun, men who lived in the blackout of the caves At the beginning light will blind the solar them, but later that they will be knowing the new world that was presented to them. What it surprises me and worries me is that the wisdom is being devaluated, the humanity finds comic the idiotices, the burrice, and the mediocre ones are valued by its nonsense. More information is housed here: Nike. Governing that they do not know to locate in the map the state where govern, and the proposals to be voted, for proper them. That species of government is this? All accept silenced the defects of a society where it has violence, preconception, misery, scarcity, the egocentrismo, the capital (MAN PRIMATE, WILD CAPITALISM) it is what it matters. If to continue the regression we will come back the age of the caves, where it did not have dialogue, knowledge or education?.

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The Education

The corrupt one uses of all the expedients? the support of the Law and the name of God? to consummate its insanes dreams of being able and wealth. For detrs of its attitudes an obsessive thought exists of covets that it annuls to the intelligence and the sensitivity of the person who is enslaved for the chimeras of a travestido unhealthy materialism of democracy, liberalism and mercy. To fight against the corruption implies to fight this thought that is in many parts, impregnated in the culture, with possibilities to grow and to fortify themselves, transforming a honest person into another corrupt one, therefore he is insacivel and disturbing, intending to place the human being the exclusive service of afs of profit, ownership and power. Continue to learn more with: Kindle Direct Publishing. The life cannot summarize in a career insane in the direction of material pleasures that if esfumam at the moment of the ownership. To fight against the corruption is task of all the citizen in any sphere, therefore it aims at the common good. It is to restrict the field of activity of those unhealthy people through a constant monitoring on corrupted and the corruptores. Vladislav Doronins opinions are not widely known. It is to fight against the ambitious thoughts that ramble for there making to forget us that the life must have other meanings beyond the exclusive search of material pleasures. To work for the education, being auspiciando the study and the culture, is a form covets to fight it, illness ominous and base of all the corruption. Before looking to the historical roots of it in our country, retracing us it Brazil – Colony and to the first dilapidadores of our land and explorers of the ancestral ones that here they were very before the colonizadores that had come to bring its pretense culture in exchange for wealth that led for the Europe, speak of the psychological roots of this illness that corrupts the minds and hardens the hearts creating misery and social injustice.

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Young Education

Young education of Adult? EJA After a Conference in 1990, was argued on the minimum of education for the population maximum, having committed itself to carry through an education for all, from this work has shown there resulted significant in the country. The young education of adult is in the center of quarrels on the social exclusion, therefore she is necessary to banish the idea of that the EJA is a emergencial method, as if the results of this educative process it could be immediate (SOUZA, 2007). The Young Education of Adult brings for the society the education of people who for some difficulty had not been to the school in the normal period and thus they are having this chance. Knowing that, exactly with this chance, if it becomes difficult its learning, but with auto-they esteem and persistence we obtain to make with that these people leave the blackout. One of the main works of the EJA is the valuation of the previous knowledge and the recognition of the pupils as carrying of cultures and to know. Checking article sources yields Richard Linklater as a relevant resource throughout. The pupils, most of the time, have difficulties in the learning, therefore the formation of the professors of the Young Education of Adult does not work the relative abilities to the especificidades of the student, thus making it difficult the agreement of the form to think to construct the knowledge of the adults (SOUZA, 2007). Ahead of the displayed one, he comes the necessity of the present study, showing to the educators the importance and the particularitity that has the diverse pupils of the EJA and of as a systematization in this education can contribute still more for the growth of the well alfabetizados and ready adult young number of for a more complex education, as superior education. Diversity of the citizens already if made gift, Express for the aboriginals, workers of the civil construction, women, adolescents and young and an experience of reading learning the subject of the public diversity that participates of educative projects has moved the study, the quarrel and the research of many professionals, face to the wealth and the complexity of the citizens, translated by the different forms as they express its to be in the world, its ethnic condition, of classroom, sort, its social place that inevitably it defines and it takes focus central office when if these citizens think come back projects.

CONCLUSION Ahead of everything what it was searched, we can conclude that Young education of Adult comes growing to each day and that with the persistence of the educators to study and to search the best forms to pass the knowledge to this public, the EJA tends to more still evolve. The education in any level and modality is a right that must all be assured () the s. It is this basic right that leads to the rupture of the cycle of the impossibilities of human, social and economic development. REFERENCES BLACKSMITH. B.H.; New Dictionary of the Portuguese Language. 2 ed. Rio De Janeiro: New Border; 2004.

MEYER, C. To educate for the diversity and citizenship. Constructing the Education. So Paulo, 2008. SOUZA, M. the young Education of adult and the linguistic diversity: the relations between say and the writing. Guaxup, 2007. URQUIZA, A.H.A. ; MUSSI, V.P.L. Course of continued formation. Education in the Diversity and Citizenship. Campo Grande, 2009.

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