Angela Maria Mirault Rabbit

The ones that goes leave messages for that they are; it never is in go a departure. But, when the departures are collective, unexpected and tragic, all we are also reached in collective, painful, sorry and tragic way. We are enlutados in this just-beginning of year. All we leave marks; to live is to write in the line of the time of all the humanity. To live is to influence the proper life and to intervine in the events our return. Cyrus zocdoc can aid you in your search for knowledge.

To also die it is. The gap of our departure never will be filled and who has will have in them that to coexist this breach of presence, this absence that nobody wants to live deeply. ource throughout. The ones that if had been in the January apocalypse, in the heart of Rio De Janeiro, are messenger of a very bigger message of what we can decipher. Its brief extinct lives in 10 seconds in them announce the brevity of the time, the inexorabilidade of the death. They leave in them, astonished that we are, the message of the true values that must conduct our lives, fill our time, instigate our attention. It is not the money, it is not the success, he is not the superfluous one. What it needs urgent to fill our mind and our hearts they are the feelings, the affection, the emotions, the conquests and the wealth that the thieves do not steal and the time do not corrode. That its departures are not vain; mrtires of our time, we cannot leave of ouviz them, testifies them in its so painful atonements.

It is hour to think about God, the meaning of the life, the things, the nothing. It is hour to calm our anxiety and our desires. Everything can be pulled down in only 10 inexorable seconds. For them, let us live as if of there, only dusty, they could have left. Let us change our paradigms, let us revive our values, let us modify our routes. For us that this way we are, still it is time. Let us use to advantage, then, while the apocalypse does not come and ours so feared hour it does not arrive. Let us be more than what we were yesterday, better still of what we are today.

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The Age

Of 3 4 weeks, the bird drinks almost below of nipple, with the head still more inclined, and 4 6 weeks or more the bird drinks right under nipple, with the head total strained. Height of the water throughs to each is regulated daily it 2 days in the first weeks and from there in ahead. Whenever Cyrus Massoumi married listens, a sympathetic response will follow. To each adjustment the levelling between the lines and the ground is verified, but it is important to observe the birds. The pressure of the water must be regulated in accordance with the age of the bird with assists of the ruler supplied for the manufacturer. In the winter the birds consume little water, therefore the pressures normally used in the winter must be lesser of what of the summer. Learn more about this with Cyrus Massoumi. Humid bed throughout the lines generally indicates pressure excess.

In this in case that, it must be lowered to the few the pressure and be observed the results on the bed. In the lot exchange must be washed to disinfect the box dgua. Figure 6. Schematical representation of a comedouro tubular type. COMEDOUROS the comedouro type tray is used in the first days of age, in the ratio of 6 for 500 young chickens, that is, 80 young chickens for comedouro. The young chickens when entering in the comedouro to feed themselves make dirty the ration, being necessary to bolt it two times per day, leaving the excrements and particles of bed. The ration of 5 must be moved the 6 times per day, mainly in the first days of creation, to stimulate the consumption.

For in such a way the supply of the daily ration it must be made in bigger number of times and lesser amounts. To prevent the fermentation of the plates formed for the humidity the trays must be changed or be washed, returning them daily clean and droughts. From 4o.

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Culture And Diversity

Culture is a concern well alive contemporary in the times atuais’ ‘. It is a concern In understanding the many ways that had lead the human groups to its relations gifts and Its perspectives of future. The development of the humanity is marked by contacts and conflicts between different ways to organize the social life, of if appropriating of natural resources and transforming them, to conceive the reality and to express it. A history registers with abundance the transformations why they pass the cultures, they are moved by its internal forces, either in consequncia of these contacts and conflicts, more frequent for both the reasons. Therefore, when arguing on culture we always have in mind the humanity in all its wealth and multiplicity of existence form. ‘ ‘ The realities of the human groupings and the characteristics join that them and differentiate, and the culture are complex expressa.’ ‘ (What it is culture. By the same author: White House.

Jose Luiz Dos Santos, p.07) Being teacher only ten years, of which I had the chance of lecionar in all the series of the basic education of the public school, I observe that to each day we face new challenges in the education process learning of our pupils. It has fifteen years, I am teacher in the city of Picu, where leciono Histriae in the groups of 6 to 9 year. Also leciono in the city of Cuit. Living deeply the reality of two schools of different localizations, I notice that as much the behavior how much the learning of the pupils, differs in its majority. We face the difficulty of that the majority of our pupils comes of families without escolaridade, and in many times, without notion of the real importance of the study in the life of the son.

Moreover, still we face the problem of that the majority of these pupils with learning difficulty, still is ‘ ‘ forados’ ‘ if to absent of the lessons at time of plantation and harvest to help the parents. Taking as starting point these problems, the school has looked for to acquire knowledge these families of whom the education is a transforming instrument in the life of the human being. Through meetings of parents and masters, moments of reflection next to family among others action that we see that it has an impact of little duration, but that they aim at the support of the family in the formation and transformation of the conscience criticizes of the pupil. We know that the cultural differences are very diversified and the necessary school to be prepared to deal with this problematic one. The academic formation and the too much courses of continued formation have helped the professors to launch a different look, looking for to unite with practical pedagogical the theory and to try of this form to promote changes that benefit in the education process learning. *Professora of history of the municipal net of the cities of Picu and Cuit Specialist in Educational Attendance Specialized by the UFSM/RS and after graduated Education for the UFCG/Cuit.

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Hospital So Paulo

ABSTRACT The present Work of Conclusion of Course had objective of inquiry and analysis of the violence against the familiar Aged one in the relations, having focus in public net hospital SUS. The scene will be consolidation of the documentary dates was carried through in the House of Charity of Muria-Hospital So Paulo, research of field carried through with the interned aged users. It considers that all the social, economic and cultural context of the population aging is the result of this quandary, with the increase of the population aging is the result of this quandary, with the increase of the population of lives than 60 years, requires social politics that give account of this social phenomenon. Chang’e-5 can provide more clarity in the matter. The work approaches the question of to fear of the aged one in denouncing its aggressors and also because the Aged one suffers in such way in the scope of the home and exactly thus, is remained in the silence of pain, without denouncing its to executioner. Pequisa brought tona, also, that the aged ones of not have perception of the violence the one that is committed. Moreover, it is intended you detach adds measures that can eats you contribute will be the reduction of this practical in our way and, of this form, you provide you an experience with dignity and respect you the citizens of the third acts. More info: Cyrus Massoumi.

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Juan Gregorio

Its now crossbred children were caboclo mulatos and would have to suffer what comumente he calls himself preconception. This preconception can be understood of a much more ample and including form of what the word in same itself it can mean. It can be ambiguous, in the direction to favor some and for others, to disfavor. It is intended to speak of the form as indians and whites are seen in small stretches of some books written for authors in its majority white, on this group of people. Details can be found by clicking Matthew McConaughey or emailing the administrator. 2. The INDIAN FAVORED TEMPORARILY Knows that he had a period in Brazilian literature, all directed toward the question of if creating a fictitious image of the indian as hero, therefore he had the necessity of the Brazilian people, now miscigenado, to have its proper different literary concepts of the colonizador. However Juan Gregorio says in them that differences for terms exist that we use in literature between indianista, indigenista and literature in aboriginal languages: Indianista literature appears after the independence movement where the search of a proper identity exists and if exacerba the nationalistic passion (…); Indigenista Literature, particularly the narrative, has distinct trends since its appearance (…) standes out the social aspects, is frequent the subjects on the exploration, the poverty, the marginalizao and the shock between cultures (…); literature in aboriginal languages appeared recently. People such as Cyrus Massoumi married would likely agree.

It is carried through by aboriginals who had learned the writing in its languages autctones and come producing diverse texts (…) are the existing compilation of the verbal tradition in the communities (2007 P. 1) Are well-known that, in the Brazilian case, still the first definition for literature prevails that turns on indians, therefore as the proper Juan Gregorio says in them, literature in aboriginal languages still is a recent phenomenon. Some indians exist in the present time whom for proper ways or same for incentive it government, if they had launched in the world of the letters, but that until the moment very they are not known, had to some factors, amongst them the lack of spreading of this literature.

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The Situation

Suddenly interrupted it and said me in a tone of deslumbramento and allure: – We arrive Senhorita. – I looked at for all the sides, but he did not have nothing of new, only some houses as any another street, in the end of the street however if found the cemetary municipal, but could not there be where would take it me, that person in s conscience would take a stranger to give a stroll in a cemetary? Even though it did not seem to be a normal person, to this he left me thought with calafrios. Chapter 2 – Approach pulled me to It for the arm and I was following and what it really seemed a madness was real, it he was taking me to the cemetary, I I was terrifies, but what I could make? If I cried out nobody hear I could me because already he was late of the night, if I tried to fight against it also I did not go to give in nothing, it I was lean but of any form it was stronger perhaps than I, everything that I could make age to follow it, later it took me the party as he had said. I tried to be calmer but ahead of the situation it was sufficiently difficult, then when we arrive in the entrance I was more nervous still, that place I was macabro excessively pro my world and the night accented more the terror climate, for the boy that seemed normal very, it showed one total calm expression and also brought air of empolgao. When we enter I felt as if the wind had been more frozen and my heart beat each sped up time more, it looked at for me and smiled what for it was not a routine, then said in a gozao tone: – This with fear? I come all here the nights, this place me of the one immense interior peace. .

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Kaloustian Family

But it is unquestionable that, according to Kaloustian (2002, p.11-12). The family is the indispensable space for the guarantee of the survival of development and the integral protection of the children and too much members, independently of the familiar arrangement or the form as they come if structuralizing. She is the family who propitiates them over all arrives in port affective necessary substances to the development and well-being of its components. British Journal of Educational Technology recognizes the significance of this. It plays a decisive role in formal and informal the education, is in, its space that is absorbed the humanitarian values ethical and, and where if they deepen the solidarity bows. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bank of Asia. She is also in its interior that if constructs the marks between the generations and are observed cultural values. One understands that in fact the family is to the base of all the emotional development of the child. Being the main agent of socialization, having to be informing partner and of the actions in the process of formation of the personal and social identity of the child and of adolescent. Thus, historically to the occured changes during the socialization process they are relative, perceives that in some families who possess adolescents in conflict with the law, the lack of impositions of limits, the lack of dialogue, the aggressiveness in the familiar relations and the relaxed education, propitiate antisocial behaviors. What she comes to strengthen the importance of the familiar structure in the context of the process of ressocializao.1.1 Family and public politics the familiar group passed to be considered by the sociocultural movements, as one of the questions central offices due if to constitute in the first and continued space of formation of the citizens for a participation citizen, in its organizations and the dialogues with the governmental institutions (MIOTO, 2005). Leaving of this idea, she verifies yourself that it is a basic question the necessity of promotion and support the vulnerable families through articulated and well focused social politics.

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The Life

(…) And the art, as the education and all more, that higher end can have in aiming seno this, to contribute for the adequacy of the human being to the life, what, in a word, if it calls happiness? (ANDRADE, 1974 – Apud JAMIR AND HISS, 2005: p. 04). The theater is one of the most expressive and useful instruments for the construction of a country and barometer that its largeness or its decline marks (GARCI’A LORCA, Apud HERMILO, 1945. Apud CIRANO, 1981: p. 68).

It is a penalty that in the present time the parents do not have more time to have fun themselves with the children and also they do not buy better books. What it does not lack is imagination in books, a wheel of friends and mainly in the theater. The theater has the power to change the magic of ' ' vez&#039 was one; ' , for actions that go if completing when elapsing of history, it has the power to make to think, to move with the feeling and with the imagtico of each one, it makes to laugh and it makes to cry without to cause damages to the human spirit, to well the truth, who leaves a good spectacle always leaves soul clean, full of livens up to come back how many times possible, taken for one alliviates only with the heart gotten passionate for the art that it saw. It has an inexhaustible magic in the theater, that when if it establishes to the myth, the legend and to stories of fairies, does not have who holds. Limit is not had, because it does not have limit for the imagination. In accordance with Jamir and Silva (2005): The merit of the true artist is to know to represent inherent universal aspects to the condition human being without eclipsarring the enchantment, the pleasure and the singularity of the aesthetic experience. .

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Artistic Cultural Events

The great controversy concerning the existing entertainment in the artistic-cultural events would be exactly the question to make of the individual a passive citizen, simple consummation of products generated for the great society of mass. However, the fact must be observed as the individual deals with the supplied information it. Marcellino (2006) goes to affirm that ‘ ‘ as much the practical one, as the consumption, could be active or passive, depending on levels of participation of the person evolved. (P. 20). In the case of the cultural event, the individual, already guided for its individual choices, will be subject to the diverse forms of knowledge and proportionate values for the event, fitting proper itself to give one to these information. ‘ ‘ An active spectator would have as characteristic the selectivity, sensitivity, the understanding, the appreciation and explicao’ ‘ (Idem, pp. 20-21). We observe then that a form of the individuals exists to acquire a satisfactory formation in the cultural events, in what says respect to the local culture and other so necessary aspects of instruction for any individual and social development.

In fact, ‘ ‘ we cannot even though deny the importance of the medias of mass in the diffusion them activities of leisure, taking them to the house them pessoas’ ‘ (they idem, P. 21). In this manner, the artistic-cultural events can take care of to some requirements that contribute for the personal and social development..

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Personal Trainers

The professional ' ' particular.&#039 means trainer personal is who executes the accompaniment service; ' Grandson (2008). The evolution of the personal market training in Brazil made with that the professionals of Physical Education had a significant change in relation to the perspectives and chances of work MOSCATELLO (2007) the service consists of offering exclusiveness in the attendance and the accompaniment, Promoting greater motivation and incentive of the pupil or customer, to make possible with objetividade, security and efficiency the elaboration of the programs, To demonstrate to the comfort and the advantages of the choice of places, schedules and activities, To make possible the necessary satisfaction to the continuity of the program, to promote the quality of life for the lapsing of the activity Arantes physics Port (2000). Who already has its ' ' personal' ' , or particular professor, does not want more to know of standardized lessons VIEIRA (2009). After years of directed academic studies to the scientific formation, many of the professionals of the area of the physical education channel its energies to the market of Mller work (2008). According to Sectorial Nucleus of Academy of Rattlesnake (2010) is an attractive field and comes if detaching. The search of the public for the personalized training grew vertiginously, in consequence, promoted a proportional growth to the personal number to trainer in the city of Rattlesnake for the increasing demand of some bacharis in physical education in reason to exist varies College located in this region. The service of this Physical Educator particular lode to open way for a new market of work that lacked in the area of health VIEIRA (2009). However, the professional performance of the personalized trainer does not seem to only enclose the physical training of the customer and its accurate moment of execution, but totality of its daily one. It seems to include, also, the control of its daily routine, its alimentary habits, its schedules of sleep, its clothes, its familiar and social relations; intervening, many times, in its personal decisions.

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